Is it write that someone can ask to pay off including a settlement if they dont intend to do so keeping d cash related questions

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Is it write that someone can ask to pay off including a settlement if they dont intend to do so keeping d cash2natahliee2012-09-27 12:38:05
family loan was given ( not loan officers ) were asked to pay two bills , including interest and any prepayment agreement expires . the lender had decided to keep the cash and the settlement , but not pay the bill of what the borrower said that this agreement will not pay if the bill is not paid so we just paid the balance are in the right to do ?
How much debt do you have? I have about $50,000, including a car loan and consumer. (not including mortgage)?4Marti2012-10-23 16:23:03
Please tell me what your total debt is and what it does not include debt . (Student loans , car loans , credit cards , etc. ) I'm very curious as to what type and amount of debt that some have compared to mine.
If I have cash to pay off mortgage, am I better off paying it or keeping the loan.?5kahyla2012-09-22 05:27:03
House is in the U.S. .
Should i get a Pre-settlement cash loan? (cash advance)?2Logan2012-08-22 06:39:02
I got in a motor vehicle accident bad ( other driver found at fault completely ) 3 years ago . medical expenses have exceeded one hundred thousand and resulted climbing.also fusion.wife lumbar i.had have only lost work and the bills are starting to pile been thinking about getting pre settlement loans I see on TV all the time but I heard a lot of nightmare stories and good few. any advice? thank you
I want to write a request letter to my manager,for cash loan?1Sucka 2012-08-23 04:12:22
How do you write grants for a small business and who do you write them too? and about how effective is it?4Edner2012-09-02 03:06:04
Hello I am a Mary Kay consultant . I want to learn to write grants because I want to go further with my business I want to open a real store selling Mary Kay products ants some other things but I have no money to get a building. ¿ I can get grants and bank loans ? please help
Will Citizens Bank allow me to cash a personal check that my father will write to me?1Hale2012-10-03 08:31:03
I've never done this before , but my father is giving me some money and he tells me I can only give you a check (he banks with Citizens ) I can only go to the bank in cash. That sounds a little weird for me , but I can do that ? Thank you !
Is there a place in Fresno where i can write a post dated check and recieve a cash advance?0ur dick only measure 5 inch. his measure 2012-10-09 00:16:28
I just need a place that either changes or personal checks will give me a cash advace if I write a post-dated check . There are places that make the loans, but more specifically I need a place that does not require a pay stub as proof of employment . I work and I get paid in cash. someone can help me . please! ? ! ? !
I would like each candidate to explain how is he intend to solve housing crises that brought world-wide econom?0gaga 100002012-11-04 20:51:59
Unless and until the homeowners are given amnesty (modify the loan to the current market value, as banks are doing when they agree to short sale) housing market will NOT recover for several years to come. If banks are willing to cut their losses, when they are short sale properties to new buyers, why are they evicting the current homeowners who are going through hard times, instead of allowing them keep their home by principal reducing modification?
I dont know if this is enough cash in hand to help me please?0aran2012-08-15 21:55:02
I have $ 50,000 in my savings account , and have always dreamed of owning my own business but do not know what to get my job I have now is breaking my back and puts me in an early death I would like to enter anything from a car dealership , gas station grocery store for anything I have experience in selling and working in a supermarket, but I do not know if that's enough for a bank to loan me the money or not , but what is something that has a lot of benefits that my passion to be honest I think it is to make money and have something I can pass on to my children one day , are any of these profitable business thanks
If u dont pay a cash advance back can they do anything?0Shanta2012-11-04 02:48:56
I heard they can not do anything because the check you wrote them in the first place was all ready a bad check? My friend is crazy and thinks he knows all so I want to know the truth so I can prove him wrong so please answer quickly and truthfully. Thanks.
I want to take phlebotomy classes but dont have the cash to go.?1pepe2012-08-09 11:51:02
How I can get a loan or grant to pay for it. Given this class has not been approved for financial aid because it is too short of a class, what they do or Basiclly pay between 1500-2500 out of pocket. Now there is in you but I have the money a little layin around. especially when you want everything up front. The credit score is lower than average. im stuck how I can pay for this class. HELP.

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