If you were to borrow money for longer than 1yr would it make sense for you to borrow short/long term loans? related questions

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If you were to borrow money for longer than 1yr would it make sense for you to borrow short/long term loans?0timmathy2012-09-24 03:44:02
On the basis of a yield curve positively sloped government securities .
What would be the best way to borrow 80k short term?0can someone please help me2012-10-14 06:21:39
How could I borrow 80k for about 7-8 months MedlinePlus After roughly calculating some of the charges I have discovered the following .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Lender : The charges cost an average of
Currently my boyfriend is fired , I'm working full time, but we are fighting hard with a new baby and everything else . Since my car is only a 2 door , my parents have been driving the second car as it is 4 doors . My parents told me that if I could sell my car , could lead them still for a while, no car payment until we fix things economically . However, I'll probably get about $ 2,000 less than what you owe on the car . I have someone who offered to buy , but I have to get to the $ 2000 to pay the difference . I know its not the best, but if I borrow against my 401k , which paid off, got rid of the car , and had my loan payments obtained from my paycheck I will not directly hit with tax penalties . Actually , it probably paid in full after the first day of the year comes and I get my tax return . So really I would just borrow from my 401k for a few months . My boyfriend and I are arguing about whether it is ridiculously stupid idea , or if it will help . ( I think it will help, he thinks it's stupid ) . Any advice would be very welcome , because I want to make a good decision and I was not sure where to turn . Thank you !
How banks borrow by using a repurchase agreement which is a short term collateralized loan? Discuss with examp0Rico2012-10-07 10:47:44
How banks borrow through a repurchase agreement , a loan secured short term ? Talk with examp
I need to borrow money for a car loan,but filled chapter 13 a year and a half ago.Can I still borrow ?1moe2012-10-02 09:10:03
I know someone will say that borrowing is what got into bankruptcy.That true.Being partially layed out did not help either.We never been late on a payment from the presentation and I'm not looking to borrow 20,000, but somewhere 10,000 to buy a decent used car that will last .
Macy's Dept store - short term and long term loans?0Neee2012-08-31 05:22:04
In analyzing the short -term and long-term loans for Macy - what reasons should be looking at and why MedlinePlus ? Profitability ratios MedlinePlus Liquidity ratio MedlinePlus Solvency ratio MedlinePlus Market related MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank u
Short-term financing versus longer term borrowing?1reann2012-09-23 16:14:02
in the calculation of interest to : a) $ 150,000 for 3 years @ 10 % in April vs b ) $ 150,000 for 1 year @ 8% APR : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the total interest paid by A? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus how much they would save in interest over three years if Plan B was used and turned each year at the same rate of 8% ? (compared to Plan A) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What if interest rates on the loan at 8 % up to 13 % in 2nd year and 18 % in the 3rd year?
Accounting question -what are short term and long term loans?0mavi2012-08-06 22:26:02
when looking at Macy and how I can reach a conclusion with the solvency and liquidity ratio ?
When we need long term loans?when we need medium term loans?when we need short term loans?2Julia2012-08-08 08:31:45
When we need long-term loans ? When we need medium-term loans? When we need short term loans ?
Why short term loans are cheaper than long term loans?1magpie2012-10-11 16:22:02
Why are short term loans are cheaper than long-term loans ?
Where can i borrow money fast with bad credit, not payday loans?0Anisha2012-08-24 00:48:21
Where I can borrow money fast with bad credit no, payday loans ?
Will the Fed buying back long term debt and selling short term securities save the economy?3eric c.2012-08-24 14:40:03
Will this stimulate the economy and job growth and if you think so please explain how it will work in light of the fact that loans are at record lows of See the link in the editing

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