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Are online Master's Degree programs worth the trouble?3lattane2012-10-08 14:46:04
Has anyone used any of the online schools to obtain a master's degree? Does anyone know how much they cost ? I'm very interested in it, but would probably have to add a few thousand to my student loans and that is not very appealing to me .
Is a masters degree in counseling (psychology) worth the risk of being stuck with student loan debt?0i♥zee2012-10-25 22:39:27
I'm half finished earning an AA degree. I am a straight A student with a good dose of self-discipline and self-determination. I want to earn a BA in psychology from USF and then a master's in counseling at a university in California to become either a mental health counselor or a marriage and family counselor. I am a first generation student so the deadlines and processes can be daunting at times. I filled out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and have received a full Pell Grant ($ 5,300), plus a Florida Medallion scholarship for my progress in high school (100% of enrollment in community college , 75% state university until I earn a BA). So, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to afford a degree, but I'm not sure I could pay a MA. Only the cost of attending graduate school is much more than you could do in a year, even if I could find a job. Is it possible to get enough scholarships to fund an MA without any student loans? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've heard a lot of people who have won teachers who can not pay their student loans because they can not do the job they trained. All your hard work in college has resulted in low-paying jobs and a huge debt. I have fear of being one of them. I have really wanted to pursue this field. Psychology is basically "mine". I will not go this far for the money, but I have a family and be comfortable and be able to support the education of my kids future college. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Pursing this field will make me happy, but if I can not support myself let alone a family. I wonder if I should earn a degree in a field with better job security and better pay. I also wonder if this uncertainty is temporary - if the economy will improve and allow to get a job in the field of psychology MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus I saw my parents struggle with debt and I know that doing something that interests me isin't worth debt that I will not be able to afford. So I can sacrifice years of study and financial stability to become a counselor so you can be satisfied with my work life? or should I sacrifice my interest in the psychology of financial stability so you can be happy with my love / family life? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for reading my long, anxiety attack a question. I would really appreciate a response from someone who has been through something similar recently. Because I am a first generation student did not know anyone who can help me with this question.
Need to find grants for adults to get an online Masters degree?0Ishani2012-09-24 01:05:02
I have a BA in Visual Arts and would like to get my masters in psychology / counseling . I can not afford to go into debt with a student loan . Ideas ? I want to study online , ideas for schools would be great!
Online degree programs?4Mishal Almandhour2022-09-08 15:37:04
I am interested in returning to school , but really can not do because of my work and other responsibilities. I've been researching some colleges and universities online and found Ashworth College and Penn Foster . Both have the qualifications that I would like and have payment plans , so do not have to worry about getting a loan or financial aid. Does anyone have any experience with any of these? Or know of any other college or online university that would meet my needs ? I'm willing to take the course of Criminal Justice.
Why in the world are all these "online degree programs" so very very expensive?0Slappy2012-10-02 01:41:02
I checked on the pricing of each advertised most "online degree get here" programs that are advertised on television and on websites ... WTF???? MedlinePlus What's wrong with these people? MedlinePlus There prices per credit hour are outrageous and unjustified and very greedy and frankly hec. MedlinePlus WTF is the deal? MedlinePlus In fact, they are so ... priced.that very greedy and sick most of them after spending 30 minutes navigating around your site .. we have not found any information about their tuition ... what does it look like it is a F *** ing SECRET or somthing! MedlinePlus I had to write most of them or complete shit bit and let me fucking bombarded with phone calls ... only to discover or obtain some idea of ​​the cost ... this is how these people are of their greed embearassed ... going out of his way to avoid the issue completely in their FAQ pages and all other areas of web sites .... MedlinePlus Why is so stupidly expensive at the "Online Only" schools ... everyone knows their names. MedlinePlus University of Phoe ***, ** University Wald., Etc. .. MedlinePlus How in the world is what justifies this astonishing impact of tuition fees automatically when it should be much cheaper because they have no brick and mortar to keep the campus .. which in my mind greatly affect the cost ... MedlinePlus My God man! Goto could HARVARD for the same price .... these people .. MedlinePlus WTF???? MedlinePlus Please adivse. MedlinePlus Why are so expensive ...??? MedlinePlus Besides greed ... and why all of them? How do you justify this greed / tuition fees redicuous absurd and ... when everything is connected. MedlinePlus I feel sorry for people who do not realize their community from the local university. more or any college anywhere now offers most of its classes online, so most of the same degree of home .... do online ... or a portion thereof substanial ... but with the benefit of a b & m goto when you have a problem, or need help ... a much better value, of course, any way you look at ... all for much cheaper. Without all the burden of massive student loans that these schools are so fast I complain to pressure him ... act like free money .. you know that you can not even claim bankruptcy student loans ... Baby you're stuck with them for the life of man .. MedlinePlus These places are, in my opinion ... a scam ... and take advantage of the lack prudent. MedlinePlus How do these places justify their super expensive tuition and fees is my question .. do the devil's advocate and come to his defense ... I can not imagine? MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for your time, MedlinePlus Perry Florida
If you take classes online, will your degree be worth anything?2ll12262012-10-12 15:48:03
Only applies to Anthem College Online and let me know when I get my fellow science 'll be able to get better jobs though took an online course , I checked and are accredited with FAFSA ( federal loan for students) need to know if I'm making the right decision !
