Is it a legal binding contract if two people sign an agreement contract draw up by both parties? related questions

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Is it a legal binding contract if two people sign an agreement contract draw up by both parties?2Batul2012-10-20 07:43:05
the loan contract is signed by both parties together when they were a couple and now she wants to split half the cash and says he will take care of this car payments written contract that both parties will sign if this will nessesary to standing in a court of law
Is a self written contract between two people that is signed by both and notarized a binding legal contract?6Austria hiss card. 2018-12-14 00:04:59
Wrote reimbursement contract a loan with our two firms and had a notary . Is this a legally binding contract to be built in the small claims court ?
Is the car contract still binding ?3Mary Anna2012-09-11 19:22:04
I bought and left in a vehicle at the dealership 9 days ago . I paid 2500 cash down payment . i was adopted through a merchant bank . Yesterday the bank called me for an interview and ask some questions. What car has sunroof ? LoJack ? etc ..... I said no , that was true , then the seller called me and told me to call the bank and tell them they have all these features to take into account the price of the car. , So the dealer can get funding. I will not do that .... I take the car ..... I will be entilited my cash down payment back? ? the agreement is still binding , eventhouogh the bank will reject the loan? ?
Is a contract written on a piece of paper legally binding if there were no witnesses other than his wife?2shaquan2012-10-20 17:40:57
We turned an old building. to a new building to move into MedlinePlus The amended agreement so that the owner could go cheap. MedlinePlus Forgoe decided to live there . MedlinePlus We did all the work and got paid very little.In fact , deceived us . MedlinePlus My wife signed a document which he said meant nothing , even before he says was used to secure a loan.
Why do people sign a contract for everything in thier life,but the most important. thier Job?4Sherell2012-09-09 03:30:02
People who sign a contract for each , something in thier life , home , cell phone , loan , car, boat , education, even before the PMB ... Why not the most important part of your life ... your work? ? ? ? ? ... Why pay fees Moose , Masons , Motorcycle Club , AAA , AARP , church ... but not a unit that actually gives a bill of rights at work? ... Can someone explain this logic ?
My 18 yo nice sign a contract to buy a?1hmmm...2012-10-11 06:41:02
She went to buy a car , and you go into a store where the owner said he had a 02 Ford Explorer , but it was at the dealership at the time, and somehow Convince to buy a car, which had previously applied for a loan and benefit of $ 6,000.00 , the car dealer owner then fill a contract and said it was only to secure the deal to bring the car while she also told him that was not final and could change his mind , until both sign the final agreement on the bench . That was last Monday and sat on . she called him and said he was taking time to close the deal and they did not want the car anymore and he told her it was too late because the bank has paid already, now is tryn to get to him and he answers the phone , she still has no car, no copy of the contract and the bank says it is not their problem . W / Anybody legal advice , please only serious answers
Can a landlord evict you if she refuses to give you a lease agreement or contract?2Merisa2012-10-06 14:30:02
The first time we rented this place his lawyer had almost finished the lease , but wanted to make sure it matches the situation correctly . We've been here for two months of rent already paid (cash - no recipts ) and now there are problems , he said, " Well, we will not make a lease or contract, month to month . " MedlinePlus The bathrooms do not work and the owner is draggin their feet on hiring a plumber .... sewage is backing up and flooding our house ... has been that way for three days . The owner says now that the problem may be beyond its coast and you need to move. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We spent all the money that moves in this place , we took out loans ( most can not , we tested ) we have no money and no evidence that you even paid the rent or deposit. We are really in a bind and do not know where to turn. Can it really get us out of this?
Can I legally back out of a construction permanent home contract once contract is signed? ?2hook*up 2012-11-03 00:51:02
He signed a contract with the builder to include the payment of earnest money to buy land and build a house . They have obtained a mortgage , but have pre qualified. A couple of days later received serious medical problems with a member of his immediate family to eat half of my monthly income for an indefinite period of time , two years or more .
Didn't sign a loan contract am i liable?3Lizzy2012-09-29 16:58:02
I refinanced my car in 2005 over the phone and pay car payments was repossessed and debt collectors are calling . but I never burned any refinancing agreement . Am I responsible for how much ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
What is the process after you sign the contract for a loan at a car dealership?1Cecilla2012-11-05 12:17:06
I have curiosity about what the dealer does with the contract after leaving , what role does the lender after that? Do you send the contract to the lender ? What does the lender do?
When I want to buy a Dental Medical then do i have to sign contract that I will pay every months or I just pay0Music_Girl2012-09-04 22:19:04
When I buy a Medical Dental then do I have to sign a contract to pay monthly or pay me when I want to be a doctor ? How much medical expenses for the student (18 years) ? My gums are in bad shape and my parents can not pay me a doctor because they have new car loans , etc , so I decided to make my own money .
If you sign a contract, can you change it later if you didn't read it and it doesn't contain what you want?4negative2012-11-06 05:50:02
Hypothetically , a person signs a contract without reading it . Later insist that the text is wrong and needs to be changed . They also believe that the contract is only for themselves and the party offering the contract to put their name on it and also signed it "just because" . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus An example :. My car loan contract supposed to say no interest and pay it back when I want MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do people really try to get away with it ?

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