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From some college to medical student> The best way ?1purbasha2012-10-22 07:51:02
I'm sure , will certainly be an emergency medical doctor . The question is the best route to get there. I was told that taking small steps , but I want the ' right ' ones . I've been thinking about making an online university , here in OKLA where I live, I will get a degree in three years , but I wonder if these " advanced courses should be made online . Otherwise , it would mean junior college , college higher ( with the possibility of transferring some not, then medical school . Moreover , we have no other fund scholarships and student loans. Thanks in advance .
On medical leave from college due to surgery & student loan company is giving me problems. Please, help?0Crazy2012-11-05 12:15:10
I've been going through different treatments for the past 5 months for my back, finding out that I might need surgery and will be off for some time, I called the student loan company before the next semester started. I asked them what I should do in this situation considering that I don't want to start paying the student loan but how hard it is to concentrate on school work with pain in my back. I had 2 different ladies tell me about this forbearance that will help so I won't have to pay on the loan in this time of need. Trusting what these ladies had said (I called them at different times) I went through with this and called off this spring semester for medical reasons. I just called the company today since I got a letter in the mail. They pretty much threatened me with student loan payments that will be coming in July and were not the nicest of people. I am so upset, I've never felt so much dishonesty literally I am crying. Has anyone ever had this situation or can explain so I can understand? - - Please be kind
How much is the refresher course at Everest College for Medical Assisting?0lifeontwofeet2012-09-12 17:39:04
Well , I attended Everest College in late 2008 and graduated but never took the certification exam online and never persued the further carrer . Well, I 'm trying to get back to the field , but would like to take a refresher course . Can not find any information about anyone whos taken the refresher course and how much it would cost. What we did find a lot of online users was bad reviews of Everest but hoping to find a job in this field because I still owe im student loans. Any information or advice would help.
Is it unwise to take out a car loan during college and before medical school?0Doctor Who2012-09-14 16:37:03
I've been saving for a new car ( like a new car but used) but would still have to be financed. I will graduate from college in about 2 years and then go to medical school . I was wondering if anyone has experience in financing a car and take on debt during college and before assuming the entire debt of medical school . My parents pay for almost everything and this is a great buy that I do on my own .. build some credit so when it comes time to take a loan for medical school , I'll have a good credit history . Does anyone have any experience with this situation or the comments and opinions ?
My daughter went to a college for medical asst a short1israa2012-10-07 07:23:02
university term. The college was not what they said it was. she got sick , and they did not let her finish her ‚Äč‚Äčlast four months, teachers were not certified were no drugs in campus lots of negative things went bad . they report to the attorney general's office or she can go there they want twenty six thousand dollars of student loans and never paid over yet and to top it off she was always top of his class never learned anything , except from a book not a instructorl . Please help if you can thanks
How do college and medical school loans work exactly?1vet2012-09-10 21:06:03
I've been looking around and can not really seem to find an answer to this specific question. I'll write a little scenario , my scenario . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can get a student loan for college . I attend college and graduate . Now I have to pay my student loan , but now have to attend medical school as I have the intention of becoming a doctor . Obviously I can not pay my student loan - yet. Besides that , I have to get another loan , this time for medical school . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How does this work exactly? Did I , after graduating from college , consolidate my loan with another loan and is a great loan , or what? I guess I did not expect to pay for my first loan as soon as college graduate , as they can not work and go to medical school . I would not be able to pay my loans until after graduation , probably not until after completing his residency . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your help .
Is this to much $ to go to college and get my associates in applied science to be a medical assistant?0NELLIE2012-08-22 09:56:03
I just registered to go to Kaplan University online . I know they are accredited but I have to look at the program you 've chosen and I think it's a little pricey , but I need some more opinions , please . I am enrolled in the Associate of Applied Science to be a medical assistant . The cost is $ 350 per credit hour , I have to have 92 credits to graduate. That is $ 32,200. My report says that financial aid that the cost of the first academic four years is $ 10,750. I receive a $ 3,075 Pell Grant and Stafford gave me a loan to cover the remaining $ 7,675 . For the first academic year . (5 months) The program is supposed to be 1 and 1/2 years. I want to finish within a year but do not know if I can . They said it is in dispute with my financial aid and can change . But nevertheless , its supposed to be a self-paced program . Any opinions will be great , but if someone is a medical assistant please give me some advice.
