How to get a few points (5-10 points) fast on credit score?

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Asked at 2012-09-21 04:46:03
I need some points for my qualification to what has to be to apply for a home loan , is there anyway to do this quickly ? I have some credit cards ( balances are less than 20 % ) . One student loan ( but payments will be postponed until i graduate ) . I just received a collection of deleted ( delete pay) , but that will not fall to 30 days credit bearu updates .. What else I can do? and I can ask my loan officer to make a reassessment of rapid and clear that the issue came on this show ? Any information is greatly appricated !
Answer1NesaAnswered at 2012-10-25 04:54:12
Why the hell have you credit card balances at all? MedlinePlus Experts will tell . Pay cards in full and get a balance of $ 0. MedlinePlus Do not use them for 3 months before buying a house . MedlinePlus Try that . And stop playing games to bring the credit card balances . MedlinePlus However, this will take 30 to 45 a day in your credit reports . MedlinePlus ------ MedlinePlus Pay cards today and get a statement that says $ 0. MedlinePlus You really do not think that carrying small balances is good for credit , right? MedlinePlus Still going to take time to eliminate the payment of pass . MedlinePlus And sometimes not delete it. And we must fight against it . MedlinePlus You will have your proof . The agreement that we send . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Almost sounds like homebuying jumped before having CEDIT reports first fixed . A lesson to give to someone if you stay here - ok ?
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