Have you done/ are you doing a Masters degree?0chinchilla2012-10-07 12:16:25
I have a 2:1 in English literature and I'm desperate to do a masters . I'm pretty poor , with student loan debt , etc. , but I have a full time job where you earn a little less
Masters degree in the uk?0aqdas2012-09-01 07:59:03
I'm thinking of taking a masters in the UK and was told that the grade is not financially supported by the government , in terms of maintenance , loans etc , I wondered if this was the case , or if anyone had any references in line with that verify .
Is it worth it to pay a lot of $$$ for MBA masters ?0Jari2012-09-14 05:34:03
I read some online websites , suggested that reading a book on '' how '' MBA would be better than getting a masters in MBA because it is quite expensive . MedlinePlus My question is , is worth paying a lot (eg education ) ( loan would pay later ) to be recognized in a field ? there are plenty of people out there without a certificate decent and yet are very successful in their business . MedlinePlus Sometimes I feel that when you do not have a higher education (eg teachers / PhD ) society does not respect you . How far can we go with MBA masters ?
Do you think it matters where I get my masters degree from?0Cymie2012-10-10 08:30:32
Hello , MedlinePlus I have 40 years old , has a great job at managing money . I have my bachelor's degree and are certified treasury management . My company will pay for tuition reimbursement of $ 5K per year . Also I have three children and working full time. I can get my MBA at Western Governors University in two years for $ 12K . This means you only have to pay $ 2k out of pocket. This is an online school that is accredited and has great reviews . Or you could go to a school that is local , but also has an online school ( I need with three children ) and pay $ 10k out of pocket. If I went to this school nobody knows is an online degree , and they also have local programs that are not online . I'd have to take out loans for school though. Money is tight and I prefer not to. Do you think this online school Western Governors affect my job opportunities ? or does not matter because I have an MBA and it does not matter too much that I have it online . Help ?
What kind of Masters degree should I pursue?0T.L2012-09-06 02:04:03
I have 20 years old B.S. degree in Administration of Justice , which is now called "Criminology " . The scarcity of jobs from which, together with the need to pay college loans , I'd end up in the medical field ( literally ) and now my title seems in vain . I return to my teachers , but I'm at a loss for what discipline . I thought an MBA since me and my boyfriend are wanting to go into business together. She is telling me to get one in the field of criminology . At age 40 , with no experience in the field , I'm not sure how it would be marketable , but I know I want to stay in the medical field . Also I have to go for an online degree because with my current job (overnight ) and the family I have little time to be away from the house . Any idea ? thanks
Is getting a Masters Degree in Management a good idea?1Taylah2012-09-24 00:38:03
I have a BS in Biology degree that is collecting dust in my hall closet . I have that degree to please other people in my family . Now , at 28 I decided to pursue my real dreams and start my own business in the hospitality / restaurant. I want to go to culinary school , but I am a military wife and will be living in Korea for at least three years. I'm thinking of taking online classes at Argosy University for his MBA . The idea is to get the degree , get a job in the food industry , learn the business at the time, and pay student loan debt until I'm ready to start my business . Argosy is an accredited school but I keep reading reviews that say it's not worth it to get a degree online . That pattern does not like to hire people with online degree. And Argosy is only after your money . Plus it does not help that I feel very pressured by the admissions representative . in Argosy . I guess my questions are : Is it really a good idea to get an online education ? Argosy is a good school ? Are you getting your MBA from vague as my degree in Biology was ?

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