I won $180,622 from a Bad Beat Jackpot in Atlantic City, New Jersey. What will taxes be like? related questions

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I won $180,622 from a Bad Beat Jackpot in Atlantic City, New Jersey. What will taxes be like?1MAJESTI2012-08-11 19:53:03
I am a student of 21 years with the university $ 54,000 in student loan debt that currently bear interest at rates of 6.8% and 7.6% respectively. I had recently won a jackpot of poker hit the Bad Harrah Resort & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for $ 180,622.00. They did not retain any of the proceeds and gave me all the money, $ 178,000 in checks and $ 2,622 in cash. What will the federal tax in New Jersey and as this? If this account just as the tax base, I thought it would cost $ 44,722.01 - about $ 41,000 for the tax bracket and 33% of the amount over $ 171,000. I have no idea what the tax is NJ. Is this true or not actually deduct more than the standard rate of income tax from gambling winnings? I'm trying to pay my debts from school, the plan of graduate school, buy my first car, and help my parents with their mortgage, but I wanted to play it safe and be sure the cost of all. Some additional details: - I won the January 15, 2010. 'I've been playing but have not been recording my game losses - something I never thought would happen. - I live in New Jersey, which could mean taxes will be? - Should I hire a tax professional? I'm not sure what counts as deductive, but do not own cars or property. I can pay the monthly interest on loans for school, even me. Also, I've been a person in charge of my mother before. - 6.8% and 7.6% are private state loans, not federal. Fed loan will bear an interest rate much lower. Also, I've been paying the interest of my private loans, so maybe those are deductible? Can anyone give me some information? Thank you very much for your time and help.
I just won $180,622 from Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City. What will the total taxes be on this?6Sharon2012-10-10 21:43:02
I am a student of 21 years with the university $ 54,000 in student loan debt federal direct loans and private loans, which are currently bear interest at rates of 6.8 % and 7.6 % respectively. I had recently won a jackpot of poker hit the Bad Harrah Resort & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey , for $ 180,622.00 . They did not retain any of the proceeds and gave me all the money , $ 178,000 in checks and $ 2,622 in cash. What's going to be like the tax on this? If this account just as the tax base, I thought it would cost $ 44,722.01 - about $ 41,000 for the tax bracket and 33 % of the amount over $ 171,000. Is this true or not actually deduct more than the standard rate of income tax from gambling winnings ? I'm trying to pay off my school debts , the plan for graduate school , buy my first car, and help my parents with their mortgage, but I wanted to play it safe and be sure the cost of all . Can anyone give me some information? Thank you very much for your time and help.
I applied for a cash or a payday loan online and the city of oklahoma city is tring to put me in jail for usin?1kaka2012-09-28 08:45:03
I used my own information . They said it was false information. How can they do that when it was my own information and applied by myself and in my name and i sue them for falsely info.can tring to charge me .
General Finance Question from a Gambling Jackpot.?1Roni2012-08-15 11:13:02
Yahoo! Answers Forum Hello, I've been looking for some interesting ideas about my situation, so I'm very glad I stumbled upon these forums. This seems like a great place to get some insight. I am a person of 22 years in college (class of 2011). On 14 January this year, won Harrah Bad Beat Poker Jackpot in Atlantic City, New Jersey. My share of the pot was $ 180,622.00. They did not withhold taxes, so I gave the dealer $ 2,000 and requested the remaining amount on a check. Then I drove straight to the bank and deposited $ 100,000 in a low-interest ratio of 6-month CD until I could figure things out, while keeping $ 50,000 in a savings account and adding $ 27k to my checking account to meet the current student loan debt. Here are some specs on the status quo, and I've done so far: -With the free version of TurboTax Online, acquired tax estimates (deductions not included yet!) Of about ~ $ 42k (federal) and ~ $ 9k (state). -Mom and Dad gave me about $ 12k. They are the only ones who know about this, apart from friends who were with. I told them to keep it secret, and spent $ 350 on a night out for friends with whom I was. They have been faithful not to disseminate information. -I paid $ 32,000 in private student loans consolidated rates bear interest at 6.8% and 7.62%. Still I have $ 3,000 in federal Perkins loans not start accruing interest until six months after graduation in May 2011, and ~ $ 20,000 in direct federal loans bear interest at a rate of 6.8%. Payments on both loans are not due until 6 months after graduation. I have one more year of school that will cost another $ 20k I'll pay cash. -I have no other debt, invoices or payments. I got my license at 17 but never had a car (I grew up broke = (ironically). My cell phone