Will having poor credit and a bad history with student loans preclude me from getting a federal Pell grant? related questions

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Will having poor credit and a bad history with student loans preclude me from getting a federal Pell grant?0Samaira Singh2012-09-22 10:34:02
Does having bad credit and a bad history with student loans preclude me from obtaining a federal Pell Grant ?
What is the maximum pell grant and federal student loans a person can get in one year as a freshman?0Kegan2012-10-25 22:31:49
What is the maximum Pell Grant and federal student loans that a person can get in a year as a freshman ?
Is anybody aware of any student loan or grant programs other than the Federal and Pell ?0Alcott2012-11-04 11:40:20
I qualified for the federal and pell which covered most of my tuition but I am enrolled full time and that being said I can't work and keep up with my classes, so I am looking for a way to scrape by until I graduate . Due to my divorce I have horrible credit so that's a big issue for me as well. Any help or links would be very much appreciated thanks everyone who gives back helpful feedback:)
Can I apply for a student loan even if my tuition has been paid off by a Federal Pell grant?0malik jackson2012-09-11 16:57:04
I want to go to the office of my FAA and talk to a counselor about how to get a loan of $ 3000 for a car . I am grateful that my fall and spring semester 2011 has been fully paid by a scholarship but I really need a car to go to school ! I have ways of getting there , but not very practical. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Spammers please stay away!
My federal loans, pell grant, and private loans don't cover my educational expenses. What can I do?0chelly2012-09-09 14:04:02
This is my fifth year, which is why I'm having problems .... I 'm working and covering the rent and food and slipped and touched me on my credit cards to fix my car and equipment and pay for car insurance ... .. i get kicked out of my health insurance of parents next month and I have to get well because I see a doctor for many regullary ..... Also I have to get some money to fix a car hit me ..... Are there student loans out there that you talk with the school ... Also I have to buy books here again soon. Mom can not help me ...... Dad is stubborn and help me think a college student works more than 40 hours a week, which is realistic and is also in his seven days a week happy hours ..... I'm kind panicing because I can not apply for fin aid next semester 2000 in the cause unexpectedly sent back loans and now I owe the 2000 school before he can ....
How do I find grant information for single parents that is NOT a federal pell grant?0LC2012-10-03 03:58:36
I'm a single mom and I have currenlty eligible for financial aid / scholarships Pell . I consolidated all my student loans for several years and they have almost paid off , or so I thought . I received a letter in the mail saying they had a Federal Perkins Loan that was breached . I went crazy trying to dig up all the information about my loans . Turns out that loan was not included when my loans were consolidated . What bothers me is that the university has supported my loan had my address and number of years , and send me away all the time to donate to the school . So why have not sent me anything ? This is the point . My loans were in good condition and now I have one in default.This makes me eligible for financial aid and the Pell grant . I attend classes again in the fall . I waited almost 6 years back because my son is starting kindergarten. I guess what I really need to know is there are (and I mean all websites fake money offereing and only takes the Univeristy of Pheonix Online ) donations from private organizations available ? So many of them do not give to individuals. Any information is appreciated.
Do Libertarians believe in Federal Pell Grant and Student Loan funding for financially needy college students?0Jasmn Theman2012-10-26 06:45:54
'I'm Libertarian . MedlinePlus - In college MedlinePlus 3.7 high school GPA . No scholarship unfortunately. MedlinePlus -Parents have not so good credit . I have no credit private loans are not really an option. MedlinePlus - While I'm working to pay for college , still would not have enough if not for the Pell Grant and federal student loans .
Questions about the FAFSA and the Federal Pell Grant please help?0Tyshera2012-10-26 13:02:33
I'm attending community college in the winter and I just received an email that had the results of my FAFSA . Said my EFC is 00000 - what is this ? He said it might be possible for me to receive a Federal Pell Grant and other student loans . How I can apply for them ?
Pell grant/student loans?1Poppy2012-09-17 09:20:03
My husband does a lot for me to get a scholarship , but after Bill and babies who can not afford it. We have also been denied a student loan. Our credit is good , but we have a new house and new car, so they say they are maxed out. How I can work the system ( without getting caught ) to go to school .
Student loans are they anything like a pell grant0Cori2012-09-14 05:16:04
not pay back , of course , I mean when you apply for a student loan you can get the left over money ? What is important for online classes ? through its wacovia
Student loans. / pell grant...?0SHANE LOVE2012-09-30 07:50:04
Just a bit of information about me . MedlinePlus State of North Carolina , MedlinePlus 19 MedlinePlus qualified for pell total amount granted 5550 ( per year) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I go to school in January , my car has taken a big dump on me . Im interested in getting a student loan to buy a suitable car to last me for the next few years , while I go to school . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is my question . What information do I have to take my financial aid office , Does this loan have to give me eligible for Pell grants in future semesters ? And what does " default on a school loan " means ? Thanks for reading this long question.
Can I get a PELL grant if my student loans are in serious default?0lilmissluck2012-10-08 21:18:02
I live in the state of Florida . I have not returned to school since 2003 or 2004 . My student loans are a serious offense . I filled a FAFSA online and was , of course can not get help , but the information that I may be able to get a Pell Grant . Is that possible ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can not even get my college transcripts because my loans are in default. I have come across some difficult times in the past year and a half . Any suggestions ?

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