Financing a laptop for college?

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I'll be starting college soon have no immediate funds for a laptop , I have 18 years with no prior credit was not eligible for student loans because my credit guarantee . I have my first full year of college financially secure , now all I see is missing is a laptop . Best Buy has a current promotion of your credit cards , interest free for any purchase over $ 249 if paid in full within 18 months. The minimum payment is $ 10 . I can make over the minimum payments during the school year , and then during the summer I would be able to pay the remaining balance $ 700 or so . The way I see it, I would build up my credit (if they ever needed for an emergency ) during college , and have access to my own computer . Is this an irresponsible decision ? My source of income would be mainly what my family sends me every month (which would be at least $ 20 a month ) , and my only other side is my phone, which is attended . I really wanted to build my credit in college , and this seems like a decent way they should, especially considering that interest is 0. I wish to make a financial irresponsible decision so early in my life , so I'm trying to get feedback on this as much as I can . MedlinePlus Thank you.
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Most schools do not really need a laptop, you can survive with those in the computer labs and libraries and laboratories are probably open 24 hours a day. if the university requires a laptop usually can buy a cheaper one of them. Anyway $ 700 + is a lot for a laptop for college if you're just using a word processing and surfing the net (90% of college students do just that). There are cheaper computers for $ 350 or less and if you can wait, wait until November and agree black Friday crazy or something. I just do not suggest the financing of a computer, not a house or a car, it will have no resale value so it is not a good decision. If you do not have the money for entry into a computer, do not understand, because you risk ruining their credit at a young age. anyway you are paying for college now, no need to make it more expensive. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Buying a laptop and its financing with money we do not have right now will not build your credit. It's better to just get a credit card and make small purchases that you can afford now and then to build credit, the last thing you need is to get behind in payments and the minimum payment ($ 10) is actually going to ruin your credit. Also you do the math, the longer it takes to pay the team more interest you pay and the more you end up paying for the equipment, which could be hundreds more than the original price. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ask a lot of scholarships so you can get some money at least for later if not now, it's worth the effort and a lot of the time it is very easy just look around online, some do not even require an essay or anything. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Getting a job too, if you do not already have one and save, do not buy anything you can not live without and buy things at thrift stores and clip coupons and other things like that. Open a bank account and whenever you have more than $ 30 in your wallet, put it in the bank to not spend it. I did and its amazing how much you can save.
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