What is a good intrest rate for a new car loan iwth a credit score of 670? related questions

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What is a good intrest rate for a new car loan iwth a credit score of 670?0anAYA2012-09-23 23:43:03
I'm buying a new grand prize tyo and wondered what kind of intrest was good for me to help someone
I have a credit score of about 780. What would be a good interest rate for a used car loan??2Mark Main2012-10-22 10:08:03
I'm looking to get no more than 12,000 for the loan. Thanks :)
What is a bad intrest rate for a credit card?0Agnus2012-09-28 23:26:03
Anything above ( enter a number here ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a lot of cars at 7.5 %, which I think is pretty good. MedlinePlus My mortgage is 6.85% , which is not bad for my first loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But I have three credit cards and it seems pretty ridiculous to me , but I wonder what others think is high .
I am trying to refinance my car who will finance at a good rate w/ a credit score of 570?2hhhgggh2012-10-16 20:01:02
I have an auto loan with HSBC Auto Finance and would like to refinance. Are there lenders who finance a good price for a credit score of about 575 . My current rate is 16 %
20,000 loan for a car with 5% intrest. How many year would I have to pay it off credit score 720 ?1miste2012-09-17 15:37:02
20,000 for a car loan with a 5 % intrest . How many years would have to pay for credit score 720?
How do I get a better intrest rate on car loan?1Reyna2012-09-21 15:48:03
my credit score is 590 and credit has no bad hits just extended with school loans and car PMT now ...... What I can do to get a low intrest rate or good refinance rate ?
I am looking out for a car loan with the low installements and low intrest rate?0Godfred2012-10-05 13:35:52
I am looking out for a car loan with low installements and low intrest rate ?
What intrest rate can i expect??? car loan?1aalyssa2012-09-14 15:48:05
Hi ... so I called the dealer about a 2000 GMC Yukon Denali with 103,000 miles and was told to apply for a loan from the web existence . I did and emaild and said it was approved . Now , before making the hour drive to see the truck I want to know what intrest rate not going to hit me with all I can say is that I have very little credit credit certainly is not bad . Now whate rate what you think is wrong and get you call the dealer would be willing to tell me before entering ? Thanks ahead of time guys
Mortgage Loan Commitment and Intrest rate?0Ayra Judelle2012-09-17 17:47:06
I'm trying to buy a house in foreclosure in California . Sellers contract says I have a financing term of 10 days to submit a loan commitment "by mortageg or deed of trust on the property. Agreement also says that once you provide that I can not change the terms of 'engagement' loan without the written consent MedlinePlus property sellers ... MedlinePlus Q : 1: I have already pre-approved . How long does it take to get a written loan commitment MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Q : 2: How to lock the intrest rate when I get the commitment ? What if intrest rates fall after the commitment to provide But before closing ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Q : 3: Am I responsible in any way if I get a commitment from a financial institution , but the sale is canceled for any reason and do not want to continue with obtaining the mortgage MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Your answers and help is greatly appreciated MedlinePlus thanks
XMAS LOAN APPLY NOW AT LOW INTREST RATE!!0Euroloans2012-10-30 14:35:34
Have you been turned down by your bank Or you are facing financial meltdown??here is an opportunity to obtain loan within 24hours of application.Contact Euro Loans Plc via email: [email protected],[email protected] QUALIFICATION OF LOAN SEEKER: * The loan seeker's must be at list 18 years and above. * The loan seeker's must be efficient and reliable. * The loan seeker's must be honest and serious. * The loan seeker's must be frequent online to know the status of his/her loan. * The loan seeker must be able to present a form of Identification, scan copy of his/her I.D Card such as (working I.D Card) or (Driving license) or (pass port copy) for Identification. Thanks and Best Regards
What kind of intrest rate should I expect on my car loan?0JOEY2012-09-13 02:38:03
I have very bad credit , 3000 down, and proof of income , I would like a car loan 7000
HOW DOES INTREST rate on private student loan work???0Alex LaVelle2012-09-13 13:04:04
I was approved for $ 5000 for two years by 11 % for a private student loan game , how much I owe him after two years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Where do I get a loan MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The only reason I'm not getting a federal loan is because it takes a long time , and I need money fast

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