Important Tax Question!?

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I 49k 25k per year , but is taxable only (I'm in the military are nontaxable housing and subsidized my Subsistince ) . I contribute 8% to my TSP ( 401k ) and Roth IRA 4k annually . I have been actively negotiating lately and have already accumulated earnings 4k in short -term capital . I wonder what they must withhold from my salary , I'm sick of giving Uncle Sam an interest free loan if I could make better use of my money . Currently I am claiming 0 but do not know if I should claim one to reduce out of pocket . The only reason I 'm starting to feel this way is because I'm tired of my taxes going to what the government considers to be spending 90% of taxpayers if not disagree more. I Wrather they send me a bill at the end of the year ... Please help !

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