Economics questions EXTRA POINTS =) ANSWER NOW?

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A) Barter MedlinePlus B ) Trend MedlinePlus C ) Robots MedlinePlus D ) Productivity MedlinePlus E ) Interest MedlinePlus F ) The deficit MedlinePlus G ) The demand MedlinePlus H ) Letter MedlinePlus I) consumer price index MedlinePlus J ) Bond MedlinePlus K ) MedlinePlus Budget L ) OMB MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 16.Exchanging goods without using money is called MedlinePlus 17.This is a certicate department that guarantees repayment of the loan in time. MedlinePlus 18.BLANK increased productivity and also used for accuracy and risk jobs MedlinePlus 19.Give information as images or list MedlinePlus 20.Corporationare BLANK always looking to increase their profit MedlinePlus Shows in U.S. 21.It changes in the prices of goods and services.
22.To get a general idea of the changes that are occurring over time we have to study the market . MedlinePlus 23.Is the amount it costs money toborrow MedlinePlus 24.When there are more expenses than income is a MedlinePlus 25.To lower prices when the piece is high , the market increases the supply of these goods in need

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