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Can i take legal action against capital one?0shahriar alam2012-09-24 05:43:03
I live in Colorado Springs . I have an auto loan through Capital One . i can not make payments online because you can not charge a fee in Colorado over the phone payments so they also took payments online . Do I have any way to fight this so that I can make a payment timeline? How I can get a law saying they have to offer a payment on time ? They also told me that I could do online payments over the phone by a representative before they even apply online . Anything I can do ?
Should We take Legal Action?0Native2012-10-27 13:53:43
In March we bought a new house and sold our , (all with a real estate agent ) so we could get the credit of $ 6,500 tax vendors . The agreement was that the purchase of our new home was subject to the final sale of our current home , ie the closing and everything was done . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus People who bought our house so our closing delayed further and further back from the original date of April we had to re-sign either mortgage rate ( for our new home ) or get a different loan . We decided to re-sign the current rate ... costs $ 2,000, he did not know he would. Yesterday , the house buyers backed out ... so we will not get the $ 6500, and had to pay an extra $ 2,000 to re-sign the loan . ( All paperwork is signed except the final closing documents . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should we take legal action to get the $ 10,500 it costs us ? Especially since now we are far from your financial comfort zone , yet old homeowner , has a new home , and have lost $ 8,500 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( The owners of the house they are buying have taken legal action against our buyers as it has delayed the start of construction of their new home . )
Can I take legal action against someone using me as a reference?7sherlyn2012-11-04 00:41:02
This crap is using the name of my wife and her phone number as a reference in most loan companies , car dealers and rental own places . He was married to both and abuse of my wife's best friend , who died in a house fire a decade ago . In other words , I can not stand . Now go about leaving your name and number of the entire city . Before him reflect on the many aspects of pain , I wonder if I should wait for the possibility of taking legal action .
Is Legal Action going to gain me anything?0Qiayamah2012-10-08 15:16:26
At the end of 2009/2010 was left behind on my mortgage due to some serious personal expenses . We had some family problems , a brother who had to put in alcohol rehab , trying to save a business online , etc. The bottom line is this was my fault and I was 2 months late. Bank of America gave me a loan modification which I took . Part of the loan modification was a way of signing with an ATM
What Legal Action can be taken on this Auto Loan?2meggie2012-08-16 20:10:02
I bought a car less than a year ago in California and I bought my car has been having some problems. When I went to buy it , I got a carfax indicating that the car had not had any problems and was involved in any accident. However, when I bought the car on my way home from Malfuction indicator light (Service Engine Soon / Check Engine Light) is lit . I have been to several mechanics trying to fix this problem severals times and have had no luck . Also, during my loan was not eligible because he had bad credit, but I told them my father had a good credit and could co -sign. However, my father lives out of town and I told them there was no way he would drop her to sign the paperwork to let me take all purchase documents (such as 20 firms ) to my father out of town for sign. I have yet to talk to them about the car, but I have a good case here, in case you do not want to take the car back ? thanks
A man called me saying that I did not pay a payday loan and legal action was going to be taken against me...?0Yipee2012-11-05 15:16:14
A man called me from an unknown number. I did not answer, because I don't answer unknown or blocked numbers ever. He called twice then left a message. He said that he was looking for [my name] concerning a sensitive matter that he could not disclose on my voicemail. He then left his number which was (646)525-4064 and said that if I did not call back, he would assume that I was trying to escape the law and this could put me in a "big mess"! It sounded suspicious but I did call back anyway. When I got on the phone, he told me that I had been named the prime suspect in some case involving social security numbers. Oh, he was foreign so I couldn't even understand everything he was saying so I would have to ask him to repeat it. Then he said something about Big Payday loan filed a suit against me because I had not paid a loan back that I took from them. Last year, I did take out quite a few payday loans, but my credit union helped me pay all ELEVEN of them off and I haven't heard from anyone since then. He said they had emailed me but I had not responded back. I am trying to run far far away from payday loans because they almost destroyed me, but I never took out any loans with this company. When I do receive emails, I usually unsubscribe so they don't mail me anymore or send them to spam. I searched my emails to make sure and saw their name a few times where they sent an email for me to take out a loan, but they were just generic emails to attempt to get me to take out a loan. Nothing else. Anyways, the man said that he worked with legal consulting company to help rectify this situation before legal action is taking. He said the name of the company, but I can't remember it for the life of me. I also did a reverse phone number lookup and it was a cell phone number out of New York. But anyway, I ended up cutting him off and telling him I don't owe any more loans, thank you, and hung up. He then called me back twice. I didn't answer anymore and he left me two messages. The first message said something to the effect that the cops were coming unless I attempted to pay my debt. The second one just said something about call him back so we can discuss my options. My question this some kind of scam going around? And can I report this character? Also, if I truly still owed a payday loan, wouldn't the company do more than try to send me emails? Wouldn't they try to call me and tell me? I'm not scared or anything. This is just crazy to me so I just wanted to ask questions concerning this issue so maybe someone can help me. I am not calling him back. I'm thinking the payday loan companies are mad, because I paid off my debts and not requesting any more money neither am I responding to them anymore...I don't really know what's going on.... Anybody with any insight, please let me know....
