What is the best way to lower my debt?

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I have consolidated student loan is $ 12,600 . I also credit card debts totaling around 9500 . I considered getting a loan from Primerica in December (which is when you have a loan for people like me who do not own a home ) . I have also considered opening another credit account and move all the credit card debts that do not. My third option is to get a loan from a bank. I'm not sure what to do , because my friends do not seem to like Primerica almost anything and I do not know much about bank loans or balance transfer credit card . My debt is not that high , more than 21,000 total. However, I am having trouble paying their credit card bills , and part of my minimum payment each month student loan minumum ( I have never enough to pay the least once, so I'm behind ) . What is the best way for me to lower the debt , without being extremely poor every month?

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