Bridal Gift?

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Ms. Lisa
Asked at 2012-08-10 22:58:03
My friend has a wedding party , and I want to get a gift. I am a student , and with virtually no income , in addition to what my parents give me and school loans . This week I have to buy a suit for the occasion as well . But most importantly I have to buy my friend a gift. I have no income (and I'm out of work ) and a kind of guilt to ask my parents, as they were in a strong position at this time. What I can buy for 20dollars ? That's all I have left in my bank, after payment of school fees , textbooks, summer school fees extra . But my last $ 20 , I need to buy a wedding gift . Any ideas ? and please post a link to the stores selling these items ( must be a Canadian store ). oh yea no online order of things, which are often too expensive! Or just give me some ideas: -P, a lot , thanks!
Answer1Maddi Jane <3Answered at 2012-08-11 18:57:02
Table runners can be found in most stores that sell household items and make great gifts . They can be used for tables , buffet tables , rugs , coffee tables , and so on. They do not take up much space at all if the couple has to save ....
Answer2?????????????????Answered at 2012-08-15 22:30:03
Pier 1 usually has great stuff for reasonable prices . The glass votive candle holder is beautiful and can be found quite rightly in many department. stores (which go on sale often).
Answer3JesicaAnswered at 2012-09-24 22:04:02
you can buy a cheap picture frame and have it engraved with the wedding date for less than $ 20 :)
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