My sons father keeps asking for more Child Support?

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My son is 10 . lives with his father . The two are married. I have always paid a certain percentage of my salary for him . I learned that since I'm earning less than before I have been paying too much . We do not have a warrant officer, but have always just followed the guidelines . Now I'm paying 35% more than it should be . He is always asking for more . He and his family have a house , nice cars and are always coming and mini vacation. They also have a baby of their own way . My husband and I live in a small apartment and struggling to make ends meet do not live frivolously . Also, never has offered to pick up or drop off our son . I have not done anything about it because he's an idiot and tell him the hardest things for me and then say that my husband and I to get a second job . My husband is the wage and often work late and could not work a second job job.I 30 hours a week and then go to school part time (going to school is temporarily postponed my $ 1200 student loan month) . Finally he said in an email please stop asking for more , stretch far we can go . I know he 'll come back with some reason that " deserve " more . The father of my son and his family are suffering financially and I feel bad saying no. Only I have some ideas on how to handle such a person , and also the ideas and support . Lives in IL and I just recently moved to Wisconsin from IL .

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