is the plan for the family of my dad, and I'm cheap as hell (cheap MP3 player, cell phone cheap, refurbished used Dell laptop, I have not bought new clothes in years). I've never had a credit card before. So, to sum things up, now I have $ 133K and change left. Taxes will probably be around $ 45-50k after hiring a tax advisor / financial, I have booked to pay $ 1,000. Not have to file your taxes until April 2011, so I have 10 months to find a way to lower taxes. Still I have ~ $ 23,000 in student loan debt, $ 20k of which bear interest at 6.8%, but none of which I have to make payments until November next year. Another year of school will cost another $ 20k. At the end of the day, which should take about $ 40,000 in cash and no debt expendable by the time I graduated. What would you personally do from here, if you put yourself in my shoes? Do you pay the rest of the student loans as soon as possible or wait? How do you put in an emergency fund? In your checking account? How much to invest and how? How much to spend on a car? Retirement? etc. .. Yes, I realize that it was irresponsible of me to get both loans for students who could not afford, and it's incredible, ridiculous miracle that someone other than a bank could receive a rescue like this. I've heard great things about this forum, so I'm waiting for your answers! Thanks in advance.
You have heard of the $258 million dollars this man won from a jackpot in Missouri. He is all?0albert2012-09-30 17:24:03
happy that most of us would . We can pay our bills . etc , but then comes all the people who feel they are owed something .. Yes , snakes in the grass out . That will be the lesson to say .. " No , I have an extra to lend out . " instead of the person accepting the NO .. Badger continue with ... " Yes , you have extra money . " He can say what he is walking distance .. "I have to feed my family and no one else . " LOOK NO snake ... Keep walking . Some people today are very bad and not take no for an answer. Any opinions ? ? ? Get this going to make friends fast ... If it is naive to think that the world .. "Great, I have lots of friends now . ' ... Hummm lesson to learn is how to say no and mean it and hang up ... If confronted meant what I said earlier ... I hate people who try take advantage of someone . " really. ( God forgive me please) ... Leeches , that's what some people call . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Holiday reviews ... Who will help you with the answers and I say this ? ? ?
Is it possible to beat the repo man?5chido2022-03-03 03:49:37
I have not made a payment since July 2009. The "bank" has gone to court and issued a writ of possession. They havent appeared in my house yet. I hear they're coming with the police and the repo rate. My plan to hide in the house and not answer my door. The longer they plowing / gain time, more time free trial going. I figure if they get the faster vehicle, I will demand much earlier and start garnish my wages. It seems to be to my advantage to string this out as long as possible. What if you never recover the vehicle? (It's in Mexico) MedlinePlus Why would I return the vehicle? so they can auction for pennies on the dollar, then sue me for the balance? ohhhhhh, and garnish my wages. forget that, I will participate this idiot and give it back in blocks, lol MedlinePlus "Also, if the creditor does not receive the vehicle after going through the court ordered Replevin, then the creditor may include the term 'P & L cancel" or "Subscriber can not find' with its periodic reports negative account reports in credit, which is much worse than having a repo or repo and a judgment on their reports. "I have planned to go Chapter 7 BK and wipe everything out MedlinePlus Can you beat the repo man? I would have to say yes. I beat the repo man as a "backyard dog" in the past two years, lol. Although I sue and get a judgment for the balance of the loan, plus the cost of passes, never to retrieve the vehicle and I will declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy and end his trial. I think it's funny as hell to see "The Bank" continues to change company passes. They have burned through three different companies in the past two years. I think it's fun to confuse their "skip tracing" software, by registering my credit cards to a relatives house 2,000 miles away. Moreover, Turing in public services for a friend who attends college out of state also confuses. The more time you lose me, is another day that someone else more deserving gets your car, because the repo rate is spinning its wheels with me. I can not wait until it is presented to the police. I'm going out, being really, really mad, I tell you that the car "is not here" so "lost". I will also pass the repo rate in the presence of the officer, and becomes, is deemed a "disturbing the peace", which is a big no no in the repo world. The police can only arrest if the vehicle is here
How to beat payday lenders?0annastacia kirk2012-09-06 07:21:06
I have payday loans too , my expenses exceed my income . My plan to close the checking account used to secure loans , then send letters with payment proposals . No checks were written , they were internet transactions. Is this a good plan?
