I have to take my car from karnataka to mumbai. What are the charges will i incur? related questions

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I have to take my car from karnataka to mumbai. What are the charges will i incur?1keonnis johnson2012-10-15 05:34:03
What are the taxes or fees they have to pay for the RTO ? Additional information 'm yet to clear the car loan . I also require the consent of the Bank who have taken loan?
Is it legal for an online auto loan lender to incur charges if I cancelled the loan?1Malisa2012-10-16 06:01:02
ok , so my husband wanted to buy a GTO Judge off eBay . I have the best credit , so I applied for a car loan online through a fine classic automobiles financiers . The bank took the time to give us the money to the guy ended up selling the car before you get the money , so my husband canceled the loan ( before the check was sent even in the mail ) . I get a bill the other day for a cancellation fee of 115.00 99.00 inspection fee , insurance and interest Sellers only 75.00 shipping 45.00. Total of 334.00 . So I did not get a loan , but now I have to pay this? ? ? ? Is this legal ? They sent anything in the mail i dont even know what the " sellers " thing is . ie BS. My friend told me about the Truth and Lending statement what is this?
Can a wife incur a husband's pre marital debt?3Shanice2012-10-25 05:46:49
My fiancee ' IRS owes a lot of money and also has a huge car loan . If we were to get married I would also somehow responsible for his debt ?
Is getting my Bachelors Degree worth the $34,000+ in student loans I will incur?0need MAY opinions2012-10-16 12:17:18
First I should mention that I'm old - in my 30 years. And an Associates degree in Business from a private university . Now offer a degree . I'm very tempted to ask whether it is really worth the time and $ $ . If I was going to school / public university would be cheaper , but it takes much more time and class schedules would not work well . The private college offers programs that can be completed in the evening and also have a lot of classes that are offered online .
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Is theare holiday home avilable on vacations,near airport mumbai ?0Gerrad2012-09-11 20:47:05
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I am 34(msc)teaching prof in MNC,husband 43(MBA)Marketing Mgr Ind.inst., 10 & 4 yr daughters,Mumbai,wanted to?1mysterychicken2012-10-16 07:14:03
start a business with a small investment ( 1-2 lacs own bank loan balance , etc ) , so my daughters can run the same in the future , if desired , without leaving our current professions , floors own (2) and in Kandivali Virar, trying agro / education related businesses. Give some professional ideas with good potential and feasibility longer return .
"Self Redevelopment" of the 'Co-operative Housing Society' in Mumbai, India by the existing Members?1Harv2012-08-22 01:07:03
Is there a bank / FI as HUDCO / HDFC / LICHFL / or any other NBFC GICHFL etc. .. currently lending to short-term ' Housing Cooperative Societies intrested in' Redevelopment Auto ' without involving any foreign builder / redeveloper ?
Doctor ,mumbai,secured admission abroad ,texas,fall '06.need scholarships, loan.pls guide?0Lumi2012-09-28 07:56:03
im a doctor working in Mumbai.I have secired admission to Master of Public Health at the University of Texas and northern studies texas.looking funds fall 2006.kindly stay informed .
Finance charges!?0miya2012-09-11 19:20:03
Yes I have read the " fine print " , but finance charges on a card now that I financed through my Motorcylce are killing me ! MedlinePlus I make my payments the same day I received my statement online , however , obtain finance charges greatest balance of your car. MedlinePlus I have never ben late on a payment . the APR is 11.9 % and the current balance is approximately 6,000 . I do not want to give too much of the payments , because the more you give, the more you finance charges . MedlinePlus Would it be better to transfer to another card or get som kind of bank loan ? If so how do you do that? Or, what is the best strategy to pay for this?
Loan charges and ppi reclaims?0Denice2012-09-15 07:05:03
Hello MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a secured loan and I have to pay eight months after a period of 7 years ... The thing is, having looked at my account data through the last years I have had many expenses that vary from
Prepayment charges on loans india?0ooooo2012-11-04 19:59:17
is there any limt to penalties banks /financial institutions charge on prepayment of personal loans in india

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