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How important is a degree to an artist?1CrissyXD2012-08-13 16:58:02
I am a college student who has decided to change my major in art. I really do not want to transfer to a four-year college after graduation next year and the risk of having to repay the loans to pay. I love it and not to open an art gallery and start an online magazine dedicated to Art . But I wonder if you have a bachelor prevent my dream of being and artist and a gallery opening of the event. Is it absolutely necessary to have Bachelor of being a successful artist ?
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Is there a way to get a small business loan of about 10 G's? I am an artist and investing in myself.?0new one2012-09-19 12:32:08
The curve is only introduced me CHPTR past seven years , but has clear and complete.
Artist starting a small business online, where to start?0rochelle l2012-09-20 16:12:02
I am an artist and I have the intention to open an online store for small paintings and jewelry ( this summer ) . Just graduated college and art have always sold at shows and some things online , but it's getting to the point where I 'd like to officially ( and legally ) has a shop and sell things professionally and full time . I'll be working in my home studio and I do not need any loan (I have most of the supplies and money is not really a problem ) . I've looked at but I find it difficult to find the exact information that applies to me. I read this ... / templates wri -
As a "turn around artist" did Romney ever jettison a pension plan and hand it over to the Government?0River2012-10-09 07:44:30
At one time it seemed to be a very popular method of " unlocking value " : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation has become an increasingly popular option for private equity funds and other investors seeking investment to turn nearly bankrupt industrial companies into gold. The key is to shift responsibility for pensions, which weigh as much as bank loans on the balance sheet of a company , the pension corporation . MedlinePlus Alchemy same exercise was carried out in Polaroid and the U.S. Airways, as Cone Mills textile and Westpoint Stevens , and a multitude of small businesses in the last four years . And experts say that bankruptcy is almost certainly continue to occur , because pensions and shedding - retirees - health care . Is becoming a compelling way to make a high-risk investment pay MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " It has become a kind of system to rescue companies ," said Thomas Conway , vice president of the Steel Workers Union of America , corporate pension , which Congress created in 1974 to protect retirees if their employers went bankrupt . "People have been able to use tactically , as a business strategy , and I do not think that's what Congress meant. " " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Am a graphic artist , i do portrait painting and design. i need financial assistance 2 start can any one help?1chanel2012-10-10 23:54:02
Why do I need this help is because I am not from an affluent family and have no access to bank loans. and also live in a country where a lot of tribal sentiments . I am a born artist with talent . I really need some help . I think if people really are concerned about my situation can help and support me by sending me some money through money transfer Western Union or other source , if desired . Is this okay ?
Any ideas how I can get my $1600 refunded from scam artist - Truman Foreclosure Assistance?0Phuti manaka2012-11-05 22:59:25
Please learn from me - do not deal with Truman Foreclosure Assistance (Miami, Florida) and do NOT pay up front for any loan modification service. If they insist on being paid up front... run! I have been battling Truman Foreclosure Assistance for six months now trying to get my $1600 refunded. This company sold me on the idea that they could help modify my loan but failed terribly. (In fact they made things worse. See link below from Complaint Board). I had been promised a refund months ago, in writing, from David Bouffard, the COO of Truman Foreclosure, but nothing yet. Now they don't return phone calls or answer emails but still seem to be operating normally. I have contacted the BBB and Chamber of Commerce, emailed and called dozens of times, faxed over my emails, but all in vain. Short of getting a lawyer, any ideas on how to get my $1600 back that was promised to me by Truman Foreclosure? (Here are the details of my case:
I have B-tech degree and intend to start a small scale business ,so any loan facilities for technical degree .?0Isaac2012-08-20 21:19:26
I have B - tech degree and intend to start a business on a small scale , so that the loan services of technical grade. ?
Do employers always verify that you have completed your degree when applying for a job that requires a degree?2tull902012-10-09 23:32:03
I've been working on my degree in five years and have hoped to take my foreign language requirements and then my husband got a job in a different state , so we had to change so instead of losing all my credits transfer , I decided to end the online program offered by the university but who have no foreign language class online and I have to have my other 6 credit hours to get my degree , I 'm running out of money in student loans and my advisor told me I had to get done in the spring of 2008 that there is no way I can finish with / without my foreign languages ​​. So my question is , finally , do employers verify / check to complete their degree when applying for a job that requires one?
I'm an aspiring artist and I feel trapped in a small town and I just feel like I can't move forward?0ezequiel2012-10-10 00:14:07
Which debt is more important to pay off?0Richard2012-09-29 02:59:03
My girlfriend and I are in disagreement about finances (I have a loan fund , and he does not) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is the situation : MedlinePlus We may buy a home this year to take advantage of the tax incentive of $ 8,000 . He would like to use more of that ( about $ 7000) to purchase new home appliances . I think it would be more logical to use the $ 8000 to pay for the most part of the unsecured debt that we ( some credit cards and signature loans ) and try to get a "2 year Cash " agreement in a store appliances for the new devices . Then , we can take what we had been paying on credit cards / loans to pay signature store credit , and then use our tax returns for 2011 (which will be much higher due to the possibility of the right of interest paid on the mortgage) to pay. MedlinePlus I really just want to get rid of the debt we have been paying for years ( for the things we buy 7 or 8 years ago ! ) And although it will take new debt (equivalent to about the same as we were going to pay debt ) , psychologically for me , will be different ! Also because only have one payment instead of the 4 different payments we do right now. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
I need some very important advice.?0Mande2012-08-17 09:13:07
I have a very low credit score of 541. I have a lot of collections on my credit report. no credit cards , loans or anything like that. I was young and not realizing what he was doing to my credit. addition to medical bills ( no insurance ) , he might pay the rest out in a few years? I do not know what to do. I feel like I am a failure and will never have anything in life. different collection agency there is so many do not know if I could keep up with the payment of all or what goes where and when. Should I consolidate or what. Is it too late? please help if you can

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