Is there a student loan (private) that doesn't subtract the cost of attendance from any award received? related questions

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Is there a student loan (private) that doesn't subtract the cost of attendance from any award received?0bindiya farswani2012-09-17 12:23:04
Is there a student loan that does not reduce the cost of attendance of any prize received? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Most loans submit your financial documentation aid office to determine the cost of attendance and any loan , scholarship or grant they already receive. Usually, the lender will lend only to the difference between these two numbers . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In my case , my cost of attendance is the same as what I have already been awarded. The problem is that the estimated cost is not enough for me ( do to higher living costs , and the fact that I have to pay for my insurance now ( car and medical )) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My financial aid advisor says there are private entities that do not require a certificate from the school to the above information --- but did not know who . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help ...
Cost of attendance required to get a private student loan?0Mauric2012-10-06 03:37:42
I have looked at many online lenders that offer private student loans and they all say the amount requested may not exceed the cost of attendance . Are there lenders allow you to borrow a loan without asking cos your school info ? I thought you could only borrow up to the cost of studying in Stafford loans , Perkins . Private loans are to help supplement the additional costs , like campus housing ?
What if i need more money then the cost of attendance to cover extra expenses.?1elias2012-09-22 03:58:02
I need a student loan , but I will be attending college only has a cost of attendance of about $ 9500, and my tuition and fees will rise to $ 9,000 just leaves me with $ 500 spending money to spare. I need another $ 4000 or so help me cover the down payment on a car and housing . What I can do to get more money on a student loan in addition to asking my university to raise stole COA told that was not possible.
I applied for financial aid, received my award letter. and i need help!?9﹏ 1s. 2022-09-27 18:25:27
I want to know , if the Stafford loan is a loan completely different not to mention in the award letter . In other words , for the Stafford loan that should apply online since the loan is not included in the award letter , right? MedlinePlus I hope you understand me . Thx .
I have received financial aid award from college but need to change something on fafsa form.?0Alyson2012-08-25 12:11:18
I moved to San Diego State next semester. For my online account on the website of SDSU told me how much he will receive grants and loans and what I'm getting, but I realized I forgot my FAFSA I want to put work-study and loans and I changed it and submitted it . SDSU study will add loan and work my reward now that I have submitted the FAFSA again, or is it too late ?
Private Student Loan for Cost of Living?0Dre2012-11-04 15:41:46
I was enrolled in a college from 2007 - 2009, but at the time didn't have a permanent residency and did not qualify for FAFSA or private student loans. I finished my sophomore year, but was unable to return because i owed the school $15,000. I withdrew and i finally got my permanent residency in july and i am trying to return to school and finish my degree. I qualify for FAFSA to cover my entire tuition with a loan, but I need a loan to cover the $15,000 still owed from 2009. I spoke to the state attorney handling my case and he said he has done it so Sallie Mae pays the balance he is happy to certify the loan and clear me to attend this fall. Problem is, Sallie Mae doesn't appear to do loans for student debts that were more than 12 months ago. Would I be able to apply for the $15,000 as a "cost of living loan" for this year since I am independent from my parents? I will be enrolled in school, so if the college certifies it could that be a solution to pay for what I owe from the previous semesters?
I received a private student loan 2 years ago and the company declared bankruptcy and closed down!!!?0Adrean2012-10-16 10:00:05
I can not access the website - no longer works , and can not find a job number for the company : My Uncle Rich . I borrowed some 3,100 of them in student loans . I recently graduated and I know I should be close to entering repayment , but I have no way of contacting them to see what my monthly payments should be , and I have not heard or received anything from them in two years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do ? ? !
Does FAFSA award more or less student loan/aid money based on the college you go to?1Jada2012-08-29 09:47:06
Any knowledgeable input is greatly appreciated. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically , I need to know if more loans or aid money if I go to a community college in my area very important against a state university , the University of Michigan . I got accepted to both. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, I find it nearly impossible to pursue a college education in my current living environment at home with the family , as there are a lot of distractions , etc and I'm dying to change. I have to be able to afford a car payment and down in a small trailer or something . Just a little place of mine where you can really start putting my life on. At this point , I have to get funding from both my student loan refund check as possible . I know very well that I have to pay that back someday . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Therefore, to refine my question , does the amount of funding that provides student loans vary depending on the school you try to attend? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know people might think you just want to have money to blow , but I really have to leave before I feel I can be focused on academics as I need to be. Thanks for your time .
