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I am in crisis mode, how can I cope?1Kitty2012-10-15 07:22:01
I lost my job two months ago and have been living off my savings that are coming to an end . I have not been able to find another job and have no money to pay the rent , car payments , student loans , bills and so on next month. I have no family to pick up and move . I'm so stressed I have fear that may begin to feel suicidal in the near future because I'm desperate and do not know what to do and I have fear of turning homeless. What would happen to all my furniture ? Am I supposed to start selling them off now? What's happening , what will I do ? Please help me .
FIFA 11 Manager MODE?0mom2012-10-05 02:58:14
Ok , so I just FIFA 11 - and I love it , but there are some problems with the manager mode - NO PLAYERS UP i have had a season only two players to improve , but only one - WTF ! - And also the loan players improve and - WTF ! - Is it necessary to start a new manager mode or something? - This game is fun but - I think FIFA 08 for PS2 had a growth player better than this ! - EA always screws up - something that will improve VERY darmastically and then on the other it is ruined - ( EA just wait until I become a game developer - and then I will teach you how to do everthing BALANCED - LOL ) - plz someone help me with this - and you do not even update squads - like towers (which never got ) was not to chealsea ( sucks! - haha) - can this b / c does not have an online pass for him ? - PLZ HELP ME WITH ALL THIS !
Fifa 11 manager mode help needed?1remina2012-08-20 14:13:27
Hello I started playing my crib / single player with the Rangers. FC (3.5 -star team ) for the Scottish League when it began about 60 % of the team are young guys with a monkey from 43 to 70 and market price of 700,000 to 2,500,000 how can i more young men to sell since they do not sell as well. Rangers start with a budget of 7 million that narrows down my transfer forces me to buy credit players how I can make more money or keep my energy players in green Virtual Pro last question how I can realize their full until I know I have to do problems, but what are a few easy or easy ways to get your level up to 75 ( in general hope for a 82 to end of season 6 feet att / creator weak star 2 feet skill moves 5 stars.
I'm starting manager mode in FIFA 08, I need help?0Dusty2012-09-20 12:26:03
I'll start with Liverpool , and I want to know which players to sell and who to send on loan , I think it was in buying Aaron Lennon and Theo Wolcott , young and fast , what I have to do to get to the top or is better to wait and get it later, any other advice will be appreciated. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Thanks for your answers .
Wat is meant by mode of repayment in the context of loans?0Marcye2012-09-28 22:05:03
Wat is meant by mode of payment under the loan ?
Im applying for a crisis loan from the social fund, any ideas as to what they regard as a crisis ?0sreedharan2012-11-06 01:38:10
How do I cope with the abuse?0coal2012-10-04 20:25:30
Me and my mother always had a bad relationship. His temperament is easy to leave and she cries for little things like unwashed dishes. She loves my older sister and brother to death, though. Especially my sister. She's like a mini version of my mother, and she is living the life of my mother always wanted for her, so she was always treated well and buys her things from her apartment. But I was not like her and did not like how I dressed and I dressed and behaved hair so it's not surprising that I grew up with emotional problems and suffered from severe depression. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She took me to see the counselors and psychologists and even a psychiatrist, but nothing helped. I would go to school every day and have knots in my stomach because I knew people were going to make me feel bad. Then when I got home, I cry more and she refused to listen to me when I told her people made fun of me all the time. He had no friends and was a horrible childhood. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I graduated from high school, I went to college and lost my two grandmothers, who I was very close. Then our family pet died at age 13. My family came down on both sides because money fights and I was alone. I had no one in my corner. My mother helped me pay for school, so he was forced to take a year off and work in a grocery store. Last year I went to school and eventually things changed. I met new friends, my boyfriend, got a better job, has the best qualifications for the first time in my life, and won a lot of awards and scholarships for my writing. I was so pleased with myself because my mother was also a straight A student. I felt like when it was time to go home for the summer, things would be better. She would be proud of me because I had overcome my depression and did well. But I was wrong. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She cried all the way home because my school is 3 hours away and she hates driving long distances. since then, has only worsened. I have 21, but I feel I have over 12 years the way I talk. Is constant yelling, insulting, fussy over little things. At first I thought I could deal with that. I am returning to school in August to an apartment and not coming back until I graduate. But is taking a toll on me. Now that I'm older, I have understood that cries because she is lonely and because her mother was the same way. But it just hurts to know that my best is probably never going to be enough for her. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and my sister showing favoritism infuriates me. My sister is 23 and lives in a nice apartment with her boyfriend. The two full-time jobs work in your career field and both have cars and a motorcycle. However, my mother still insists on buying their furniture and televisions. My sister told me that she still pays their student loan accounts! This last year of college, I had to work and go to school every day just to break even. It was so tiring, and my grades were starting to fall. I needed his financial help, but she refused. So I trust my own savings and my boyfriend and new work to do over the next two years of college. and it is not fair, but I accepted. What can not cope with the constant crying. I know that teenagers fight with their parents all the time and complain about them, but I have 21 years and still refuses to stop. I do not argue back anymore, but it's like every time I do something, what is wrong. Do not clean the house, she screams. I can clean the house, she still cries. I go out with my boyfriend, she yells I should have stayed home and cleaned more. She makes me feel stupid, and I know I'm not, but I drive crazy trying to figure out why he hates me so much. I am at my wits end. I tried to defend, it gets worse, I do not know, and eats me. I can honestly say I do not love her more. that sucks, because she is the family member that I have should be able to rely on and I wish I was treated better. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My friends tell me to talk to her, but I've tried before. She refuses to take responsibility for their actions and if she knew how much I get her screams would probably do more. I'm falling back into depression, and I can not do it again. Idk why I'm writing this with strangers, but I've exhausted the ears of my friends and I do not know where to turn or what to do. There is a deep pain in my heart and I am very tired. My friend says I can stay with her this summer, but I'm afraid that if I go, my mother is going to be spiteful and take me off their insurance or not take me to school. It does very little for me, but she would have even less free. What should I do? I do not care if we have a loving relationship, I just want the shouts and insults stop.
