Army student loan repayment program?

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ifrah osman
Asked at 2012-08-11 05:35:04
when discharged , and you are talking to the recruiter , when choosing a job, doing all jobs come with the Payment of Student Loan , or only certain jobs? I know I have to have everything in writing , I really want that air traffic controller working 15q , I have all the credentials that I have all I really want the repayment of student loans. also, if not give me the job I want , I stand until I have at work and program of student loan payment, or just laugh and send me home? if you have some knowledge of this please let me know. if you have experienced something like this, let me know.
Answer1puppy101Answered at 2012-08-20 03:57:04
Well , I know that your score AVSAB if you qualify for the job of choice . As for the student loan repayment , if you qualify for it , then it will be a piece of paper to sign . Asked what role he is! ! It will be a million papers flying in front of you to " sign here , sign there." If you are receiving a bonus , which will be written or typed in there, too! LEA is important that each bond and its students back documents carefully . Take your time and do not rush to sign what is in front of you . Most importantly, do not , do not lose the papers . You wiill have to show proof when you start to get everything together in unity .
Answer2pamelawardtxAnswered at 2021-06-22 05:30:42
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