School JUST informed me Im not eligible for Financial aid. Class starts Monday. How do I get a quick loan? related questions

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School JUST informed me Im not eligible for Financial aid. Class starts Monday. How do I get a quick loan?0Brandy White2012-09-19 19:19:03
Hello friends . MedlinePlus How I can start . I started college a while back , change their plans and got a low average . I took time off and now I am focused and ready . Only get to take back, I had to go through a couple of processes readmission because of my GPA is too low when I left. I did my FAFSA , Stafford loans and online . Nobody told me that was ineligible . Do not notify me before today , I am ineligible and class starts Monday ! They told me trey Wells Fargo , Sallie Mae or some 3rd party option . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Whenever I can get everything straight before next week is , I guess things should be cool . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there any way I could get a loan large enough to cover my expenses for this next semester (about $ 6000 + ) IMMEDIATELY ! ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm currently unemployed , my uncle has a property though .... Is there any way I could get a loan of money off your property as soon as possible ! Sallie Mae Or send me some quick emergency and urgent to go with my existing account ? ? ?
School starts in week. no money no financial aid... loan?0aranza 2012-09-21 15:40:02
I want to go to school , but I am short of money . I go to a community college. I had some problems with my mom, she does not live with me anymore ... but with the FAFSA , and I'm still considered a dependent of them , I need my parents tax information . my mom gives me no . I have no father . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And federal grants and federal student loans require FAFSA , I can not provide . I have looked at private loans , but it is very promising . Sallie Maes looked at , but only provides a loan payment deffering .. but only 12 months . No graduation ... My plan is to still be in school in 12 months! i cant make the loan payments . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any suggestions ? Thank you.
Financial aid won't arrive for 30 days after school starts. What do I do?0Bmt2012-10-09 03:37:28
I'm going to graduate school and get a lot of grants and loans . The problem is that the money will not arrive until 30 days after the start of school . I did the math , and I need at least $ 3,000 to fly there, get an apartment and a car . It's in Puerto Rico ( the school does not have student housing and need a car to go everywhere ) . My credit cards are maxed out (you can not get a credit increase either) but I have good credit (700 votes ) . Any suggestions ? I just need the money for 30-40 days , then I can afford it.
Financial aid help?! i need a loan quick fast & legit. class is only 2 days away and i cant move into my dorm?0Ansi2012-09-29 17:53:03
Help , financial aid
Should I go to the ITT today? Friend wants me to go, class starts soon?1Rosila2012-11-05 08:31:02
Please read and respond quickly to have a class in a few hours! I'm so upset about this situation MedlinePlus My friend (family) / neighbor in his 50-year-old goes to the ITT Technical Institute that he might be able to get a job as it currently has no job and now attends there and is in loans and grants < br> He went into going there because she thinks I'm in a bad situation and I'm not doing anything and is a good school MedlinePlus I'm not even in such a bad situation, I have 18 years (graduated HS), not in college (still, but unfortunately I got into ITT, I intended to apply in community college in the spring), still living with my income (unfortunately), local job search recently and now she wants me to go to school with her so she can get a good paying job and make a lot of money and the school also helps find work (which is true ) MedlinePlus And she says that after the end ITT could do w / e you want with the degree, have a good paying job and go to college, I'd go buy my own car, not to depend on my mom, follow what acting is my dream that we all want MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Before going down with the school looked things about the school and heard his side, reading some answers Yahoo user experiences, and some of their disputes, and it is a scam. I also found out the credits may not transfer to any other university and I have really wanted to go to college one day (I was thinking of moving from a community college) so I know I can have a bedroom and living university that could not apply to a cause of my grades Uni SA lol MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I went with it and ended up using because I do not want to disappoint her because she really wants me to go there and because I need a job. I met the lady who works there and was nice and most people there were very nice, I sat with her and she told me about the school and signed by me, my friend was in the library doing homework . I ended up filling a lot of paperwork and a lot of information on the computer, did a test on the computer and got into the car and I have a class today MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I thought it would've just talked to them, but once I signed in the quarter (not having passed semesters) and thought it would be given a class in January, but I could not believe I signed up for a class and now, but were placed before me because I'm behind on the record, and I took this software program thing w / e MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I really do not want to go! MedlinePlus cause 1) I want to go to a transfer to a university and some or perhaps all work credits / he has done his will not transfer, and I really do not want to be in a technology. MedlinePlus school 2) I'm not even making the decision to go there my friend pushed me to go there and I have 18 years and want to be more independent than ever and I want to make my own decisions I feel like I'm being tamed>: (MedlinePlus 3) I want to go to a community college to see the things we offer are things that I know much more than the technical school, the program I chose is something I think would be a temporary career, but I really do not know if I want I just want a job that pays well and I honestly do not really want to be a person MedlinePlus computer. 