My phone bill is sky high because of spam, how do i stop it? related questions

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My phone bill is sky high because of spam, how do i stop it?0hokoslavia2012-09-18 13:20:05
I was filling some applications for more information on taking online classes for school and after filling a few I will not stop receiving text messages and spam emails on loans . I noticed my phone bill has increased about $ 60 more than usual and I wonder if I would have accepted the terms of some kind that has checked my phone and I was wondering how to invest any of this. That may not even be why my phone is so expensive last month , but it's all I can think of . Any help is greatly appreciated .
How do I stop annoying phone calls on my cell phone?0Francisca2012-11-06 05:53:36
Recently I've been getting a lot of phone calls from loan/payday loan companies and education recruiters. When they call I tell them to take my number from their records. But they keep on calling me anyway, daily! How can I stop this? It's very annoying!
Phone calls claiming lawsuit, spam or not? Help!?0Jazmyne2012-09-26 12:17:03
Back in September 20 , I received phone calls from two or three numbers saying there was a lawsuit against me and I had to call back immediately . However, to call the numbers do not go through , or is something else entirely. Not only called me , but I called my boss too. He kept calling even though said not to contact me and hung up. Finally , seemed to quit, but then today the same person called again , now claims to be an officer , saying he had to contact me as soon as possible and that if I did not call back then so help me God . The number he called from is not even in the format xxx - xxx - xxxx instead of 4 digits at the end is only 3 ( so it seems xxx - xxx - xxx ) , and the resulting number is constantly busy . How do I get these people to stop calling ? They called my friends house also somehow arrived at that number . The boy does not speak English well at all (sounds of India ) and is starting to drive me crazy . This is correct spam ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS . He said it is suit me for a loan application . I fill out a loan application online some time ago , but not receive any money or anything and unsubscribed from what I thought was everything.
Will spammers stop sending spam to my address if I continue to block them?0Madison2012-09-25 15:25:03
I never open their messages, as it had a Yahoo! account long ago that was plagued by many this garbage because he was misinformed about how to deal with it . I would not be getting all the time if I had not signed up for a loan online of what I thought was a legitamate site . Now I have created a special spam account for registering at online websites of any kind . My question is I know that Yahoo! does not return to the e- mails I get from that when the block spammers , but I have not opened a single spam message yet ( I do not receive many spam messages ) and if I continue to block with time give up and ignore my address ?
How to stop unwanted phone calls?1hallucinogen 2012-09-06 03:25:05
I know everyone has business people calling your house to try to sell something or to consolidate your loans . MedlinePlus But I'm sick of them , today I had 4 of these calls in an hour, that 's ridiculous . MedlinePlus I bought one thing from my provider that held call numbers , but now sound and leave your numbers! Is there any way to stop these numbers '0845 ' calling my house ? ! They drive me crazy . MedlinePlus They call until 8.30 at night and is very annoying , I come home from work and want to relax not respond to phone calls nonsense! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help !
How do I stop harassing phone calls?0Tomercena2012-10-17 01:38:14
This man with an accent called saying a month ago that took a cash advance online . First call all he knew was that he was almost a grand but if I paid at that time was to take 5 Somehow something that I said it did not take a payday loan and did not know that . Next call I 'm going to jail for fraud, theft by deception . I still said no and can provide bank statements . He said he has 19 tests you did. I have two and I did not know that my bank can prove it. He informed online CyberCrime Unit , because in fact knows all my information . Today I have another call on my answering machine is now ( cybercrime ) and I have to call him. I'm so tiered of this type , but this time the number was blocked . BTW I have a loan in April with a problem , and it paid as I was called three times and was as sure of that said yes
PLEASE HELP! I pay for boyfriends phone bill and he has accumulated a 3He's not all bad like his reputation </32012-10-07 11:23:02
Please dear god someone help me . I paid my boyfriends 24 month contract , at 6 months of the contract have been separated ( we had been together for about 3 years ) and is now seeking revenge . The monthly bill is usually around
PLEASE HELP! I pay for boyfriends phone bill and he has accumulated a 2KeeKee2012-09-12 00:05:03
Please, dear God help me someone. I paid for my boyfriends 24-month contract after 6 months of the contract that have spread ( we had been together for about 3 years) and is now seeking revenge . The monthly bill is usually around
How do I get Sallie Mae to STOP harassing me with countless phone calls?0Antonio2012-10-26 05:55:08
I have no income , I'm an unemployed college graduate . Many times I spoke with PPL letting them know this and they still continue to call 6-10 times a day , and have been doing it for about six months. The only reason I was able to make one payment is tax money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I recently received a letter saying that they can take legal action against me and state that should the total amount of my private student loans . Federal jobs put in deferment. They say I dont qualify for forbearance because I already did twice. An indulgence my checking account would only like a month and went back to the harassing calls . Help !
What can I do? I have no credit (no cell phone bill, no anything) but would like to buy this house...?2daniyal2012-10-15 01:01:03
Unfortunately or fortunately , I have lived a very " sheltered " life and no credit . Even my cell phone is "added" to plan my mother for many many years and I just give him the money in recent years . I have no credit card , no . I have no credit , no, seriously . But I have this ... (Not sure if this will help at all ) my car is in my name parents , but on page account of the line of the vehicle , see my account number back and such, because the last like 2 years or so I paid the $ 400 a month on it . It is linked to my account again and shows that the number of bank account in that country . It also has payment history that has a column showing the payment amount , due date , payment date , and that account was taken of that amount . Now , again , is in his name , but under that displays information from my bank and everything attached to the account for a couple of years . Does that help at all ? Anyway, Wachovia me , my dad banks with a smaller, local company that has just been bought or may have gotten my " hook " with your loan officer friend who is a friend of his people , and as 30 years ago and knows right from my father to his stuff on the loans taken out and pay there. So where do you start , who I can talk , what should I ask , what chance I have , I know nothing about any of this . (please be nice ) It is a fairly cheap , around 70,000 good condition , and have been on the market forever . I have been employed at the same company for 4 years and have proof of that , make a decent amount ( I 'm very lucky there ) has no debt or anything like that , never have . I've heard the term used by the FHA as to what they should be asking , but is that true ? PLEASE HELP !
Is paying your cell phone bill a priority?1Kheang2012-10-06 13:46:02
this check I'm going to pay my student loan and car note . Now whenever I need gas in the car and food in my house . im debating if I should pay the whole thing now or pay only what I can . cell phone right now does not seem to be a priority at this time
How would i ask my friend when is she going to repay me for the phone bill?She is not even my girlfriend.?1Jeromino2012-09-10 18:04:06
I just moved to this city and I have many friends.I met a young (31) that somehow seemed interested in me.She said she had no cell phone, so I thought it would be nice and offer her 1 I mines.I 'has already been through a lot of pay phone to call mode friends.It seem to always end up paying for your calls.I know sometimes I can have a temper , so I'm trying to do not ask when you are going to give the money to the bill.She told me that she was different , and that she was going to pay when you get paid.It ' s been 3 weeks and I have not received money for the moment . she calls me almost every night , but we just do not talk about other things.I want her to see my bad side , and I'm trying to keep it as a friend.But anyone knows how it is used can make a person feel inside from the bad, especially when u do it for the goodness of your heart.How I deal with this situation ? I do not want to jump the gun , also m fast.I " the type of person that the bottle up a lot , i then explode , not good

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