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Advice needed! I have no savings but would like advice on whether to rent or buy under current conditions?0almost there2012-09-07 06:25:15
Basically , I have no savings, but not bad and win a wage when the bank the other day to a separate topic advisor mentioned (obviously , in your sales pitch ) that she had just checked , and the bank was willing to offer a loan of up
Help and Advice Needed!?0Evelyn2012-10-04 09:12:15
So the thing is that I 'm going to give this pony ( oh yeah by the way I 'm the person who asked for advice to convince my parents to get me a pony and have to loan agrred first! ) The person who always paid before he galloped in the corners of the school a barely jogged . So time passes everyone a corner Canters trotted him coming out of it , as it only fell faster and faster into and through the corner . Any advice on how to get him to stay on the trot ? He is naturally a good pony wizzy but behaves very well think it was just a bad habit taught . Moreover , it will not pick up his left front hoof . Every time I try to either collect the opposite , or puts it straight down . He's fine with everyone else except this and it is so nice to each other . Thanks for all your help - I know I'm asking a lot ! :)
Ok advice needed please?3Sara & Anonymous2012-10-14 13:30:03
ok I got a phone call from a company called Loan Party saying he had applied for a student loan online ( do not remember , but have applied for a student loan before) everything was fine until they asked me to send photo ID three months of bank statements , lease and utility bills. this made me very suspicious so when asked about the processing fee that I just said I'm sorry I have not just cancel the request . Why would they ask for this and is a real company . do have a website , but I'm very suspicious now .
Advice needed badly! Please help...?1Help10012012-08-27 20:41:15
I was having a discussion with my parents about money issues . I can get a loan every year of my college , because I am a student . I give this direct loan to my parents take care of their expenses , etc MedlinePlus Yesterday we were having a discussion about the use of credit this year to buy a car for me . My parents were a little hesitant because they do not like the idea of my driving at such a young age . I was trying to convince me and said something like " It's my money , after all ." At that moment I wanted to say this to go which means " It's my money we're spending on this car , and you are not spending any money on it, so that makes me feel good." But later , I was thinking about this and I worry that my parents took this as " It's my money , not the money , I'll do whatever I want with it " , because it really hurts. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to talk to them about it, but I do not want to hit that " Yesterday , what I meant was ... " because that would be really embarrassing . The other forms .
Tax Advice Needed. What forms should I use?1Alexander2012-11-04 02:46:02
I'm working on a small business which consists of me , my boss and his wife . I can get a check every two weeks. My check does not have a balance sheet total and does not eliminate any tax. What forms do I use? I'm also a student and have student loans ? How should I present this ?
Help Please! Serious Legal advice needed.?0luna2012-11-02 13:58:59
My best friend got several thousand dollars from her Dad when he died, she invested it in a house, however due to credit problems her boy friend co-signed with her and his name is now also on the loan of the home, his health is going down hill, does she need to worry if he has to go into a care center or he dies about his creditors or his children having any claim on the equity they have acquired in the home? Her boyfriend is telling her no, that would never happen and not to worry about it, I am telling her she needs to go to a lawyer. Thanks for any help.
Buying a car, advice needed? What would you do?0Rika2012-10-03 04:15:14
Is it me or am just a person who does not trust people .. What would you do ? My mom tells me to trust a bit and give the lady the money - it does not mess up .. Here's the deal . Lady is selling a car and owes about 5K on it .. She wants me to give him cash 5K (which I have) and she will write a letter to buy the car .. Then I leave and go home and wait to hear from her a week later when the title arrives in the mail .. I guess I trust that? I guess I trust you are going to pay your loan off with the money I give her ? She is getting the title after the loan is paid becuase then sign the title to me and give me the car and the title a week later ? People actually do this and trust in this scenario ? I said NO WAY .. I told him to repay the loan with their own money and then call me when you get the title .. Does your other to do this without the risk of being burned?
Financial Advice Needed! Please Help!?2Rose_Mary2012-10-26 14:42:02
We are 29 and 30 years of age. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We currently have $ 22,325 in savings. We have zero credit card debt , but have student loans of $ 14,000 and $ 4,000 , along with a car payment of $ 9,000. We currently do not own a home, as only working part time , but rent. We're nervous because we have a child who comes in the next couple of weeks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So with that said , I wonder what we can do to make money with our money . We currently have $ 2,325 in a savings account rate is MAX 3.0% interest . We have $ 16,000 in a 5-month CD 4.69% interest and $ 4,000 in a CD 3 months at 3.27% interest . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should we do with our money ? We do not want to take risks in the stock market , but want to get more of a return on our money , then we are now . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help, suggestions are welcome !
Debt advice needed?1traxx2012-09-10 16:45:02
I have a friend who has a serious debt and do not know what to say. Basically , she and her husband has become a debt of 3 times. From what I understand her the loan is financed around 10,000 at 24 % interest. I assume you have other medical expenses but this is what she speaks. They do not make enough money to pay the payment. Basically , their net income as the basic pay telephone, electricity , gas. I feel bad for them and I know she knows it's his fault and that they want or fix it, but I feel so out of control. The worst part is that they have 4 children and she does not work because you can not get anything to bring money home after paying daycare. All sites or organizations that I can send would be appreciated. Tracy Russell www.candlebizmom.com
Urgent advice needed!!!!?7quita2012-10-16 22:22:03
Ok I think my boat just sank . I have approx . 30K in credit card debt , I have a personal loan with a balance of 10 km and a car loan with a balance of 6K .. We also now have medical bills of 6.5K . I have not been late on any of my payments for personal loan , car loan and credit cards . I have not been able to pay medical bills at all. They have not sent me to collections yet, but have threatened . So now my cards are out of control because the minimum payments barely jumped . I was in a deal of interest of 1 % a year , but now I can not afford the payments . I have not been using the cards to pay than some of the smaller medical bills . Just doing 37K a year before tax , and the rent is $ 450 per month. You do not earn enough to pay all my bills and still eat and I'm not sure what to do next . Should I let my credit kill and resist until I get a better paying job ( activly looking) Should I try to Consumer Credit Counseling , or should I file for bankruptcy ?
Financial advice needed?0JaredNN12012-09-14 00:19:02
If you just graduated from school and got a job that pays $ 40,000 per year , how quickly you pay your $ 10,000 student loan ? Considering the fact that your spouse also has a job to earn 40,000 per year .
Dropout advice needed?0Ayra Judelle2012-10-06 17:50:20
Before a word read everything and be respectful MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus From the 5th grade I've had problems with going to school , not laziness , but the idea of ​​school I like touch and get very , very nervous and the only way I know how to handle anger is , anyway in the middle school that used to be able to lose a lot of the school and be able to do it because I 'm very intelligent . But now that I'm in school I can not survive with that anymore , so I'm thinking seriously about leaving just because it just seems like it can not. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have put on medication and made me feel very, very bad and out , I tried counseling, but unless I knew the guy well enough to talk I would not. My parents have to be approved in a few conditions MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I get into GED classes immediately and keep a steady job keep up lifting and mixed martial arts training . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So here's my plan MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How MedlinePlus GED Work until next fall to save money for car insurance , etc MedlinePlus Remove small loan to pay for auto repair and body repair BOCES should add about 4-6 thousand dollars for two and Il be certified by ASE , at the end of the course of two years . MedlinePlus and probably in the future enter into some kind of online college or community to get at least my 2 year old son . Because my brother went through a similar situation and know that he is in adulthood much hes gotten better with nervousness and so on . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is your opinion on the situation ? Is there anything else I should try first ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Im 16 and in 10th grade, so

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