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What happens in court if summoned to claims court for unsecured loans and i have no way to pay it?2yovamelia2012-09-19 09:35:03
3 unsecured loans and I can not pay more and who will denounce me , I can ? Jail
Summoned to court but can't go?9Nicola2012-11-05 13:44:03
I was summoned by a car loan (car was repossessed ) , but can not go to court at the time that is set for . Not discuss the matter in any way so I was wondering what would happen if it was presented . I have no income at the moment so trying to resolve with the company would not make sense .
Summoned to court for Credit Card, need advice ASAP!?0Cindy L2012-09-26 22:41:04
Hello there ! I had a capital of a credit card when I was 18 , I 500 full mainly because it was all I had for gas, etc. I lost my job shortly after, and were ridiculous in working with me . The fees were ridiculous , and if you pay me 40, which I share 60, no succeed. Anyway , stopped paying , and that has now been to a few collection agencies . The judgment was filed last year for me , but I was a full time student , and a waitress , so we never got a seizure or anything like that. The trial is still open , and I recently was summoned to appear before the court , and bring my bank statements , tax returns , and pay stubs . Now they owe more than 2100.00 , and are asked to pay 750 per month, which is more than what I'm doing , even today . I just graduated in January , and I'm still looking for a job that is not a witness of my part-time . I own a car 2000.00 , and that's it . I have 15,000 in medical debt without health insurance because they can not afford . I just paid my credit card before ( he was willing to work with me ) , and now I owe the Federal Government 15,000 for student loans , which I need to start paying in three months to close at 200.00 a months . I have a strong tax of around 3,000 . 2,400 of which came from being a full time student and student disbursement . For me , this is not a lot of money when I'm not even doing as much as my bills are costing each month . I'm up to 1400 in the account , and I wonder what's next ? Are they going to take all this money ? If I take it out of my account? I want to pay the company , and ideally , I would like the payments made by fair courts can really afford .
Has the Supreme Court or an Appellate court defined debt; what is the case citation?0zdruy2012-08-29 04:54:02
Debt as at the financial contract that requires the loan and cash back with interest MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
If an unsecured loan goes to court and there is a garnishment of wages will court costs be charged?6Kalinda2012-11-06 02:37:02
If an unsecured loan goes to court and there is a wage garnishment legal fees be charged?
How can I force my ex to conmply with a Court Order on property? 4 yrs ago my ex went to Court trying to steal1Sorrells2012-08-20 00:20:03
my half of our jointly owned house pretending he was afraid that I am able to sell the house and make your home and our son . An excellent lady judge saw through this and made an order that the property is transferred to his name, but with a penalty of 50% in my favor, and several triggers for sale. ( If you rent the house for etc :) There was also a clause that prevented him from withdrawing any capital by obtaining more secured loans against the property without my written consent. This judgment is useless to my ex because their real intention was to sell to seize all the money and live with her ​​new boyfriend. Consequently , she and her unscrupulous lawyer , just are not responding to attempts to pull this off or are trying to rewrite the order of the Court on the transfer documents , so as to leave gaps for new loans for on the property. I'm in the fourth lawyer . Or give up and do nothing or want to sign anything and leave.
Court summons received, but settled I just out of court, do I still need to sign?0Viola2012-08-11 23:41:38
I fell behind on my loan of student and was given more than to the office of a debt - lawyer. I contacted them and made a arranegment of payment that is enjoyable for both of us. However, the December 30 , a civil lawsuit was filed against of me. The invoker came to my house day of yesterday with the papers of, but I was not home to sign and receive. They to the left a number to call them at . Do I have still need to sign the subpoena and report the to court despite that I just did to an agreement for reimbursement with the lawyer ? Yo have not called them yet. There is no reason to the go to court since we have settled, to the right?
