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How do I stop a harassing telemarketer?0singh2012-09-24 01:11:02
I was looking online and fill out a form to apply for a loan . I did my homework first and researched the company I was filling out the information before I did to make sure they were legit. All seemed well . But then I started getting tons of spam . Which can easily overlook. But I have also been receiving phone calls from a number 646-843-6258 . They often say things about having my approval for a loan , but today , when I asked how I could get them to stop calling said : "I want to f *** you, ma'am. " I heard wrong , but he repeated it again very clearly . I'd like to stop these calls , I call the police or my phone company or what? As I said I can not call the number back , and I think it's just a line the call is routed through. Should I inform the company that sells my information ( I read your privacy statement ) , and the people who call these ? I do not know where to start to make them fail to get a new number .
How do you stop a bank from harassing you?0rajdeep2012-09-01 18:18:03
I'll try to keep this simple . MedlinePlus In 2008 my wife became seriously ill with depression . MedlinePlus He was hospitalized for a month . House needs care for two months . MedlinePlus She could not work . I had to take in paying their bills . MedlinePlus As time went through our savings got behind on the mortgage payment . MedlinePlus Hired MedlinePlus company to help me get lower loans from Bank of America . After 8 months Bank of America refused to deal with the company that hired them. MedlinePlus BofA told me by phone that only take care of me . MedlinePlus It costs me nothing . Company returned deposit. MedlinePlus About 6 months after BofA said they could not qualify for any help because my payment was less MedlinePlus 31% of my gross salary . By the time we sent letters BofA informing us that if we did not make back payments over additionsal costs were going to forclose on us. About 30 days later we sent a letter informing the drop dead date before forclosed us. MedlinePlus He asked for help to give a payment program MedlinePlus BofA said NO . They sell some assets to make the payments and late charges of $ 7,000.00 MedlinePlus It was a day with the mortgage for the last 5 months I keep getting letters from BofA warning that my house may enter foreclosure. Have you talked to BofA representative and asked why I'm getting these letters , as I am aware . He asked them to stop sending letters because it bothers my wife and force her to go into a deep depression . They said they would. Since then , I get letters from BofA on a weekly basis . So much so that today I got one addressed to me and one for my wife . MedlinePlus Is there a way to stop the harassment .
How do I stop harassing phone calls?0Tomercena2012-10-17 01:38:14
This man with an accent called saying a month ago that took a cash advance online . First call all he knew was that he was almost a grand but if I paid at that time was to take 5 Somehow something that I said it did not take a payday loan and did not know that . Next call I 'm going to jail for fraud, theft by deception . I still said no and can provide bank statements . He said he has 19 tests you did. I have two and I did not know that my bank can prove it. He informed online CyberCrime Unit , because in fact knows all my information . Today I have another call on my answering machine is now ( cybercrime ) and I have to call him. I'm so tiered of this type , but this time the number was blocked . BTW I have a loan in April with a problem , and it paid as I was called three times and was as sure of that said yes
How do I get Sallie Mae to STOP harassing me with countless phone calls?0Antonio2012-10-26 05:55:08
I have no income , I'm an unemployed college graduate . Many times I spoke with PPL letting them know this and they still continue to call 6-10 times a day , and have been doing it for about six months. The only reason I was able to make one payment is tax money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I recently received a letter saying that they can take legal action against me and state that should the total amount of my private student loans . Federal jobs put in deferment. They say I dont qualify for forbearance because I already did twice. An indulgence my checking account would only like a month and went back to the harassing calls . Help !
How do you get the Dept. of Federal Student Aid to stop harassing you for someone else's school loan?0vash2012-11-02 03:18:24
After I have sent numerous letters with personal info. and even threatened to get a lawyer, this runaway federal agency is still harrassing me and defaming my credit for a school loan that is not mine.Can someone take a federal agency to the Supreme Court? Or is it better to just start contacting Senators and Congressmen to change the laws regarding federal harassment for wrongly identified loan accounts?
