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Help with trying to go college and financial aid for a career change for a single mother of 2 children?2Rena2012-10-09 00:35:02
I am a 39yr old registered dental assistant in the state of Tennessee. I was recently laid off in March and has been receiving unemployment for now. I am the parent of a 2yr old and a 16yr old. I have to keep a home for us and my current car. The job market is pretty saturated with new graduates dental assistants. Most practices want new and fresh out of school assistants that can be molded into the perfect assistant for your practice and not an experienced assistant seven years, as I. you just assume that there is (and I know this is not a real word, but ... "educability" in a wizard more. I have all kinds of certifications and qualifications under my belt, and sealant application coronal Pulido, ECG monitoring, Assistant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Radiology MedlinePlus Phlebotomy / IV sedation, CPR Certification and Monitoring nitrous oxide, but all that can be both good and bad, because the last place I sent my resume to say that I had too many qualifications and did not want to approach me because they were sure that my claims salary would probably be much more than they were willing to pay. And the only way I know that this information is that I sent a resume to a practice that one of the students who trained and she was there when they pulled my resume fax machine. She did not want them to know that she knew me because I had gotten there just hired and therefore not want to seem like I was trying to pull strings. But the point I'm making is that if that was what he thought of my resume, then you can only imagine what the rest of the office I sent the resume is to think. Also in Memphis (though I have looked and there are not many of them available but ...) minimum wage jobs is not going to get anything like what I have to support my family and definitely not cove the cost of care children or health insurance. To be frank, I was just going to work to pay for the care of the children themselves. In any case, I've always wanted to go school, but never had the courage or time. Since I've been laid off and unemployment covers almost half of my expenses, I think this is the best time to do so. When I went to school for dental assistant, it was a quick fix for when I was fired from a storage project eight years ago, but now I have to do something real that has the potential to make some real money! I was told that if I go to a university in two or four years there is a chance that I can get financial aid and still get unemployment. I was also told that some loans or grants (not sure which) but have been told that sometimes you can apply more than you need to offset the cost of maintaining a place to stay. Not to be too personal, but the rent is $ 700 a month and I have a car note of $ 450. a month and no mention of auto insurance that I can not $ 165 a month. Reluctantly I applied and was approved for food stamps and Tenn health care insurance. I have my unemployment payments, plus maintenance and SSI Disability insurance (which is paid by the father of my child) together totaling about $ 1100 a month. Now I'm sure that loans or grants (regardless of whether there is such a thing as the guy I'm asking about) will not cover all expenses, but anything can help in this situation. If only I could get enough extra to cover the rent or car note. I have no kind of help and have no where to go if I lose my place. I have excellent credit, but jobless'm not sure if that would change my result. What is the process to apply for these loans and is there to help single mother in the state of Tennessee? I need help soon. I have only enough money to live on for the next three months and a half or so .. I need a quick exit. Please help with any suggestions you may have. Thank you!
Which is the best online university to attend? I am a single mother and really need to start college.?4Mirayah Robinson2018-07-28 02:39:48
Looking forward to college, but do not know what online university is a very good, but I need will help with grants and loans can anyone help ?
Are there in single women with children in med school?1tyrese2012-09-09 02:09:02
Im 28 years raising four boys ! If four guys ! I really like to go to medical school , but I am a realist and I've done some research and found that the negative experiences and postive ! Now I have an AA degree in psychology and I'm in my last year of undergraduate majoring in Behavioral Health. My youngest is only 11 months. So I was thinking of taking the time to complete my MPH and then apply that way would have at least 5 years old. I have a great family support network and a loving boyfriend who supports my dreams and education. My main concern is that worth ? The long hours of study and then work all day in the notorious debt later? Is it worth it ? I know there refund loans if you serve in your communities to practice , that 's what I do anyway so it might be helpful in debt . As exspenses of life and care of children that I have everything under control. So my problem is to find a school that is flexible with the conferences and possible appying to a school that is close to my house . I live in Maryland , so I'm thinking of applying to Howard ! I have no idea at this point and I've also thought of nursing as well as the PA program , but I would be satisfied with that and then regret it the rest of my life ! My other children are 11 , 9 and 4 . if necessary I have the option of sending my oldest school children with their parents ! Of course I miss them ! Now my kids play all sports and in every game I hate to lose the opportunity to do that , or soon to be my husband feel left out. Please any advice!
I am a single parent with two children. I put myself through nursing school and?1Raevan2012-10-20 01:32:02
graduated in 2003 . I work as a critical care nurse . I took students when I was a college student and I have parents more loans for my son , who is a junior in college . I requested to go back to school next year . The track would like to continue in college education does not allow online or I can work part time and go to school . I'll be forced to go to school full time I'm waiting . The problem is that I live in California , but has been admitted to graduate school in PA . I'm willing to move to PA and live there and go to school and if possible get a job and stay there. What is the possibility of obtaining financial aid for graduate school ?