What legal action can a loan company pursue against me?2karla2012-10-24 11:49:02
I'm behind on some loan company (finance ) . A loan company is a new loan and currently unemployed . I need you to understand my situation . What I can do instead of consolidating or hiding from them, what I can also say that , for them also understands me and wait until I get a job too be aware of my payments ... urgent please thanks ! ! ! ! !
This loan company keeps harrassing me over some funds. What legal action can I take?0osai2012-10-14 11:19:41
They have been calling my number of months I have to say that we owe them a loan . I was close , but I decided not to. The thing is that I gave them all my information , including Social Secuirty Number . Now they think they have the upper hand and keep calling me . I have bank records that states never deposited an amount of cash in my bank account . What legal matter I can take ?
Yahoo users please help, should i start taking LEGAL ACTION?0BG2012-08-21 15:59:02
Unfortunately i attended Everest Institute and made a contract with Genesis loans for a student loan. So a couple of days after I finished my internship EVEREST begins stalking me for cash . Telling me that I had 7 days to give them $ 800 or they will put all of my credit and had to pay to get my diploma fucking 2! Called Genesis Business loans that actually gave me the loan and was told that my account / loan was canceled by EVEREST WITHOUT MY PERMISSION ! Everest also told me that they sent my loan funds I had with Genesis and I owe them money not lady asked me I did not know who had sent funds Everest genesis of my loan discharge . So now Everest is stalking begged me to pay them in place now ! What I can do with this mess ? Should I contact a lawyer and what kind ? I did not know it was legal for someone to cancel my loan and not tell sh * t !
Can i take legal action against a dealer for giving me my car but then not being able to approve my loan?1ap2012-10-22 19:55:03
I have had the car for over a month .. almost 2 actually and now they say I have to return it and that my loan was not approved ... What I can do?
Wells Fargo taking legal action against me now for debt?2Horace2012-10-03 22:28:06
While I was in college in CT and wondering how he would pay the semester, or drop out because I could not get another loan, my father was back here in DC to get one in my name without my consent or knowledge. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It was not until I returned home last year, looking for a job, I found a letter from Wells Fargo demanding lumpsum pay the full amount of about $ 2,000 or less, or else face legal action. The debt of the loan is in default. We called and they said they have to be paid. I did not know what the hell he was talking about Wells Fargo, because I do not remember taking a loan from them - and then told me I was also under the name of my father. Then I knew it was him who took him out. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I asked if I could get a forbearance or deferment in payment, and was told flatly "No, not a private loan, can not get no break until you pay the entire amount." I told them that obviously did not have a job at the time and was completely unable to pay, and the only payment option they offered me was to pay $ 1,500 immediately. How the hell would I do that? So I did not because everyone in my family is extremely poor, nobody has anything, my father goes bankrupt and about to lose his house, and I have bad credit and struggling - How the hell am I supposed to pay therefore I did not pay at all. MedlinePlus Now, a week ago I received a letter from someone claiming to be a lawyer in a law firm here on behalf of Wells Fargo, and told me to pay the bill or something else I do not remember. The letter was both the name of my father and my name. What in the world do this to me? Wells Fargo is suing me for being in arrears with them and not be able to pay any capacity? They are going to sue me for being poor and destitute? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am very angry that my father has done this to me behind my back, but I know he did with the best intentions, he wanted me to have to leave the university so close to getting my degree (I had to do anyway because could not pay for the last two courses I needed to complete the degree (so close!)), and was completely useless. So I'm in debt to them all this, a total of about $ 30,000 just for Wells Fargo alone, was the amount of the loan he had taken. Not even seem to have bothered to look at the fine print shows that there was no possibility of getting a deferment or forbearance on the type of loan you took out. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now, I'm stuck, and not even my fault. This legal action against me for Wells Fargo, I do not even know what to say. I do not want my father to be sued, but also do not want to take the blame for his silly mistake he made, knowing there would be long-term consequences ... I am so frustrated by this situation. My father is 80 years old and looked like it had not thought debt was putting on me. Prefer had ceased to be left in this situation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to go to law school at some point in the future, and I do not want something like this to be in my story goes against my character and fitness because I have a huge debt that I pay. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So what should I do?
What legal action can a bank take if person barrows unsecured personal loan and migrates to other country?0aammmyyy2012-08-06 17:43:45
What legal action can take a bank, if the person trucks unsecured personal loans and migrates to another country?

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