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Finance question: answer the following question?0mecca2012-09-17 14:23:04
They are negotiating a 7-year loan of $ 25,000 to Breck Inc. To pay , Breck will pay $ 2,500 at the end of year 1 , $ 5,000 at the end of year 2 , and $ 7,500 at the end of year 3 , plus a fixed cash flow but not currently specified , X, a late 4 to 7 . Breck is essentially risk-free , so trust payments will be made , and I think an 8% rate of return and appropriate risk under 7 year loans . What cash flow should provide the investment at the end of each of the last four years , ie , what is X ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 4271.67 MedlinePlus $ 4496.49 MedlinePlus $ 4733.15 MedlinePlus $ 4969.81 $ 5218.30
Finance question help?0cath2012-09-04 06:49:02
Your vacation Tahoe went over budget . but you
Question about my finance1Indica2012-10-12 13:50:02
I had a car in Finance in March arounf th
Car finance question need help?1rose - Ms. Sue2012-08-25 04:01:02
I bought a car yest and traded my old car
Finance question, can someone please help me on this?0kumar2012-09-22 12:46:02
Your company has just released an installment loan for one year for $ 100,000. The monthly loan payments will be $ 8,978 , due at the end of each month . What percentage of the monthly third will go to the amortization of capital?
Finance question- MC?0peacemaker2012-11-02 10:41:01
The Coastal Company had revenues of $120,000 in the last fiscal period. The cost-of-goods were $62,000, operational expenses were $15,000, interest was $8,000 and tax was $11,900. What is the return on equity if the company
Car finance question?1javon2012-10-24 20:02:02
Hello :) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I bought a car from Carcraft ( boooo ) three years ago, and now wants ex parte with another local garage . I have secured the finance company that ~ I borrowed the loan is unsecured and have no interest in the car . However - the garage that I share part of me says the car is showing in their HPI check to have unamortized debt ? After speaking with the finance company again - have reiterated their lack of interest in the car and said that if asked , then send a " note of no interest " for the buyer of my vehicle . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Obviously , the garage are doubtful about buying my car in case the person who sells it in his own check for HPI , and shows once again that has unamortized debt on it . If a financial institution physically remove the drive from HPI check ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can someone please advise ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
Car finance question???8none2012-11-06 00:31:02
Ive declined 4 a loan with my bank to reduce my payments on my existing loan because of a few late payments , also have applied online 4 loans and credit cards by curiosity but I 've noticed that may have traces left on my credit score . Will this affect me getting a car financing I am looking for 4,000 . I work full time and earn a good salary . Would this be a problem ? ? ? ? ? ?
Finance Question - Help me please!?0choconcung2012-10-06 08:28:27
Torre family wants to make a home improvement that will cost 60K . They want to finance the cost as much as possible , with a home equity loan , but can only afford payments of 600 per month. Your bank offers loans of capital at 12% compounded monthly for a maximum term of 10 years. MedlinePlus 1) How much money would you need as a down payment? MedlinePlus 2) Bank account pays 8 % compounded quarterly . If you delay starting the project for 2 years, how much would you save each quarter to make the payment required if the loan rate and the estimated cost remain the same .
Student finance question...?0arep2012-08-09 01:28:44
UCAS (run), says: '' We will transfer the details of the application using a secure network so you can rest assured that your information is secure . Your information will be used solely for the purpose of your student loan application . It will not be disclosed to any other company. If you select that you are happy for us to share the details of implementation, which is automatically transferred to the registration form of the financial institution the student on their website and went off '' Does that mean I have yet to apply? Thank you.
Finance math question!!! help plz?0Sarai2012-11-02 12:24:59
Jamal is going to borrow $14000 from his credit union to get used car. The APR is 7.0% and the lenght of the loan is 4 years. How much will he pay in interest?
Car loan finance question?1Maddy and Emma2012-08-19 12:06:28
You want to buy a new car. The car will cost $ 30,000. You can borrow the money to buy the car from the bank. The bank will charge 6% compounded semiannually. The loan will be for 5 years. Loan payments will be made at the end of each month. Alternatively you can rent the car. The leasing company will charge 8% compounded semiannually. The lease is for 5 years. At the end of the lease is not a payment of $ 15,000. Monthly payments on the lease will be made at the beginning of the month. Calculate the amount of the monthly loan payment . Calculate the amount of the monthly lease payment .

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