How can I help my husband cope with stress?1bridgette2012-09-16 08:10:04
He is slowly destroying his marriage with stress. Backtsory: I moved across the ocean to live with him. I left a very good job back with a very good salary. I live in podunk USA and I'm doing a little more than minimum wage. This is not enough to support us. My husband is almost done with school, but he has to work full time to pay most bills. This is really hard because their studies are difficult and require much time. He found a good job where you can make good money, but it requires hard work. If he does not sell, which is making $ 0. So you can work 12 hours a day and take home $ 0. Right now he is really stuggling with a class. I can say is stressed. As a result, has been acting strangely toward me. He ignores my calls or texts asking what time it is going to be home and when I have to start preparing dinner, for example. I also discovered that he lies about stupid things like where he is studying. Last night, I wondered if I should wait for dinner and was never answered. After 2 hours with no response, I called one of his friends and asked him to call my husband to make sure everything was fine. 5 minutes later, finally, the texts that told me I did not want to worry (eh?) And you will spend the night at a friend's house. He has to get their Toughts straight and he will talk to me tomorrow (today) after class. Class held at 2 pm. It's almost 6 pm and I have not heard from him. I can understand he wants some time alone, but how does (ignoring me sleep in someone's house ...) is destructive to our relationship. There is nothing I can do but wait to come home and tell me what to say. I saw that the army was looking for jobs online. He hates the military. He was in the reserves for 8 years, I developed and has delayed 2 years in school. He also used to get their education paid by the army, but since it is on sale, you must find the money and have been denied loans because they took too many credits. I'm at a loss, I really do not know what to do.
How do I cope with a parent moving in?0surfsupmel2012-09-04 03:59:02
Just over a year ago, my father passed away (which was 57 ) , leaving no assets or life insurance . This mom left with nothing but their personal possessions . They do not own their own home and my mother could not afford to stay in the house they had rented . Now you have moved myself, my husband and two children . MedlinePlus Her family convinced her that this was her only option , and has stayed with us to fix something . We would love to build his grandmother a floor , but we can not afford to pay for it and can not afford the repayments mom if we got a loan MedlinePlus . My question is: How I can get ahead financially and emotionally more important , because it is putting stress on my relationship with my husband and my mother MedlinePlus . Mom does not like to speak up , but I will undermine the way the parents of my kids . MedlinePlus Sorry this is long , I really need some advice. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for listening .
How do I cope with feeling like I'm behind in my life? Why is everyone so much more advanced than me?1 ﹏ 1s. Black Tang herbicides? 2012-10-16 08:18:02
I 'm 25 with a college degree , and I feel like I've accomplished nothing ! People younger than me are married, have children , have good jobs , debt free, own home , went abroad , had fun adventures, like snow skiing and water skiing. They have new , luxury cars , luxury paid . No one and nothing is stopping them . Just a great success . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here I have a title . I'm in a lot of student loans and other debts (Hurricane Katrina is to blame ) . My degree is in Spanish , and I'm still not fluent . After failing to find a job , the new car I had, has repossessed . My credit score is probably the lowest of the low. Too many people have destroyed my life and taken advantage of me , and special opportunities taken away from me . The family is the main culprit because you threaten your money and then beat you up , make lies about you , try to get you arrested , and worse . I've been traumatized and protected all my life . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus People tell me I should not work , better not get pregnant if I had a boyfriend who was saying something away from me . My personal life is not fair . I have been harassed and abused my whole life . And I have to suffer for what has been taken from me ! I have unjustly gotten into trouble because of people taking advantage of me . I have a mental disability . I do not live on the street or thug life . I just stay home . As far as jobs go , I have many skills , I can not stand up for more than 30 minutes , the employers refuse to hire me because of my tics .
How to cope with stress and suicide thoughts?1Angel of 82012-09-18 06:07:04
I'm not a teenage emo boy never happy . I used to be so happy . But I grew up in a dysfunctional family . My parents were mentally and emotionally abusive . I got over that and learned the meaning of living life . But now everything falls apart . My car failed and I had to take a semester of school working two full time jobs to pay for a new one to return . I finally saved enough and learned that my parents wiped clean countdown . No, do not have legal access to it. Well , my father brain washed me to sign a car loan . I can afford no more . The semester I left the school became a year. People from my school loans are coming after me . My life would be easier if you could just buy my car with the money you saved . But my parents do not see the evil he did. They say it is not their problem and not have to pay me. I'm drowning I'm overwhelmed and do not know what to do . I've tried to hang myself in my closet , but I will not be weak and cowardly to take the easy way out. But I do not see a point in life anymore. Im just reasons for wanting to be here . I feel so alone . The world and the people I know are better off without me anyway . I'm not asking for pity , but advice . I do not know where else to turn .
During university, did you get a part-time job? Can I cope financially without one?0Xaviera2012-10-14 02:01:21
I'm living in student accommodation ( halls ) but at a university outside of London, so it will not cost much. I really do not want to ask my parents for money if I can help . According to my personal circumstances , I am eigible for full scholarships student loans and maintenance grants along with , I think. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For now , my studies are my priority . I'm not lazy , I just want to put the time as much as possible in the work of the university . But what were you experiencing ? Could you survive only on your loan and a little extra money ?

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