How are people expected to pay fines for music piracy?

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If someone was fined 250,000 as stated in the music cd box , and they were fined $ 250,000 and had only "on the table " how could they be expected to pay this fine. that the only way I could see to pay the fine is to borrow money from an unsecured loan two years , and default . Cut your credit score in half , but at least it gets rid of debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus that the only way he could pay the penalty to win big in Las Vegas , winning the lottery , win or clearing of the publisher. Honestly , how do you expect the average person to pay the fine . Could someone get a flexible payment loan that does not require the payment of 60, and get a life insurance policy of millions of dollars paid at post mortem . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Really how could someone pay a fine ?
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If you are arrested, then convicted, the statute (law) must detail what the maximum punishment will be. Most judges will contour the fine to be paid depending on your ability to pay, or earn enough in the near future. The high amount is meant to be a deterent
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