How to get a few points (5-10 points) fast on credit score? related questions

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How to get a few points (5-10 points) fast on credit score?1kumar2012-10-25 04:54:49
I need some points for my qualification to what has to be to apply for a home loan , is there anyway to do this quickly ? I have some credit cards ( balances are less than 20 % ) . One student loan ( but payments will be postponed until i graduate ) . I just received a collection of deleted ( delete pay) , but that will not fall to 30 days credit bearu updates .. What else I can do? and I can ask my loan officer to make a reassessment of rapid and clear that the issue came on this show ? Any information is greatly appricated !
How can I improve my credit score by at least fifty points fast?2bel2012-10-11 10:23:02
My credit score is just shy of 18 points to get a decent loan . But if I could get a higher level which certainly will try. I have made some late payments and am thinking of cutting all my bills in half. Will that be enough?
I want to raise my score 100 points fast i have 2 car loans house loan and small credit cards?3Anonymous,2012-08-21 07:56:02
I increase my score 100 points fast cars I have 2 home loan lending and credit cards on a small scale ?
How many points will my credit score go up?1aneesha2012-10-12 01:25:03
I just paid off my car loan in three years . The loan was for three years . ( $ 9,000 ) . How many points will my credit score go up ?
Which is the better way to up credit score ...10 points?1q2012-09-25 05:39:02
Having a secured credit card secured loans 2000 and 1000 or 2000 and 1000 secured loans secured credit card ?
Whats the fastest way to get my credit score up 10 points im trying to get a home loan and my score is too low1Brooke=HELP2012-10-16 02:49:02
What is the fastest way to get my credit score up to 10 points im trying to get a home loan and my score is very low
I need to raise my credit score 14 points??!?1'- [Them! Black 2012-10-03 11:35:02
My mortgage broker said I need to raise my score 16 points to be approved for my house MedlinePlus Loan ... How I can upload this score about 16 points by the time you pull my credit again in June ? By the way , I have paid all my debts renewable and have a balance of $ 0 in all my letters ? Someone suggested a card secured credit reporting agencies . Do you think this secured card could MedlinePlus The other 16 points I need next month or what should I do ? ?
Will one credit fix raise my score 9 points?2Christiana2012-10-10 08:49:03
I was about 3 weeks late on a credit card payment . It made my bad score . But since I've never been late before witht sent me a letter saying that if I got up to date on my payments , could fix the damage he had done to my credit card. I'm trying to get a home loan . I went to the loan office a little over a month and my score was 570 or 580 . I forget which . But in the meantime , I paid my car ( $ 3,900 ) , caught up on my child support, which also showed wrong with my report and I got up on my credit card. Even paid a little extra at all . I called today to get checked again and my score was 611. 620 I need to get a loan . Will my score increase 9 points when they finally fix my score? And how long will it take for them to fix it ? Thank you so much!
How to increase my credit score a few points?0Love Boy(L) 2012-11-03 11:25:56
I pay to check my credit score and all 3 of my credit scores are showing above 600. Im trying to get an FHA loan and the bank checked my credit and my score is averaging 591. Why is this and what can I do to increase this up to 600? My banker and my realtor said this should be an easy fix but haven't given me any suggestions yet. I'm trying to buy a home soon so I need as much input as I can get. Thanks!
I need to raise my credit score by at least 15 points. How?0Roxanne2012-11-04 14:47:02
My current FICO score is 716 ( as of today ) . I must now totals about 13,000 on my credit cards and lines of credit from a credit line of $ 40,000. I also owe $ 50,000 in student loans. I have not got a car loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I always pay my bills on time every month and lately I've had some extra work with the intention to pay part of the balance of the credit card within 3 months (about $ 7,000 of it) . Now , I'm looking for an apartment , but the management company need at least 725 credit score . What I can do for my score in the coming months ?
I want to raise my credit score about 300 points.?1Linell2012-11-05 18:27:02
I want to raise my credit score at least 300 points . I have a car loan that I have not missed or made ​​a late payment . I want to be able to get a house in the next few years . I can not get a credit card , I can only get one for sure. What I was thinking of getting one of these soon . How long will it take to get high? What are some things I can do to detailed help my score?
Raise Credit Score 200 points?0jillybean2012-08-12 01:46:03
Hello, my credit score is around 480 to 680 .. I need I have no black mark as the home or bankruptcy car againts me do a couple medical bills my problem is I have no credit CURRENT recently got insurance capitol one credit card limit of $ 200 i spent only $ 30 a month to keep it below 30 %. I was thinking of gettin another insurance card with a higher limit may be 500. No black marks I've said that I could increase the score without having to pay the debt through the use of these cards just ... But how long will it take me 6 months possibly said ... Is this true .. My information came from a loan officer known

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