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Single Member LLC, Losses Deductible from Personal Income?0daysi2012-09-20 00:49:02
I'm in the process of starting a small business that offers programs in math and science enrichment for children Middleschool . I will cover the initial costs of personal savings instead of applying for a small business loan . I can deduct losses ? LLC from my personal income ? Where instead of making a loan to the LLC and have to pay me later?
Is the interest on a home loan from a family member tax deductible?0TSK2012-10-14 12:08:34
Say a family loan me some money so I can pay cash for a house . That family member charge me interest on the loan in accordance with the Federal IRS Applicable Rate . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is : Is the interest paid to a family member for a mortgage loan tax deductible? Otherwise, having a promissory note for the loan then I may deduct interest payments ?
Are there any online personal loan places to help single mothers with no proof of income?1Crazy2012-10-13 16:35:02
My husband just left me and our two children and I am in desperate need of $ 400 by tomorrow morning ! I have income from its treasury , but no receipts. I'm looking for any job at the moment I've spent hours to send my resume and went to a lot of place to have a marriage interview . but I need the money for some bills tomorrow that I thought were paid but were not. I am able to return in a week I am an honest person and I need to know where there is a place that would give me a loan for anything that helps ! thank you! God bless you !
Personal loan to help family member get car? HELP?0Toshi2012-09-30 13:20:02
I want to help my mom get a loan for a car is like $ 8500 ... My husband and I have that in savings and have a great credit not so much .. I'm not at all worried about loan repayment know you will .. but I was thinking of getting a personal loan so you do not have to get full coverage on it ... anyway what to do .. borrow money in my name , have it pay ... so I can still make money in savings .... banker said we can put on cd then lend thru or something ... suggestions please
Single premium immediate life income annuity?1naisha2012-11-02 22:31:03
Is there a program for a 10 year loan that allows me to borrow money to buy a whole life policy for people who can make my own annuity income for life ? (1035 change ) now if I can buy one policy ( for example , $ 100,000 for half its value in cash ( $ 50,000 ) with the bank money .. i could repay the loan with interest that I get annuity ? would this a good deal? any info would be appreciated
Single parent w/too much student loan debt afford living, and too much income for assistance, any answers?0Ruzan2012-10-12 12:26:29
I recently decided that I can not live w / my parents toxic . Which means that my 6.5 y.o. daughter and I are now homeless . Currently we are staying at my sister 's house , but clearly not allow this luxury for long. I have a good career and work full time , but I borrowed much money while in school , my student loan debt is more than half my income and debt w / other I basically have zero dollars left for child care or housing, my sister is a teacher and off in the summer , but once school starts I'll be homeless w / out child car and this will make the job difficult , I have been looking at the government resources , but b / c I mostly go by income and household size do not qualify . Basically , I'm looking to move into a home with two degrees and work full time as a registered nurse.this is why I went to school in the first place to provide for myself and my parents are no longer daughter.The option and I have no friends in this state
I am a single mom with 2 kids, I live on lower income housing. I used to get subsidy. By august I made commis?0woodlie(nickname)2012-10-05 10:55:25
So apparently it made ​​$ 700 commission in August I lost my allowance , so my compony cut now work without commission fee , I can not find my pay me anything , I 1770, 80% of which goes to rent and I have to pay my car and nursery only. and remaing of each month is $ 69 all you can afford is noodles and conedbeef dollar store . I messed up my credit and try to get loan to consolidate my debt , my bank requires collateral , I have no one like me lonely here wwith no family except my 2 children. My credit score was 690 , now when I tried to apply for the loan went down the drain . 609. Strange to pay my bills for AMonth . I can not afford to get second job and do not have someone to care for my children at night . Droaning I wonder when I'm going to improve ?
Can personal loan interest be tax deductible if you use the loan to buy property?0Madimetja2012-10-27 10:46:32
If you get a conventional mortgage , the interest is tax deductible . If I take a personal loan to buy my residence, I can ? Deduct the interest on that loan staff when I submit my tax return? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
If a family member dies, and still owes money on a car(loan) could another family member take over for them?0a hall2012-09-15 01:36:04
Say you had paid all but six payments , but then died suddenly , it is possible that a close family member take ownership of the car and continue paying the loan ? Or the bank repo it? And the state is denying the transfer of title because the owner can not sign the letter of dismissal - ( plus it has to be notarized ) ?
Single working mum seeks personal loan, who should I apply with to make sure I get it?4HelpPlease Olivia2012-11-03 02:17:02
That banks or financial institutions are easier to get through unsecured personal loans ? In some places will not let you use your centerlink or maitenance as income. I'm in a position where they can repay a loan and I have a good credit history , but would like a loan of $ 30,000, which is a little harder to get, was approved by the Commonwealth Bank for the rate interest of 18.5 which was refused as I thought this was too high. If anyone knows how I can get this loan with a low interest rate please let me know ! I have 4 children, I get from maitenance , I work 3 days a week and pay the rent low , the loan is to pay my GE card , my previous personal loan , get a bigger car and surgery.
Would it be legal to keep some of your losses off the books if you were running a business?1Heathe2012-10-06 07:14:04
For example , you do not want to scare your customers / business partners to think that might not be in as good shape as they thought . So just keep some of their losses from the official books . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would it be legal if they did this as a business ? Are the rules different for the Treasury Department ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
The best way as a business owner to file taxes to show a personal income w/o showing my business as income?1upbeat2012-08-08 09:52:45
I am a new small business owner , I am now able to show a small loss of my taxes has made it difficult for me to request a personal loan. Is there any way I can do my taxes seperatly and not have to prove the loss of the company and show that I still have an income. My goal is to be able to enter a bank and get a personal loan as I did before owning this business when you just got a W2 from my employer.

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