Help with trade in transaction? an buying a new car advice?

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Uys I hope can help me with this. I currently owe a monthly payment 2004 X3 (500) . I wanted to stay with a BMW , but so far the payment of the models I was looking over the 300 ( do not want to go below a 06) , which currently are a bit high for me ( at school curretnly ) i still owe 22k . loan on my car, but went to a couple dealers and got a 18k estimated valuation . I'm interested in a '08 Jetta SE (yes I am lowering the competitors ) , which is around the same price as my " trade worth ." My question , is it adviseable to pay the remaining balance (22k - 18k = " 5k " ) before trading in the car so you can negotiate the new car value as close as possible (which may sound too greedy / cheap but I really do not want to make monthly payments ) , if not the same value as in my office and just pay for tax, title, " fee " ? And I'm living in a brain of fallacies and thnk this is possible
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Securities trading , as prices are negotiable . That said, not getting out of your monthly payment by trading one car to another car of similar value . All you will accomplish is to pay your old loan in exchange for a new one (unless you are paying cash for new car) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Whether you pay part of the previous loan or not depends on interest rates . If the new loan has a promotional rate ( as 2% for example) , then it may be smarter to keep cash and finance the whole thing. If you will be paying market rates , then pay for what you can afford. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Go to to find out how much the dealer is likely to move in the price of both new car and trade in value.
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