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Does a transaction reversal make you look bad to your bank?0michael gendel2012-09-18 11:04:02
I made my car payment earlier this month, because I made more money than usual , but I have set my loan to pay for my car is automatically taken out of my checks at the end of each month . so yesterday secod payment ( the usual ) was taken from my account and applied to the balance of my car loan . well ive made ​​two payments this month . She needed the money because I 'm leaving town for a family emergency and called Navy Federal and they told me to get the money back ID you should allow for the transaction and after making an "investment " . I've never heard of this and I wonder if this will make me look bad to my bank ? I've never been in default on any of my loans or credit cards and have never been in this situation before.
I have two fraudently transaction on my credit report, will this make it hard to get a car loan?2ms jay2012-09-02 17:59:02
I live in New York , where someone stole my identity Fl bought two condominiums and have not made ​​any payment in any of them. The bank and the police are investigating, but in the mean time of two procedures for foreclosure on my credit report. Should I apply for a car loan .
Bank made mistake on car loan transaction now wants me to pay - really upset situation?2modal verb2012-08-22 21:46:02
We have a car owned by a distant relative living in the same house. The car was financed under the name Wells Fargo. Now you refinance with a bank savings and loan and put both his and my name on it. The bank approved the loan , we have signed a stack of papers , things went through. Yesterday they called saying they forgot to put the tax on the car. They said that despite the name of my relative still in the car, but since I added my name to it, is considered a sale, and according to the California DMV regulation, our relationship does not belong to a category for a transfer tax-free vehicle . They say we must pay taxes of $ 1052, either upfront or add it to the car in equity financing. Suddenly they want $ 1052, we are so unprepared , they have no money to pay. It's out of our plan and everything sucks . Now that the bank made ​​a mistake , which approved the loan, the documents signed , and because of their approval, we go another large amount of another loan at another bank. In addition, because of this problem , we also lose about $ 500 car insurance discount group per year ( only car insurance discount status ). What can we do to fight this credit union. They made a mistake not to disclose the tax for us and not add the tax to the transaction signed. We are very upset and want to fight . Thank you.
Tubal Reversal Loan or Financing?0taianna holguin2012-09-05 07:34:04
My boyfriend and I went to a fertility specialist and have decided they want to get my tubes untied. You must pay in full before the surgery can be done . Does anyone know of any loan or financing places online that specialize in this type of thing?
Accounting transaction help?1chucke2012-10-22 20:56:03
Hi all, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a small question that involves accounting transactions : MedlinePlus - On July 1 weapon Bob deposits $ 15, 000 cash in a bank account in the name of the company . Bob Trucks and rental services . Bob also contributed office and computer equipment valued at $ 5,000 . This team also had an attached bank loan in the amount of $ 2,000 . Bob had made ​​arrangements to pay interest only at the end of the month . The current interest rate is fixed at 7% annually . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So for the first sentence makes sense and debit cash capital 15000 15000 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus but the confusing part is after the second sentence , so I would greatly appreciate if anyone knew what accounts were affected by this transaction MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thx in advance
What’s a Cash App Transaction History? 02022-04-08 05:43:59
What’s a Cash App Transaction History ? we are going to discuss cash app transaction history is where all your payment transactions, sent and received, are stored. It’s grouped by month and contains the details of every transaction you ever made.  In Cash App, transaction history and account statement mean the same thing. Also, your monthly account statement is available within five business days of the new month. for more information visit us our blog: Cash App Transaction History – Can You Delete It 2022?  
Is simple discount a reversal of simple interest?1Dinish2012-11-01 22:37:02
Hi all, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus my problem
Help with trade in transaction? an buying a new car advice?1_ Curcuma resistance near 2012-10-01 09:29:02
Uys I hope can help me with this. I currently owe a monthly payment 2004 X3 (500) . I wanted to stay with a BMW , but so far the payment of the models I was looking over the 300 ( do not want to go below a 06) , which currently are a bit high for me ( at school curretnly ) i still owe 22k . loan on my car, but went to a couple dealers and got a 18k estimated valuation . I'm interested in a '08 Jetta SE (yes I am lowering the competitors ) , which is around the same price as my " trade worth ." My question , is it adviseable to pay the remaining balance (22k - 18k = " 5k " ) before trading in the car so you can negotiate the new car value as close as possible (which may sound too greedy / cheap but I really do not want to make monthly payments ) , if not the same value as in my office and just pay for tax, title, " fee " ? And I'm living in a brain of fallacies and thnk this is possible
Recording a transaction in Quickbooks? Help plzzzz?0DAVISHA2012-09-10 02:47:02
In fact , I would make a short-term loan for my own company as the current account is in overdraft companies . I use 2006 as Quickbooks accounting software . Plz can you tell me how I should record this transaction
Which of the following is an example of a related party transaction? A) An action is taken by the directors of0Aitza2012-09-29 17:55:02
Which of the following is an example of a related party transaction ? A) An action is taken by the directors of the Company A to provide additional compensation for the vice presidents in charge of principal business functions of the Company A. B ) is a long- term Company A to provide goods or services to Company B , a long , friendly competition . C ) A short-term loan granted to the company by a bank to a depositor who is a member of the board of directors of the Company A. D ) A nonmonetary exchange occurs whereby Company A similar property exchanges of property owned by B , a consolidated subsidiary of the Company A.
The journal entry to record the July 9 transaction will include a credit of $1,200 to?0quarter2012-11-05 19:53:50
7/1 bills are sent to clients for services provided in june in the amount of $800 7/8 banks loans the company $2500, company will pay back the amount in August 7/9 office supply delivers furniture and office supplies leaving an invoice of $1220 7/15 payment is made to office supply for furniture & supplies delivered on 7/9 7/23 a $430 bill for electricity for the month of june is recieved and will be paid on its due date in august 7/31 salaries are paid to employees in the amount of $850 A. Furiture and Supplies. C. Accounts Payable. B. Cash. D. Administrative Expenses. What is the total amount of expenses that should appear on July's income statement? A. $430 C. $1,280 B. $850 D. $1,440 Assuming a beginning cash balance of $4,300, what is the balance in the Cash account at July 31? A. $300 C. $4,730 B. $1,010 D. $5,5.30
Has anyone done a "fast cash" (payday loan) transaction? Advice/reccomandations for someone considering it?0Terrae2012-10-15 19:57:35
I have to do this, but I prefer the contributions of people who have .. both positive and negative experiences welcome .

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