What is the best way to pay federal taxes when you have no cash. Credit card, loan, IRS payment plan? related questions

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What is the best way to pay federal taxes when you have no cash. Credit card, loan, IRS payment plan?2Kali2012-10-26 05:27:03
I owe $ 2,000.00 . What would the interest rate , how they accumulate , how long do I have to pay if I went the route IRS payment plan? I know I should take more during the year , but if I did , I could not live on my paycheck.
My student loans are taking my federal taxes,can they take my state taxes too?0conni2012-11-02 03:06:08
i called the phone number( 1-800-304-3107) to find out if my taxes were offset.They said that there was an offset of 982 dollars (which is my federal taxes). Can they also take my state taxes?
If a loan charges off for non-payment, does it continue to be reported as "charge-off" after payment plan?0kuno2012-09-06 23:37:03
If a loan charged off for nonpayment , but then the debtor enters into a repayment agreement , the creditor can continue to denounce him as a "charge off" in the debtor's credit report ? Can the debtor compel the creditor to exchange the debt situation in the credit report , and now they are paying him?
Is there a way to get a no credit check loan with a monthly payment plan?0Olga2012-09-11 17:22:03
I'm trying to get a loan to consolidate my debt (around 2000.00 ) MedlinePlus and I am a college student with no credit for ........
I need help paying for our dog's surgery and were turned down by care credit,a payment plan from the vet?0- Uh. attachment -2012-11-03 21:08:32
Our dog has a blockage in her lower intestine and needs surgery. She is only 4 years old and she is a Pug. I can make payments to someone if they would give me the chance. I am trying to save my dogs life and I have horrible credit.
I want to take out a loan on my cash value of whole life plan. Will it be reported on my credit report?2Doran2012-09-18 23:47:03
I want to take a loan against the cash value of my life plan . Will be reported on my credit report ?
Is it better to pay off a car payment or a credit card payment?0Cyndie2012-10-10 22:39:03
I've always said that credit card debt is bad debt and can possibly get denied a loan, but that is not the case with a car loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We have about $ 13K in credit card and have been paying $ 8K left on a car loan . We would pay either the car or pay credit card significantly in the next year before buying a home, but we can not do both. Which do you think is better to pay down to increase our chances of getting a mortgage ?
Do I have to pay taxes on a federal student loan?0nat2012-10-26 07:49:01
Do I have to pay taxes on a federal student loan ?
What corp. has the best student federal loan consolidation plan?0Parco2012-09-05 04:55:06
I'm looking to consolidate my student loans , none are private and unfortunately I'm in it years ago and my balance has greatly increased. any suggestions ? ? ?
Does having a student/federal Loan affect my taxes in anyway?2Joanie2012-10-27 17:45:02
And if so how? It can also be written as a credit ? or what was that other word ? Need some information about taxes and student loans please. Thanks to all who respond .
What repayment plan for student Federal Direct Loan should I elect?1Trudy & Mark2012-10-20 12:40:02
I have about 20,000 in loans to start paying the beginning of next year . I will have an income of $ 60,000 from July and will more than likely go to the next level of taxes in 10 years . What would be the most beneficial payment plan for tax purposes ?
Can i make a car loan payment with a credit card? ?1mir2012-09-14 23:31:05
I have a car loan with a credit union . Its 250 per month. Im currently very little cash, due to unforeseen events and wondered if I could somehow pay by credit card. I think it's my only option at this time and will only be for this month. Any other suggestions ?

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