Does this guy like me? ( help me out here guys)?

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almost there
Asked at 2012-09-17 22:36:03
Okay, so my best friend is my crush . But I'm not sure if you want sme . He helps me to open my locker at school and lately even open for me . He lends me money for lunch and would not let me pay , and when I loan lunch money ensures accept his revenge . Also , Qays is talking to me and is always asking to be partners in such things. He even told me he liked me last year. And I told him that I loved him last year. Then he told us that since we're friends now , that would be weird likeing each other . Also, sometimes people ask us if we r out and he gets very uncomfortable and say no very fast time llike million . So please answer me .. doe I like? (BTW we r middle school age)

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