Why would my mother say i am just waitng for my grandma to die..im hurt?

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I am very close to my mom and grandma. They live together and helped us get our home. My kids spend every weekend with them, and every time I need something my husband is the first person I call. Both my mother and my grandmother has co signed student loans for me. I am enrolled in school so they must be in adjournment. I've been struggling trying to get consolidated since July. There was one that was never established, and I am 100% behind in. Im making small weekly payments to get caught, because my husband lost his job and I'm currently not working, but I'm taking care of my grandmother. My mother called today tells me this company called threatening to take us to court. I see how it is annoying, but I have shown proof as to what's going on, then she tells me. Well, your grandmother thinks he's waiting for her to die, so these are taken care of. "WTF! I do everything in my grandmother. Helped me to pay for their medications this month with my taxes because she could not, after all she has helped us. Bought her groceries, dog food and also, 100.00 and gave my husband needed it.and purchased and installed new brakes and tune your car that my mother has been using since Grandma only leads. For my mother, I paid off two of your cards credit high interest rate, but not enough for her.'m somehow breaks. then check that she owns my house, and not sure I'm paying the mortgage here or property taxes. because I did not bring receipts.? Actually, last year I put a roof 8000 in this house? repairing a gas line 5500, and all new appliances. then, before losing his job, he had new duct work and a new furnace.'m ready to tell her im out. want to move so bad, I have a few guys who are so involved in their own lives that they do not care or do anything for gram. want to go there and say well, I'm waiting for you to die, then maybe you need to call my cousins ​​to come to you shopping take you to your Dr do your drugs come every Saturday, and fix everything that goes wrong here. You know, since I'm waiting for you to die.'m hurt, what do I tell my mother knows everything? What do I say to Grandma

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