What should I even say in court?3NHSdogs2012-10-12 17:39:03
Well , a few months ago I was arrested for false labels . I had just arrived in the car (a mustang ) transferred from Tennessee to California . My sister , without my knowledge at first, put labels on the car of his own truck . I found out and was about to take the car registered but was stopped before I was able to. So hit me with a ticket for him , tells me to go to court. I have the car , mostly already registered . I have a temporary permit , but I have to take it to the DMV for review . Unfortunately , tomorrow is the court date , but I have no idea what to say . I do not want to make excuses , because there is no excuse for breaking the law . However , what I say I have no money to pay a fine of $ 1,000 . MedlinePlus I am a student and my money comes from loans mostly my clean driving record is something else, and I have no family left for advice . MedlinePlus I can ask ? Community service instead of a fine if I am fined ? Any other options ? MedlinePlus Please be kind to your responses and thanks in advance ... MedlinePlus
What happens in Bankruptcy Court?0Sha Sha2012-10-10 05:14:04
EECMY husband lost his arm a year ago, and went to my credit union to modify car loans and mortgages and will be evaluated after six months , unfortunately , baloned $ 40.00 , no reagreed a new agreement immediately filed chapter No. 7, the question is worth staying at home or going and buying a smaller foreclosure for much cheaper today, my husband is a human tool.I prefer to keep our car and creditors can have this feature . Whats is your opinion on this? ?
Pay the money or take him to court?6Inez2012-10-27 00:07:04
I was watching a man 19 years older than me ( I was 20) for two years . During that time , he paid large sums of money . I have over $ 900.00 in checks cleared the bank had written . He had separated from his wife and going through a bad divorce and needed money, and he was far behind in their bills . I took out a student loan of $ 15,000.00 and gave cash . 4 months after I gave him the money, I caught him with another woman . He goes to church and has fooled everyone . Should I pay the student loan over the next 25 years of my life while he is living large ? Or should I do something about it ? I do not know what to do, because I definitely can not afford to repay the loan. I have no written proof that I gave it to him because he made me give him in cash. What the hell do I do? ?
Car loan and going to court?0dev2012-09-21 03:57:03
I 'm going to Florida small claims court in November. I have a car loan with my ex girlfriend . A loan of 50 50 and from now , she has the car in New Jersey, while im paying monthly installments from January amounting to about $ 2,000 VAT paid while she had the vehicle for free. When I go to court, I will ask the judge , whether to get the vehicle and ill still pay for it or pay the loan and have my name removed from the title once the loan is paid . Do you think you could get one of these, or if the judge settle for something else? please let me know . thanks
Should I take H&R Block to court?1collette2012-10-23 00:16:03
I had a baby in November 2009. Since my boyfriend of your W-2 before me (in January), we decided to let our son and claim that H & R Block to do their taxes to get a refund RAPID. The coach did not know what he was doing. He ended up choosing him for the Earned Income Tax Credit (without asking), writing in two months by the amount of time that our son was "living at home" for 2009 and accidentally checked "yes" to the question "Does this person make more than $ 3500 in 2009?". When it was all over, my boyfriend said reimbursement would be about $ 900. I thought something was wrong, but said nothing and took his word. We paid for the loan fast and we were hoping to get the money in our card within 2 days. I told my mother, who has been doing my taxes for years and never had a single error, and noted that, in fact, supposed to get the EIC and Child Tax Credit. Went online and print publication in the IRS website which states that if a child was born in 2009, gets 12 months, regardless of what month they were born in. They called my boyfriend six days later and said that there was a hold on the card and had to go back there to sign a paper to take the money that is on hold. We went up there and showed them the mistake they made and ask them to amend them. The manager fixed it and gave us the form to send by mail and asked if we still had to pay the fee charged for this. He said we still have to pay the fee because the money goes to them for presentation at first. However, H & R Block has the "Maximum Refund Guarantee" which states that if you do not give your maximum refund they are entitled to tax preparation is free. We called the headquarters and even refuse to give us money. We sent off as amended and we are still waiting for the check in the mail. I really needed that money to get our air conditioning fixed in the car alone, not to mention that we have a 6 month old and 80 degrees out in Virginia Beach right now. My question is should I take them to court? Why do we have to pay for something that confused? I'm really not trying to make a big deal of this, but this is just ridiculous and fair. In my eyes, false advertising to make a promise and not live up to it.

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