I have received financial aid award from college but need to change something on fafsa form.?0Alyson2012-08-25 12:11:18
I moved to San Diego State next semester. For my online account on the website of SDSU told me how much he will receive grants and loans and what I'm getting, but I realized I forgot my FAFSA I want to put work-study and loans and I changed it and submitted it . SDSU study will add loan and work my reward now that I have submitted the FAFSA again, or is it too late ?
Why is there not any relief for single parents who worked to help their children get higher education?1vishal2012-09-19 13:46:04
Now I have 64 years working part-time because of health problems and must make the monthly repayment amt of almost $ 600 in loan repayment , plus I had to use for 4 children to go to college . My monthly payment is based on gross revenues . It takes into account the taxes paid along with insurance , disability and long-term , rent , gas for travel to and from work insurance , life and car , utilities , medical expenses , food , etc. one Create your gross income is what you have . I took home half of what I do and to be used for living expenses. No breakdown of the middle class. I have no other income. Not shirk my responsibility , but does not help with the ability to pay a reasonable amount . This is becoming more and more difficult and I do not know how much longer I will be able to work part time. After years of working to raise my children and they are educated , contributing members of society I'll end up in poverty ? Pretty scary . Work and those who do not have it all. Please help us too!
I,m a single mum with 7 children on benefits with poor credit history but need a fast loan?3veena2012-10-02 23:35:03
i , m in desperate need of a small loan , but I'm on benefits with bad credit rating i been online for two days filling in many ways then always disappointed when I do not , nothing is as frustrating ma everything I am I will pay again just an opportunity that no one has been in this situation and has been successful in helping please I need it now
Career change and questions?2Tyra J2012-11-03 02:48:02
I am a young professional who currently works for an integrated oil company in New York as an operational planner . I have a BA in Finance and Economics, but I'm looking to do something different with regard to the race. I am very interested in mechanical engineering / mechanical , but not sure how to move that way potentially professional. I can not afford to go to school with the amount of student loans and car loans that I have pending, but night school, could definitely be an option. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm single with no children and I still live at home , so do not have dependencies much.
Should I change career or keep trying search for the job I want?0Nanci2012-10-06 16:32:13
Times are tough and now in order to move forward it is necessary to adapt , right? MedlinePlus Art is a part of what makes me . I have it in me , and I can
I am a single mother who needs help.?1Vinci2012-10-01 18:18:02
I am recently divorced single mother who is looking for a company that will give me a loan for about $ 5000. My credit is low because like my ex husband stealing my identity 500. I'm wanting to consolidate my debt to make it easier for me and my daughter . Does anyone know of a company that will help me without paying any fees up front to get a loan ?
I want to change my career to web design, where to start?1Chandni2012-08-28 09:59:15
I graduated last year with a major in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in business. I really wish I had thought more about my future when I chose my career because I'm out of school and I realize my title is worthless . I wanted to be a buyer or work in fashion , and I love it but that would require moving because where I live there are not many jobs in this industry unless child. I'm busy right now and have a house with no mortgage so moving is not an option . MedlinePlus I am a quick learner and I like computers . I have a 9-5 job working for a rare book collecter with a decent wage . The problem is that the work does not have room for growth . Is money enough for now , but I want a career that can move in. MedlinePlus I can do online classes , and if so what are some good sites to look at ? I can not work less than they do now (40 hours ) because I need the money . I'd like to take some night classes , but it would be hard after work and the gym , so I prefer online . Thing - I 'm up to my eyes Last indebted with student loans , so I hope the cost is not too high . How long do I have to go to school to have a career in web design ? I am also interested in graphic design .
Can my friend of 30 change career with no degree?0Shalini2012-09-10 19:40:03
I have a good friend who is a CNA . She has been doing this work for about 10 years. she wishes she could change careers , but I'm not sure if she can , untitled . I know that today, more and more people are requiring college degrees and seems as if unmarried partners and may not be sufficient . here's the problem with it , it makes a lot of money , but it has many loans to pay , so its not that big check more . but she still can not qualify for any government assistance. now why is this information important? But even if he did go back to college , could afford ? she may be eligible for financial aid? I doubt it. MedlinePlus and when it is time for the school with the children , and she wants to be in their children's lives . she does not want to be an absent father and I understand that. I also understand that there are online courses, although personally I would never take online courses , but it could be a good alternative for her, but again , how will you pay? and I'm assuming that online courses are more expensive . MedlinePlus anyone who , once again , I realize it may be hard for her to change careers at this point in your life for something you can pay a little more and get her out of debt , but if you have any suggestions that could be great . again, the choice of the university will be very difficult for her because of finances and time. but any idea, any idea at all , will be greatly appreciated . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you all.

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