4) I think it's a scam as everyone says (my friend who told me I would not believe) and MedlinePlus expensive! 5) I'm very happy with this at all MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm so mad I went and gave MedlinePlus What made me go there besides not disappoint my friend because I need a job and want to make some money and the school provides local job listings and graduate faster and get a well paid job (at least if it is true for stories "I've heard) and I actually do not have the prerequisite courses, such as English, algebra, etc MedlinePlus There are also two community colleges SSC (State College) and VCC I have really wanted to go to DC, but further, SSC is closer but I do not want to go there and this is as close as ITT SSC MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My parents do not even know about this (hard to believe) However, school people said I have to take my parents there for regarding financial assistance, do not even think to apply cause my mom is a registered nurse who is kind of a big amount of income I guess that means you would pay too much for this school MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do?! I can withdraw?! I filled a lot of documents and other things (oh, how I regret) I do not just go to class today MedlinePlus I have not dealt with financial aid so I have not paid anything or applied for financial aid and have not got the books (I have today) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My friend is very excited, but I'm definitely not going to call and say I do not want to attend despite his condition and less than 24 hours to go and I feel bad because the people I met there were nice but do not really want go to this school, I go to experience it first and then withdraw, if I think I'm going to regret much
I wasn't eligible for the BOGW Fee Waiver? Will I be eligible for financial aid? Someone help please!?2Christina Mader2017-09-15 17:44:37
COASTLINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Financial Aid Office 11460 Warner Avenue Fountain Valley, CA 92708 [email protected] (714) 241-6239* Tel (714) 241-6312 Fax August 23, 2012 PHILLIP DINH [email protected] SANTA ANA, CA 92704 If you are seeking financial aid and/or a fee waiver at Coastline Community College, please be sure to read each of these sections below carefully for further information and instructions, as many of our processes have changed. *Do not reply to this email, this email address is not meant to receive incoming messages.* Dear PHILLIP: STUDENT ID: XXXXXXXX Hello from the Financial Aid staff at Coastline Community College. This letter has been generated because you have listed our school on your 2012-2013 FAFSA, or a correction has been made to this FAFSA. If you do not have a Student ID # listed above, please notify our office once you obtain one. A. FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION: FALL 2012-SUMMER 2013 Only one college can pay you Federal financial aid, per semester. If you want Coastline Community College to pay you financial aid (grants/loans) for Fall 2012, Spring 2013 or Summer 2013, you MUST email our office at [email protected] with your request for Coastline Community College to process your 2012-2013 FAFSA. You will receive an email confirmation of your request within 2 business days. Please be advised, you may be required to submit further documentation to our office. If so, you would be sent an email with a list of required documents and further instructions. If not, you would receive an email indicating your file is complete and in line to be reviewed. STUDENTS WITH PRIOR DEGREES AND/OR MORE THAN 90 ATTEMPTED UNITS: Students who have a degree or who have attempted 90 or more units will be automatically disqualified based on Satisfactory Academic Progress and will be required to submit an appeal per term. Students may receive a maximum of two appeals. If you, your spouse, or your parents if you are dependent, are UNEMPLOYED, or the household income has dropped significantly from 2011 to 2012, AND the EFC from your FAFSA is NOT "0", please email our office for further information. Pell Lifetime Eligibility Used: If you have reached the Pell Lifetime Eligibility Used maximum of 600% you would no longer be eligible for a Pell grant, and other aid may be limited or restricted. B. BOGW FEE WAIVER INFORMATION: BOGW Eligibility Status: Not Eligible*Not Eligible If you are eligible for a BOGW A, B, or C (listed above), your fee waiver will automatically post to the Admissions Office within 48 hrs and will waive your unit fees ($46 per unit), for Summer 2012, Fall 2012, and Spring 2013, IF, you have a valid student id# listed above AND you are a California Resident with the Admissions Office. NO FURTHER DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED for the fee waiver to apply. Please be advised, it will NOT waive any other fees, such as the health fee, parking, materials fees, etc. Failure to pay these fees will result in a drop for non-payment. Students are responsible for adhering to drop dates rules for non-payment, if the fee waiver has not yet