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Trading in my vehicle on a new one?5Marlyne2012-11-05 10:39:05
so I'm in the market for a new truck .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus i currently owe $ 9,500 on my loan . With that said here we go .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I found a new truck for $ 32,988 , the seller and I went over and reached an agreement for the payment of the entire $ 400 midrange . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus after the seller believes that we were done I then said I had a trade in the vehicle , and agreed to see him . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus after evaluation , offered me $ 11,500, and pay current loan is $ 9500, so I'm making cash $ 2000 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus factor than the $ 2000 on the new loan as a " down payment " or as they do and my payments midrange shot to $ 500 ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why the payments go up? not if the price of the payments or truck and are down ?
Trading in a vehicle?1Moncha2012-10-01 23:59:04
How does a trade in work when you finance a car ? not the car depreciates faster than im paying ? and if so , I wont end up having to pay some of my loan ? Im a little confused ?
Vehicle Negative Equity / Trading/ Saling Question.?0felicia taylor2012-09-10 12:38:02
Ok . I have 08 EXPLORER XLT 35k miles Fully Loaded . I 19,500.00 now . However, I 'm going to have to buy a warranty for another 36k extented to 1300. Making my salary now offered me 20,800.00 $ 17,500.00 for the car. I'm thinking of taking me to 17,500.00 leaving a balance of $ 2,000.00 - Taking a personal loan for 2k and paying out so I can be free of the loan . Then I will start again ( after the loan is paid off .. I would like to continue doing my note in which about 550 would take 3 months to pay ) Once completed go find a cheaper car use . The general agreement is that I really want something bigger and less pay . Do you think this made sense ? Or buy the additional security and keep the car until paid (3 years ) and direct selling ? I tried to refinance but nobody wants to touch it with neg . equity .. but not much .
I own my vehicle free and clear; can I refinance the vehicle and take the cash? I need 3k for car repairs is?3sakovia2012-10-10 04:55:02
There are loans out there ? and what are the names . ? I have also not so good credit and can not get a personal loan . thank you!
My vehicle was repossessed. Now employed, I have a vehicle. Can I trade it in w/bad credit for something else0Rella2012-10-07 03:41:11
When I got divorced I lost a lot of things . I really want to know if there is anyone out there that will give me a loan for about $ 20K for a used car . I searched the net for everyone tells me not to . Any help will be appreciated . thanks
How or what needs to be done if a vehicle is sold in to a person in another state, if the vehicle has a lien?1Aasha2012-08-15 19:58:02
Ok , I need help from someone who knows the laws in different states in the purchase and sale of a vehicle , this complicated process, but I really hope someone can help ... A friend of mine lived in Texas and bought a truck, so I needed money, so we went to a title loan cash and took the title in September last year. In the midst of a drama that ended in Ohio and is now in jail. Well, he told one of his friends who sell vehicles so the friend sold it and thought it was the original title, but realized now that is a photocopy Well, he learned that the real title still in place for cash loan and the lien is default , what needs to be done to get the title and what can be done within your rights to the title? Going to call loans instead of Monday and offer to pay the tax , but since my friend is in jail will be the other will be able to obtain any information or be able to pay the tax and get the title released in his name? I looked online , but this situation is complicated , I really need a quick answer if anyone knows anything about this , I need help !
I have a car loan on a vehicle, but want to trade it straight up for another vehicle. Is this possible?2gopher2012-10-10 18:30:02
Trade is not a dealer , is a private transaction . So basically will only change owners. How I can or I can go about this ?
Can you trade in a vehicle for another used vehicle at a car lot if you still have a loan out & paying on it?2NENAS2012-10-15 03:31:02
Can you trade in a vehicle to another vehicle used in a car lot if you still have a loan out and pay for it?
If I have bad credit, can I trade a used vehicle for another used vehicle?0Brendan2012-09-06 04:44:03
I'm assuming a credit check will prevent me borrow the money , but as I and I have a car loan in good condition , could really get a different vehicle ? I want to change an avalanche of further Suburban one or two years , with approximately the same value .
Possible to trade a vehicle for another vehicle that has a loan on it?1gena2012-10-22 16:14:03
Hi I'm looking at possibly trading my car for another car both of our cars are worth about the same price only problem is that is that it 's still a loan and I have nothing owed ​​on mine I have my degree in hand MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now , I do not know how something like this would work , it is possible that trade and I get the title of the car to other people and somehow the loan is transferred and my car is what you have to pay ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Live in PA if that makes any difference
Trading in my car.?0Ande2012-09-11 23:11:08
This is kind of a long story. I have 17 years and I'm paying for a car in the name of my father . He has credit shit. So im making $ 400 a month car payments for a maximum 97. And that is through self actuall place , not a loan through a bank , the lot is self funded by us . Is there any way I can trade this car in a cheaper monthly payment ? I mean ill still pay the balance , i just need to get this 400 a month at least 200 or something .. im pretty sure I can not do anything until im 18 , but I still want to know if something is possible , because I know I 'm doing is building credit not mine my father ..
Trading a car in for another...???0shaquana2012-09-01 02:18:02
I own a 2007 car worth $ 20K . I owe $ 19K . What if you wanted to change it for a cheaper car ? What happens to the loan ?

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