How do I stop a harassing telemarketer?

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Asked at 2012-09-24 01:11:02
I was looking online and fill out a form to apply for a loan . I did my homework first and researched the company I was filling out the information before I did to make sure they were legit. All seemed well . But then I started getting tons of spam . Which can easily overlook. But I have also been receiving phone calls from a number 646-843-6258 . They often say things about having my approval for a loan , but today , when I asked how I could get them to stop calling said : "I want to f *** you, ma'am. " I heard wrong , but he repeated it again very clearly . I'd like to stop these calls , I call the police or my phone company or what? As I said I can not call the number back , and I think it's just a line the call is routed through. Should I inform the company that sells my information ( I read your privacy statement ) , and the people who call these ? I do not know where to start to make them fail to get a new number .

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