Haven't started college yet, want to go into Medical School after I get my undergrad degree... but?2Ms. Sue-- this is for you---please read and help!!2012-10-07 13:50:03
It did well in high school. I graduated with a 2.0, not because he had learning problems or anything else, but because they simply never bothered with homework, studying, projects, etc. I always did well in tests, but never studied for them. I think the main reasoning behind this was, that was never presented to the interesting subject, nor do I have a good head (I mean it was 14-16 years). After my junior year, however, my family moved to Arizona, and instead of ending the year at the local high school, I just finished my remaining credits (4) online. That year got no less than 90% in each class. After graduating, I do not know what happened, but I have great interest in a wide range of topics. My highest level of high school math was Algebra. But since then, I've taught myself a lot of calculus and physics, whether library books, online research, lectures and documentaries, and what-have-you. I am very interested now in going into the field of medicine, but do not have the grades to get into a state college for my first two years of undergraduate. I know for certain once I'm in college I will be at the top of my class and everything. I have 19 years old at that time, I will start classes in January (going to take the SAT / ACT in the next 4 months and score as high as I can to help my chances), and apparently only plausible option is a local university. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * Pre-school was a community college, but is no longer considered as such. After two years, I was planning to transfer credits to a state university, from there I will finish the premed requirements and apply for medical school. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Leaving it behind you, and now you're well knowledged about my past, I have some questions: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1.) Medical Schools Will me down because of my high school grades? MedlinePlus 2.) Medical schools have dorms? MedlinePlus 3.) I obviously can not afford medical school pocket, so I'll have to resort to financial aid / student loans ... between the two (and whatever else is available), it cover tuition costs at 100%? MedlinePlus 4.) If I have to work to feed, and / or pay tuition, you can do that and go to medical school? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am very motivated to do this, I realize that I will be at school / home for the next 12 years or more, I know it's hard and I am 100% in your favor ... I'm looking for some quiet / answers here. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Should I get my medical coding certificate before my AAS in Medical Billing?0rubi2012-09-15 06:48:04
I am currently going to school in my local college for medical billing . I have really wanted to do medical coding , and there is an option where I can take online through my training center for local labor , universities ( and not offered to a degree ) . I would have to pay cash for it , but I am quite willing to pay my taxes to get the certificate. I am currently working in a call center , and my husband lost his job a year ago and going to school full time. I'm just doing enough to pay our bills and we will have to live on student loans. If I pay for the program code , and get it done within the next few months and get a job , I would do part-time classes at my university , and I would be able to pay my bills without student loans because our federal funds to pay for my husband and my tuition and books . Advice?
Student Loan deferment during medical fellowship.?2tera2012-10-14 04:42:03
I had about $ 160k in debt from college and medical school . I made a federal loan consolidation when I started my 4 years of residence and choose the plan four years of interest only payments . Now I would like to specialize further in my field of medicine , entering fellowship training . Is there a way to continue to defer the payment of principal or do some other minimum payment until after the communion in another 3 years ?
Where to get student loans? Going to Medical School and I have to pay bills?2shantee2012-08-20 21:56:26
hey , I go to medical school next fall. I filled out my FAFSA. I'm waiting for my aid package yet. But my income and my wife's income was about $ 80k this year. I really do not have much in savings. a couple of thousand . We have credit card debt . WE have car payments . We have regular monthly bills . I'm obviously not going to be able to work going to medical school full time. My wife will. But she can not take all that for us. So if I get a good package at my school , where I can get extra help to cover the cost of living expenses . I need money to live and pay things off . My wife and I have great credit. Mine is over 780 and it is over 770 . Obviously we are cuting the expenditure which is in preparation , but there are still a lot to cover , plus we have to try to sell the house. Recommendations of the company? PRESTIGE PLEASE! Thanks people .
What do you need to do to get a student loan deferred after a medical emergency?0vedrana2012-10-05 15:25:39
While returning from school on the weekends in the winter I got into a serious car accident and broke my back . I was forced to retire for the spring semester , but now I have re-enrolled for the upcoming fall semester . All my loans are rising and because , like you have graduated , but have not done so . What should I do ? I'm sure you would not be able to afford them at present .

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