Terrorize telemarketer's?7Joel2012-09-04 00:15:03
1, Tell them to speak very slowly, because you want to write EVERY WORD down. 2, insist on calling the caller is actually read , playing a joke. "We read to stop it, cut it out! Seriously , I read , how is your mother? " 3, Tell the telemarketer your busy right now and ask if he would give him the phone number and call them back , 4, After the telemarketer gives their word , ask him / her to marry you.When that are nervous , tell them you could not give your card number credid to a complete stranger. 5, Tell the telemarketer is in " prison house, ( the curfew ) " and ask if she could bring a case of beer and some fries . 6, If you want to lend you money , tell them you just file bankruptcy and could do with a bit of money. 7, if BT calls trying to register TRB family and friends or something so the answer is as sinister a voice as possible, " I have no friends .... Will you be my friend? " 8, mourn and say that your boyfriend / left you.keep girl ... you mourn !
I got a telemarketer/scammer text. what should I do?0shajevan2012-09-29 16:35:03
I have a text that says I can get a cash advance / loan of up to $ 1,500 in MedlinePlus He says that to answer NO to cancel the alerts in the future. Should I return SMS NO ? Is it safe ? If not , how I can block these texts?
Can I sue a telemarketer for sexual harassment and threats?5SHAZAM2012-11-04 23:40:02
A month ago I applied for a loan online, you know how these things advance. Well, I've never accepted any of the offers that were made to me. Almost immediately after the applications submitted online, however, I started getting emails and calls from telemarketers for all types of car loans, education loans, regular, u name it. I refused them all and asked not to be contacted again and take off their lists. Last week I started getting calls from the federal agency called about filing criminal charges on behalf of a company called payday loans or something in advance b / c they thought they would not get their money back. I have never received a loan from this company. I informed the caller of this and told him that his accusations were false, and if they took him to court so be I handle it from there, but he nor anyone in his company was EVER contact me again. He said fine, could provide the documents the next day. That was two days ago. This morning I received a call just after 8 am, while I was trying to sleep on the same thing. The only difference is that this time had an attitude when I repeated. The guy tells me to suck the d @ # $ and that he was going to call my job and get me fired, he was coming to my house in 10 minutes with the police, he called me and said ***** F * ck wanted my P * # $ Y. ... I hit the roof! i cursed by royalty without saying. I asked for his supervisor, and the name of the company for which he worked, he told me the name of the company was "************ company." It sounded strange (Muslim / Arabic) and it was very obvious that English is not their native language. I want to sue him, his company, and the company transferred my personal information with these people. They have my workplace, social security number and home address. I'm angry and feel violated. I do not know where to start to handle this.
I'm a telemarketer selling Unsecured Personal Loans, what is my best opening remarks?0Raj Sree2012-09-23 14:04:02
Cheaper and faster loans extra cash.
Stop sending me emails for cash loans,credit cards and selling me stop?2Ele2012-09-03 08:05:03
Stop sending me emails for cash loans , credit cards and stop selling ?
How do I stop a finance officer at a dealership to stop the harassment?0Suzy Kasza2012-11-02 15:02:02
On August 4 , I can apply for a car loan at a dealership . I pass one credit union unaffiliated . I have bad credit , but not bad enough . I also apply for the extended warranty Gap and later I decided to cancel. On August 21 I went to cancel. I had to talk to a finance officer . He was rude and obnoxious. So I told him he is acting like an idiot and told me I could do what I never get credit again. So I thought nothing of it . A week later I receive 4 credit financial undertaking other refuse . for a car that never applied . How I can prove that this man is harassing me ? . Its funny they were all applied in the day he got into it .
What can I do about Harassing phone calls?3jeng2012-11-05 06:56:02
This woman calls me every day at least , has called the work of my husband , my grandparents , parents, your job ... and tell them confidential information about a debt that I have a credit card over a year ago. I saved all the threatening voicemail where she admits to everyone who has called . It also says that I need a lawyer and threatens to take the court, I know that since an unsecured loan in Texas can not do that . Is there anything I can do to stop telling everyone I know of my debt ?

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