I need a student loan that doesnt need my school but I also have bad credit any refferalls?1Suzi2012-10-21 14:37:02
I need a student loan that does not require my school but I have bad credit no refferalls ?
Help I student that needs a loan for doesnt agreee!?1Reid2012-10-10 19:54:02
my boyfriend who is in college right now and that lives with me is the financial aid pay for school and books, but the disadvantage is that the latter half past leavers drop classes because I had aa job right after class every day and he couldt handle ..... it was too much to not want to give to school so you need to get a loan that wants to be a teacher so yes , but here's the issue of his mother is not supporting Neather loan is your aunts or grandparents to not sing for him (which is only 7 months of credit and you need 21) so you need a guarantor. who needs a loan of $ 20,000 to pay 4,000 of your car , so no worries about work and stuff and 2,000 to buy a small car, and 500 to pay your bill . which is the remainder going to the gas throughout the year , and needs of the school and ....... I really need help . but all loans apply LES cosigner if you have 21 months of ther is a loan that you can get with a cosigner.or someone to help . please:
What, ideally or practically, is the cost to create a job that will last between 1-3 years, public or private?0sketch 2012-09-11 08:00:04
What is the average cost to create a job that will be viable for a year, or employment which will remain viable in the coming years? I understand that the cost can vary depending on the position of an IT worker an engineer to a worker, but what are the most important factors to consider? It seems that 30% of low-income workers are unemployed, while even during the Great Depression of the managers and entrepreneurs were affected more equally in the economy, and low-income workers generally lack the skills for a rebound as fast as high-income workers did during this recession. With this statistic very important to consider what would be the best solution to accomplish? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wonder this as various types of legislation are passed, and I hear the right complaining that falsely inflated the deficit as the government is creating jobs, reducing unemployment and in turn create demand for companies to recover their clients and avoid the need for government assistance. (A U.S. $ 15 billion jobs bill is more than $ 85 million employment law, right? Apparently, the cost of bipartisanship is 70 million dollars in special interest money reelection, less unemployment funds and further such that had been added) MedlinePlus I can understand the argument against creating government jobs, which are created with government funding and return a small portion to the government in taxes, but also create more immediate employment, although less efficiently. Is there a hidden benefit in having government jobs, and provide its designated service? Or is it a fiscal black hole? Moreover, the cost of creating jobs in the private sector or less equivalent to the creation of public jobs? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also wonder, what is the "best" way to create jobs in the private sector? In my view, small businesses, not large transnational corporations, believes the 60% + 70% of employment in the country. I do not advocate relying on specific grants dispensation, as they had borrowed money derived from a non-"deficit-neutral" way, but it would strengthen the SBA and prudent borrowing to small businesses so they can grow (which I know they are dangerous, so why banks are reluctant to lend to them) is the most pragmatic with tax incentives for those who perhaps more developed and small businesses to hire and expand?
Is it more cost effective to buy a used car from a dealer w/ their loan, or from private party w/ bank loan?2Gen2012-10-11 22:34:03
Hi . I've been doing my research on auto loans private party and could not be more confusing . Here are the facts : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband and I want to buy a used Saturn VUE for anywhere between $ 12k and $ 8k . We put about $ 2k down . We both have great credit , decent jobs . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When cars online research , it seems that from private cars are priced much lower (as in , several thousand lower). However, when I asked my bank about a private loan of party, I was told that these loans are typically for no less than $ 10k and $ 10k @ the bank required . The bank representative also admitted that interest rates are much higher than going through a dealer . From my research , the difference in interest rates seems to be true and consistent from bank to bank . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm no math genius , so I'm sure there's an equation to find the balance point here , but I do not know and I can do it! Any idea dealer vs private party ? MedlinePlus THANKS !

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