Please help I am going to my divorce hearing on the 23rd..?

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My wife who married eight months and now separated by seven months showed an annulment or dissolution of marriage and property none.We only new each other two weeks before marrying .. I replied --- I want a divorce and my Honda Odyssey 2011 I had to put in his name as financing. I hung up and can be U.S. dollars $ 32,000.00 down on. I had to finance the remaining $ 10,000.00 in his name because my credit was bad and I did not have a valid license at the time. I put another $ 30,000.00 in his house and I do not care what I have also tested for. His response to my divorce was --- listed assets are non-existent except for the 2011 Honda Odyssey, which was a gift that was given for Christmas 2010. She says she wants her to be because it was a gift and she is the only person in the car loan. Also your vehicle simply transporting their children. Which is false --- I have his 2001 Ford Expedition still sitting in my driveway that the judge gave me temporary custody after he filed a restraining order six months ago. She says in her slowdown sold his only means of transportation that is reliable with their knowledge outside .... Can someone please help me .. My court date is on 23 of this month .. Thanks MedlinePlus Oh yeah, and the money used to pay everything was mine before we married .. MedlinePlus Alimony? We were married for 8 months only .. The only income I have is from a structured settlement monthly bill of a car accident when I was a kid .. Has 6 children by three different fathers .. I should not have to pay alimony. MedlinePlus She has a vehicle fully loaded 2001 Ford Expedition that sat in my way. Taking into account all their children MedlinePlus The 2001 Ford is in her name, she got it from her last divorce. She told the judge that no other vehicle .. Which is a blatant lie. PLEASE HELP
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Sounds like you need a really good lawyer . All these facts are useless without proof yours .
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