I had a credit score of 710- 36 months ago, today (due to some personal challenges) my FICO score has? related questions

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I had a credit score of 710- 36 months ago, today (due to some personal challenges) my FICO score has?0geo2012-09-22 13:38:02
fell to 492 so it is impossible to get a car loan . I along with my wife , has over $ 30,000 in unsecured debt , strange as that question is, if I were to declare bankruptcy , it would raise my FICO score ? ? ?
FICO Score is 600 - My Last & Final Deb $4500 Paid. Leaving me $0 Debt. What FICO score will be in 6 month?2libeed2012-10-19 19:34:03
To add ... My Student Loan $ 2,500 paid in June 2008 Auto Loan $ 4500 PAID July 2008 MedlinePlus Coming August 1st, 2008 I MedlinePlus $ 0.00 MedlinePlus Savings: Citi Bank MedlinePlus Credit Card Capital One , AMEX MedlinePlus Dept Store Card : NONE MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Effective September MedlinePlus account 6 question: Is a request for credit cards denied MedlinePlus . 0 phone bills : MedlinePlus I do not know the numbers too. But I know it takes time to heal my FICO score . From now on it will be my FICO score in January 2009 which is 6 months from now? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I did my research on the web and found all key responses . Paying on time , remove or change old debts , DO NOT open new credit, spend less. But looking at this information , predict what my FICO score will be , and will be enough for a new mortgage or a car loan in six months? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for reading ... any answers will help.
My credit score is at 680, but I need it at 700 to get a mortgage loan. Any way to raise my fico score fast?0Drew2012-10-07 02:08:23
We need to close the loan by February 1 . We are selling our house and pay off our debt with the proceeds from our sale . Will this raise our game? Would not it be better to pay off credit cards ( we have two with $ 1,400 balance . Or pay two bank loans (one for one and one for a consolidation loan ) ?
Why would a long time credit user have a zero FICO score? And what are good ways to establish a score?3Chris2012-10-20 17:50:57
I applied for a home loan and was denied because my FICO score is zero . I'm not sure why. I have had the same credit card for 10 years , used every month , and paid in full each month. I also bought a car on credit , but it was canceled about 6 years ago . I know I 'm not a heavy user of credit (not debt is in my name ) , but I figured no bad credit shocks , which should have a great credit score . Sounds good I would have a score of zero ? I read that pay in full each month is a good thing , but it seems that it has not been . What are good ways to make debt quickly in order to set a bookmark ?
How the hell do I have a 753 FICO credit score!? I'm just a student...Is my score being deceptive?0mea2012-10-26 06:36:38
I have 19 years old and decided to purchase an Equifax FICO score today. It became like a 753 ! I'm a college student (now an inmate who earns $ 700 a month ) . I have no credit cards - only $ 11,000 in federal loans . I can pay the rent , but with a paycheck . I can use my debit card a lot. I have $ 3,300 in the bank (checking account ) . Applied for a Citi student credit card two months ago , but denied that I have. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. How can my FICO score MedlinePlus be okay? 2. Do you think my score is good enough for a CC now? I'm not sure how I was denied two months ago . I just started working three months ago , so maybe that's why , but that would mean that my score went up a lot in three months ? Any ideas would be great. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How can my credit score is great ?
The last time I checked my credit , I think was 630 or so. I'd like to be able to apply for a loan without having to worry about being rejected. So how I can do that when the credit card company is to keep rejecting me and told me that the more you apply and are rejected can lower your score drop can someone please help! I 'm frustrated .
Where can i apply for an instant online approval poor credit personal loan with fico score of 472?1kwame kinker2012-09-15 21:07:06
Where I can apply for a credit loan instant approval online with poor personal credit score of 472 ?
Need al egitimate personal loan lender in the U.S. Does anyone know of one for low fico score? Non secured.?2gull_seagull2012-10-07 16:54:03
Thanks to everyone and everything that can help me .
My credit score is 580 and I need to buy a new car in the next few months, what can I do to improve my score?1Dwigh2012-11-04 10:37:02
I am so discouraged and frustrated not even funny , and it's all my fault stupid to make bad decisions in the past that have ruined my credit. I've done a lot of research on how to improve my score and I'm almost more confused than before. I have a lot of "charged off" debt that is the main problem . If I bother to try to pay now ? Custom which then report back ? I'm so confused ! Actually I have to fix my credit and I am so overwhelmed as to where to start . What should I try to get my score up so that it can no longer be denied a car loan ? It's so humiliating to be rejected again and again , even when income is there - my credit just sucks . Also , I do what to buy a home in the next 10 years (hopefully ) and now is the time to prepare for that. PLEASE - can anyone give me some advice? Has anyone been in my shoes and how to overcome it? I'm willing to take resonsibility for my bad decisions in the past , but how is that going to help in the near future? Anything negative on my report except I paid my first and only credit card that I had been charged off and I can not even find who owns the account now ! The only other negative is a med unpaid . bill that went to the meeting and it was almost two years and stopped even trying to pick up on it , but I asked them to send me a letter anyway so I could start negotiating a deal , I have not done yet because I do not know where to start. I never thought my credit was so bad until recently was turned down for a car loan - several banks and dealers . What resources are there to help me with my credit card ? Please tell me where to go from here ? ! ? !
Is it possible to go from no credit score, to good score in 12 months?0Anita Gunter2012-11-02 10:08:03
im 22 , i am trying to buy a house , but I have no credit score at all. I have a few negatives , worth less than $ 2k , 12th is realistic ? random things , including B & G Music $ 50 ( from when I was 13? ) cell phone plan $ 400 ( my mom started in my name and never paid ) and a gas bill rose from $ 75, and a credit of $ 500 ... I need to acquire a mortgage in 12 months max , this can be done ? My lender told me to get a secured credit card , it even got to that declined bc of " insufficient credit history " , I do not know where to start even now. Do I call people I owe? And where I can get positive credit if I can not even get a secured card ? please help, I'm trying to buy my grandmothers house , the estate executive give me 12 months to get approval and buy! Thanks for your help !
Anyone know where I can find a legitimate personal loan lender in the U.S.? Low fico score so can't qualify.2Tabi2014-12-03 00:00:13
Need a loan desperately and not a UK scam lender
I need a no doc or stated income loan on my personal home that is paid for. I have a fico score in the 800.?1Please help!!!2012-10-02 03:29:02
I've never had trouble paying my loans . I have a house that has been paid and a high credit score in the range of 800. I need a first mortgage or HELOC to buy rental properties with . This would be a cash.

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