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Need a small personal loan provider for people with NO CREDIT HISTORY?0Webbie2012-09-19 11:36:03
I am a woman of 18 years old , no credit history . I'm not a college student , so I can not get a student loan . I have a secured credit card through my bank, but have not yet established any credit . I am in desperate need of a car to get me and my two jobs. I have about $ 200 in my savings account . I make about $ 800/month . I have no family / friends who can help me with money for a car . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need a small personal loan , $ 1500 would be enough to make a down payment on a car and need the funds as soon as possible . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was looking at some sites for personal loans for people with no credit history , but they all seem superficial . Does anyone know of a site that can offer me a small personal loan ( about $ 1500) at a decent speed , that is trustworthy and reliable? ! And if so , have you used before? Thank you !
Who will give personal loans for people with bad credit history?3TULAN2012-10-06 06:28:02
Who will provide personal loans for people with bad credit history ?
Does anyone know of any places that would give you unsecured personal loans for people with no credit history?3Project research topic2012-10-07 21:54:02
or perhaps the credit card sites
Is there anyone genuine out there that has small personal loans for people with bad credit?0Richard S. del Rosario2012-09-13 21:23:03
I need a loan of $ 2,000 . I have bad credit in my past . I am Centrelink , but need help urgently . Australia only responds
I need cash. Does anyone know a good UK small loan provider?0Del2012-09-22 00:40:03
Just got a text but after seeing your site I thought I'd take a look. No school please. I just need the money for a couple of weeks.
Where can i get a definate unsecured loan for people with bad credit history? anyone know any places in uk?2rubi2012-11-05 07:08:02
Where I can get a definate unsecured loan for people with bad credit history ? Anyone know anywhere in the UK ?
Which loans are the best for people with bad credit history who don't charge a set up fee?9brynda2012-09-19 23:32:03
I have not had a great credit history and now I want to sort my debts out . I need to borrow
What's a good credit union in Colorado for people who have no credit history?0dougal2012-10-15 03:40:38
I'm looking to build my credit history from scratch . I will not limit my options for credit cards only but it seems that I have a better chance with a secured credit card for a personal loan . Anyone have suggestions for a credit union in Colorado ( preferably in the Denver Boulder area or county) ?
Does anyone know where I can get a personal loan even though I have no credit history?0cee cee2012-10-27 08:44:49
I have 18 years and I ahve no credit and I have no guarantee. I have a job. I have to get my car and I have no money . I need to borrow $ 1000-1500 . Anyone know of any good sites or locations. I do not want a payday loan .
I need a personal unsecured loan for bad credit history?5taj2012-10-16 09:31:03
Anyone know where I can go to get one ? I have 25 years and earn a good salary , but fed up with the amount of money you have to pay each month. I want to consolidate everything . I am a bad credit history . In part because of me from when I was 19 and got into trouble with a credit card , but also because as of this year , my bank messed up my bank account and put on my black list and right credit rating below! Now I can not do anything ! Help please ....
Personal Loan Options? No Credit History?1ELINA2012-10-10 07:05:03
Difficult situation for someone close to me - your car recently kicked the bucket and now are in need of a small loan ~ $ 3,000 to buy a used car . Grantees will not approve anything because this person has no credit history . It also expects to graduate in college ( graduate student, no degree ) and anticipate moderate student loan repayment at the end of 2010. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What would you say are the best banks in the output , if any? I suggested small local banks , a trivial amount carries less risk of any bank, but getting approved is probably the most difficult in this situation .
Personal Loan for a young credit history?0Ramon Christopher2012-11-05 07:38:53
I have no credit cards, but I do have student loans that are subsidized. I am looking to get $2600 for a motorcycle as a means of transportation, but the Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, say they can't finance me cause my credit is too young (my credit score is 680), even though I have been working and doing my taxes since I was 15 and currently still employed in the University of Houston. Is there any other way of getting financed or a personal loan without a co-signer.

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