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Buying a home in phoenix?0poelo2012-09-25 00:41:05
I want to buy a house in a couple of months with cash . I can not get a loan , so I decided to just save the $ $ MedlinePlus MedlinePlus my questions are .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus as taxes are made ​​with the purchase with cash ? Do you pay for the property taxes up front with the purchase of the house ? Example : house price $ 50,000 $ 5,000 $ 55,000 would need to have tax or taxes are paid after MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The second question: if a home is listed for $ 50,000 I can make an offer below this amount ? Say like $ 45,000? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thirdly , how long does it usually take short sales with a cash offer ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fourth, if the site has the home listed for a certain amount this is the amount that the bank had countered by a different offer and accept or is it just an amount that the listing agent is just throwing out there to attract buyers ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know these things before hiring a real estate agent .. Do not want to waste anyone's time with buying a house if you do not quite have all my ducks in a row :) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Is adding a swimming pool to my home in Phoenix, AZ a good idea?2Snoopy2012-10-23 20:44:02
I wondered whether the addition of a pool of my house is a good idea. MedlinePlus I live 20 minutes from Phoenix , AZ , where its already hit 100 degrees . I have had my home since last August . My house has lost its value by about 30-50% , but I have no plans to sell the house so I'll get my money back eventually . Being as I do not have equity in my house , I'll have to get an unsecured credit line , which could be a problem because interest rates on loans. Anyway , is the addition of a pool of increasing the value of the house? This is a smart financial investment (long term) ? If I spend 25k adding a pool , I financed 175k total , but my house to sell for more than 215k when the market was near.
Will buying a new car before buying a home hurt my credit?07582012-10-12 01:21:36
Hi , Does anyone know if buying a car ( with trade ) before buying a new home would be my chances of getting approval for a mortgage if my car payment went from $ 100 per month? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Which is better: buying a home first, or buying a business first?2lakecia2012-09-05 01:51:08
Or even matter ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to buy a small local company . I also like to buy a house . If I had a business that could earn more money than they currently earn . I was thinking it might be better to go into debt to buy the business in the first place , because it is something that can increase my earning potential and higher income could buy a decent house . On the other hand , I've heard it could be difficult to get a business loan without collateral (ie a house ) , but it's not like there is any equity in the time I tried to buy a business anyway , so I do not know if that's entirely accurate . Also, do not know if you have a mortgage count against me when I try to get a business loan . What do you think ?
Questions about buying first home and qualifications needed for a home loan?0Popularity2012-11-06 04:59:35
I am wondering what types of qualifications you need to get a normal 30 year fixed rate mortage? ei...employment length etc. Also what is the going rate for APR ( just the avg please), can you have a cosigner? What is the first step to take in buying a new home..should we contact a realtor or the bank? any other tips on buying my first house? Thank you
How to arrange finances when buying home, and what type of home loan?1samerah2012-09-16 22:13:05
My boyfriend and I recently accepted offer on a home for $ 264,000 . Combined we make about $ 105,000 a year , we have about $ 40,000 in total debt (student loans mostly , but some rotary ) . We have about $ 13,000 in equity and about $ 10,000 in cash. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As we prepare to close , how to prepare finacially as this? ie sell all shares and use for a down payment , try to get something revolving credit , etc ? Considering the cost of housing that we need more to close , so I could not pay off the entire revolving credit . We intend to catch up after this purchase of housing by managing costs. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last question - what type of loan should be considered? Just a typical fixed or 30 years should consider a shorter period such as 15 years? Any other options ? We only payment to 5% and finance the rest . Thank you !
How do you finance buying one home before you sell your existing home?2danae2012-10-03 12:26:02
I want to buy another house , move, and then sell my old home . Are there ways to finance the new home to the heritage of the old house to secure the loan ?
I need help buying a home?2Z322012-09-06 02:23:07
I searched buyers guides online and a lot of it is very difficult for me to understand . I really just have to know in what order should I start doing things. I understand that it may be impossible for me to give all the information I need . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live in Miami , Oklahoma and I just turned 18 in January. I am interested in buying a home as quickly as possible , I am not interested in renting an apartment or house . There will be 2 adults including me living at home , and three dogs , if that matters . I am employed , I have been employed since August 2009. I have a bank account at Arvest bank that does not affect my credit score . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First, I have no credit score . Am I correct in thinking that I can still get a home loan without credit ? MedlinePlus If I can , I have to have a lot of money saved before you even think about looking at homes ? Or what is the down payment come I have to pay on the mortgage ? I also wonder what is supposed to be included in the mortgage , so you only need to borrow the price of the house , or are there other things you will need to include ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now, I need to know who should I contact first? Do I have to contact the real estate agent first and just tell them I care ? Are they going to have everything , or everything I need to know to start the process ? MedlinePlus Or do I have to call my bank first? It makes no sense for me to apply for a mortgage without knowing for sure you're getting the house , but obviously , I know almost nothing about this process lol .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sorry this question is probably confusing , I will provide more information if needed , I am very nervous about going to this process and want to know as much as possible .
Need help about buying home?0jjois2012-10-27 18:35:50
My husband and are looking at buying a house. one of our friends is selling bath home is a 4 bed / 2 in 14.95 ACRS . who is willing to sell to us for 150,000 . My husband is military and ex want to use your VA loan . the only downside is that I'm not working and makes about 900 before taxes every 2 weeks. what is worthwhile and that we will be able to pay or if you stick to renting for now
Help with buying a home?0Blai2012-09-05 11:33:04
I recently just file bankruptcy because my car engine flying and I could not afford the $ 4000 to get if fixed right away . I've been at my job for 3 years and never late on any of my accounts . My contract will be in August and I was looking at buying a house. People told me that the best way to get a loan with bad credit is to go through a broker ? Does anyone have any advice? I can not re-sign my lease due to the fact that my daughter will start school and we have to change neighborhoods.
Buying a $50,000 home?1Eleanna2012-09-20 16:38:03
My husband and I have been looking at houses in our area . We found one we really like for less than $ 45.00 . Your credit sucks because of a divorce . My credit is good , but my job sucks and I have not been here that long. Besides that , the house has enough water damage due to a broken pipe in the attic that do not qualify for a conventional loan . So! We are looking for someone willing to pay $ 50,000 for the purchase and repair of the house . Just plan to live there for a couple of years , and home value of $ 98,000. The people that are in this fast growing , so it's safe to go up in a couple of years . It's a big investment, all structural damage has been corrected and the selling agent swears all that remains to be resolved are the roof and cosmetic damage . All this can be done in a couple of months and should cost only $ 4,500 . Can anyone give some advice? ? ? ?
Buying my first home.0MA;IBONGWE2012-10-02 10:06:04
I bought two houses in my life , I had rented for the first time and the second of a family member . There has been a homeowner for 10 years. Then I got a divorce . In divorce my credit was very successful . Since then I have just paid cash for everything . On my credit report it only has $ 4,000 in student loans just out of deferment and an old car loan that I paid about three years ago. Everything else has fallen. I got recently married and my wife has some credit , but not much . A car note and a couple of credit cards. I think that their payments were late several times about 4-5 years ago , when I was sick , but has been ongoing since then. Excluding car note , she has never had a unique balance of over $ 1,500. We have been paying their cards since we broke about 6 months ago . We reduced total debt of $ 1200 to $ 7000 with half the student loans . We decline the rest in about $ 500 a month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now the question : We've doubled our revenue this year because of a career. We want to take the $ 7,500 tax credit before it expires July nest and buy a house . Where is the best place to get guidance on what to do to achieve this.

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