Why America may not need to beat China?4Farina2012-11-03 15:36:02
I think many people are concerned that U.S. may be necessary to defeat " China militarily in a war to prove his status as a world power. I think the onus is on China to beat U.S. If I were China , I would worry , an aging population, the population grows slowly , changing values, the massive amount of related assets in other countries too dependent on foreign (U.S. and its allies) for investment. In the case of the war in China would face this: Business - Americans left China would be an immediate recession . - There would be no guarantee of repayment of a billion dollars of U.S. loans U.S. control of Iraq, and the influence on Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (over 600,000 soldiers in the region) basically means the U.S. could starve the Chinese oil in 90 % of the world's oil comes through the Persian Gulf , like Japan in world war 2. America receives less than 16% of its oil from the Middle East , China has no allies in North America or the troops in the region,
Applied for online loan/ now new jersey?0Cliffor2012-08-28 01:54:16
i did an online loan back on April 9 . One day I decided I was going to see if I qualified for a small loan so I put in my information and my bank information , I should not have I'm learning the hard way .. smh anyway, so I did it right after I lost my job due to almost lose my mom . So my bank account was overdrawed . and closed . I paid $ 100 in August was the amount of my loan was 300 and by the time it was done it was 500 so it means I have 400 left. I never did get a receipt showing the payment made ​​. They also forgot to mention that the law / lawyer is located in New Jersey is not New Jersey law either. I do not know the name of the company that received the loan for me. Nor do I know the address or the name of the law firm . The reason I 'm asking is because I'm really need to know that police do not want to appear at the door to get me my love for this small loan . Does anyone know the laws of New Jersey on loans online or something ? ? ? ?
Is New Jersey a allow deficiency judgement lawsuits?0Lonzy2012-09-28 17:57:02
He said New Jersey lawyer who is close to the State with regard to foreclosures , but I read online otherwise. So I have to know if a demand deficiency can occur if the product foreclosure sale is less than the amount owed on loan .
I beat myself down with self hate because it's the only way I know to motivate myself. How can I change?e?1bekka2012-10-12 04:42:02
Im really happy with the way my life has turned out. Im trying to change. But I can not hate and despise myself and it has made my life worse and worse. I was raised a Jehovah's Witness. MedlinePlus left at 22 I have 24 years now. MedlinePlus I live in a house with a group of undergraduate students who have no social skills and have no way to contribute to my needs as a person. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I bought a dog, but could not stand, so I gave it to my parents. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My brother bought me a car, but it broke and not pay parking fines I accumulated in a few months. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My parents put me in culinary school and graduated just to move from one job to another being fired everywhere I go. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel like everyone in my town just avoids eye contact with me, even when I do my best to smile and wave and be friendly. I think it's because I stink. I've always been sweating. It even had a nickname in elementary school. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I heard im attractive. I just I can not have that side of myself to shine. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I smoke a lot of grass so you can deal with my depression that has progressively worsened since I was 10. I have no money for medicine or therapy, so do not bother. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have about 25K in student loans and a couple of thousand on credit cards. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm black. I was born I berkeley, but apparently, blacks are not usually at the top of the hierarchy in the city. Most ignorant prejudices exist in the same school and therefore in the city as never did. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Therefore, I have decided I am worthless as a couple and as a human being. I hate myself because I'm to blame for the situation of shit in my life. I went to culinary school, my first girlfriend cheated on by kissing with another girl and then says to myself! Like an idiot. Configuring ******* a chain reaction of bad relationships. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no value to myself. Doing so could have had the balls to hold a steady job. Just do not know what to do now. With my life. No romantic prospects, there is no reason to develop my mind and body. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why people hate failures like me so much?
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