Where can I find info for a women to start a small business in the New Orleans ares? related questions

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Where can I find info for a women to start a small business in the New Orleans ares?0Alyonka2012-09-21 16:38:03
I am a Latina , I want to open a restaurant in New Orleans where I can find information for small business loan or grant to the minority ?
I want to starts a small scale business in my ares. I have knowledge to start agri-busness but short of money?0Autumn Winchester2012-10-14 03:09:41
I have some ideas based agribusiness such poultry , goat rearing and some marketing , but I have no money shortage , how would overcome all problems and major bank in Bangladesh are not allowing any loan without mortgage. I have a suggestion for me . MedlinePlus Thanks Mahabub
Where can I find a small business loan for women?5Eudora2012-11-03 08:49:02
Where I can find a small business loan for women?
Where can I find information on small business loans for women (maybe grants even)?6chimpanzee2012-09-25 17:56:03
I want to do things on my own and sell , and maybe if you remove either hire a seemstress ect ... but I need money to buy materials and tools to make things basically need a small business loan or grant would not have to pay it back immediately or never. I am a woman so I know that sometimes the government gives special preference to women trying to start a business , does anyone have useful information and links ? Thank you !
Where can I find information on small business grants for African Americans, Women, and Transgender?0oz2012-11-03 12:36:03
Pop Culture We are a small shop and games Orchards Mall in Benton Harbor MI looking to find more information on small business loans and grants to companies freshmen. Our partnership includes an African American, two women ( one of them is off) , and a transgender woman . We are having trouble finding financial support to get to where we need to be. We are curious about resources to help us get that point of support needed.
Where can i find info on small business loans?1eric c.2012-08-07 23:29:03
Where I can find information about small business loans ?
How would I find capital in which to start a business without resorting to small business loans?0Lin2012-09-16 18:22:03
I have no education beyond personal research and a high school diploma and I can not afford college . Due to these circumstances , the only real jobs that are available unskilled jobs that actually work will never get anywhere in life. I have several ideas for potential small business , but lack of money is still a recurring theme . Do any of you know a realistic approach to earn some money so I can start on my way ?
Where can I find a small business start up loan if I have bad credit?1lianne2012-10-09 11:58:02
I have the idea, the graphic artist , the distribution , but I have to pay the cost of advertising .
I would like to start a small business, please help me find where to get a loan for my capital.?2Tifiani2012-08-10 09:11:03
loan was in vain. here in the Philippines only.
Where can I find about government Grants to start a small business?1House2012-09-21 18:49:02
I'm trying to get my home business to the next step , but do not have the capital to make it happen , for reasons beyond me from getting a loan . I have to be able to advertise and pay the fee of suppliers in various shows but most importantly we need to establish a real store for people to come and where I can work on my product in a more effective environment for my work .
Wanting to find small business start up loan for $50000?1TETE2012-09-25 19:02:02
wanting to start small businesses and seek loan to do so, but with personal credit is horrible, and the need to do so within ninety days / all options available out there (not loansharks )
They said theres loans for black women looking to start a business?4Jessyca2012-08-16 06:05:03
I want to start a business, but I kind of business you want to start you can not do online is an interactive class with no credit business money is not as great unit only has anyone heard of these loans

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