applied. *EXCEPTIONS: Contract education courses, such as those offered through the Military/Spouse Programs are NOT eligible for the fee waiver, nor are AB540 students. (Students eligible through the Dream Act (AB540/AB130/AB131) may receive benefits beginning Spring 2013.) C. IMPORTANT POINTS ABOUT YOUR FINANCIAL AID: 1. HERE IS AN OVERVIEW OF OUR PROCESS: List us on your FAFSA, notify our office you want CCC to process your 2012-2013 FAFSA, receive an email confirmation and/or list of forms and requirements; submit any required documents; receive notice that your file is complete and in line to be reviewed; receive notice of an award, a denial or request for further information. Files are reviewed in order of completion date. 2. If you have previously received notification that you have exhausted financial aid funds or are no longer eligible for financial aid at Coastline, this letter does not extend eligibility or supersede previous notifications. 3. Only one school can pay you Federal financial aid, per semester. However, you may have a fee waiver at more than one school. 4. Students are responsible for covering all costs of attendance and adhering to drop dates rules for non-payment. 5. Please be advised that as federal regulations regarding financial aid change, our policies and procedures may need to be adjusted accordingly. Regular office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8am-5pm. We are closed Tuesdays and Fridays for processing. The Coastline Financial Aid Office will be sending most communications via email. Keep all your contact information current with the F.A. office, including email, mail, and phone. Make sure that you can receive our messages/letters by adding [email protected] to your Safe List.
How can I get to school if I dont have a car and my fasfa money wont get to me til after school starts?1looking for someone to varify my work please2012-09-05 14:34:04
I need a car ASAP. I can not go to school without a car . I filed for FAFSA and I guess for $ 5500 the school was only going to cost me a total of $ 1,300 after the books and all that would leave me with $ 4200 I can not get until after school starts . I can not start school without a car and I need this $ 4200 to get a car ! Does anyone know any way I could get a car before school starts until I considered the possibility of a student loan , but let me do that now seeing that the school does not start until January ? Any information you have to help is very appreciated .
In need of a student loan BEFORE school starts. How do I get one?1BUG2012-09-26 16:24:05
I'm starting school in January at our local community college in Columbus . Unfortunately , my school is not going to give me my scholarship until ten days after school starts and the Stafford loan 30 days after school starts . For school , I have to buy a digital SLR , a film SLR camera , and photoshop for my classes (yes , you must have all three to be able to take the classes ) , and I can not wait until the 30 days after school starts to buy these things . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there a student loan insurance that I can ask and receive not through school , but directly deposited into my bank account ? Just go to Google and enter I get student loans unsecured and spam sites that I do not trust my personal information . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need something done by a student to sign themselves with a limited credit history , and is something that can be back very soon , so you can be sure you can shop for all of my equipment and have everything before school starts. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And as a side note : I am receiving the Pell Grant and Stafford loans . My school is not going to take that money until after school has started and I can not wait until after buying my books and school supplies. So please do not tell me to ask them, and please , nothing that has to go through school because I was not going to give any of that money until after school has started . = /
Will I get my student loan refund before school starts?0Shanete2012-08-11 16:31:03
The last two years I have had so much red tape to jump through my state university that I have not received my financial aid on time , sometimes up to two weeks into the semester. So this year I have everything in place early and made ​​sure that there will be no hold ups on my account. In my mind saying my loans will be disbursed to school on 13/08/10, yesterday. I wonder how long until they pass the money to me? I am enrolled in erefund , so you should make the whole process go faster right? Thanks for any help or experience you can share !
If a student consolidates educ loans,starts repayment, then returns to school, can repayments be suspended?1racheal2012-10-03 09:31:02
My daughter is starting nursing school in January '07 . Your grace period for loan consolidation ends November 06 . She plans to begin repayment in November / December as needed , but when she wants to suspend her nursing course begins in January. Therefore, the question may be suspended repayments ? If so , when she starts back payments , how fast will be paying --- her when she left or the guy again when it restarts ?
If I take a student loan can i still be eligible to get financial aid and vice verse?0LeAnn2012-09-06 12:30:03
I need a student loan to cover my expenses like rent and probably get a car . Im moving from New York to Colorado so I need the money just in case too ..... I'm probably getting financial aid embargo.
If i am in repayment status on a federal loan would i still be eligible for financial aid?2 2012-11-04 21:10:02
If I am in a state of federal loan repayment I still be eligible for financial aid?

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