Post dated cheque given to ICICI bank on every 5th for personal loan is deposeted one day early? related questions

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Post dated cheque given to ICICI bank on every 5th for personal loan is deposeted one day early?3Juwairiyah2012-11-04 16:30:02
every 5th month I get a check for ICICI Bank for my personal loan . , From Aug. 5 is Sunday bank presented the check itself room without any notice. so I'm unware of that and when I'm crediting the cash on 7 tom my account I found that he had returned because insufficient background check . my question is how to present the check for this day before I can go to the consumer court . Because bank charges for returned checks is very high and this is against the rules to guide RBI j me
Does money mart cash personal post dated cheques written to one self?0Shad2012-08-20 03:46:27
I've done a payday loan to pay off a previous countdown , but now the cash strapped until Friday . Want to get around $ 150 to buy food and other things until Friday . Will mart cash a personal check written -dated myself? It seems silly , but it's worth the question.
What Happens with Bounced Post Dated Payday Loan Check?2Nisha2012-10-07 22:47:03
Actually I am posting this for a friend who does not have Internet access . He got a payday loan for 3 years and had been paying for it until his mother died and just forgot about it . He never received any phone calls or letters from the lender to process your post dated check and it bounced . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He received a phone call from a " mediation firm " the other day asking for money . He advised that this was the first time in three years nobody contacted . They said if you do not pay , they can file criminal charges against him. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I did some research online and found that he could get on criminal charges for the check, but as it was a later date criminal check is not ... is civil . Is this true and if they do end up taking it to the court could say that he can pay on the spot to go to jail ? The " mediation firm " wants to pay an outrageous amount each month that will take your money to spare.
Are there any cash loan stores in Dallas, Tx that allow loans without a post-dated check?1berriengk2012-11-03 00:17:02
Is there cash loan stores in Dallas , Tx that allow loans without a post-dated check ?
Is it legal for a creditor to tell you they can't "secure your loan" unless you give them a post dated check?1Moi2012-09-11 19:31:04
My car payment was due on 15th of the month . I have a grace period of 10 days. I could not pay before the grace period expired this month . I called to tell them I was going to make the payment on Friday , which is 13 and not more than 30 days . I've been funding this car for four years and have never had a payment of more than 30 days to go . Never . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The representative had me check all my information and found compounded with from the beginning. I have checked everything and advised him that I would be able to make a payment on Friday . I wanted to know how much was paid. I said I was paying for the entire car payment . I said I 'd be making the payment online . I was wondering if I could post date a check or give my debit card to make the payment through Friday. I never give my bank information as well , as it easily could run before the funds are available . I said no because I do not feel comfortable doing that . He asked if I was going to make payment before 2 pm Friday. I said I would try, but could not guarantee that. I'll be at work and have no way of knowing if I'll be able to pay before two . I did not want to make a promise I could not keep . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It became even more rude and said : "Okay , ma'am . I will not be able to secure the loan with this arrangement .Thank you ! " It was very unpleasant . I said thank you and goodbye . I'm thinking , what the loan guarantee ? I had a rep told me that years ago . This behavior is what I think bothers a lot of people trying to call to make arrangements. When it comes to being honest with creditors to work against them . Then there are people out there who make no effort to pay anything .
I need cash and i have to apply for loans in the philippines using post dated checks?1Ivonia2012-11-01 20:26:02
I need money and I have to borrow in the Philippines using post checks date ?
Does QC financial Services, Inc prosicute for unpaid post dated payday loans?0Brandy White2012-11-05 23:25:31
Is there a place in Fresno where i can write a post dated check and recieve a cash advance?0ur dick only measure 5 inch. his measure 2012-10-09 00:16:28
I just need a place that either changes or personal checks will give me a cash advace if I write a post-dated check . There are places that make the loans, but more specifically I need a place that does not require a pay stub as proof of employment . I work and I get paid in cash. someone can help me . please! ? ! ? !
Is there loan i can get without a post dated check and a credit check?0Suomynona2012-10-03 11:45:08
i need a payday loan , but I kind of bad credit! I also really do not have a check ACCT because he has not had it for 30 days yet. I have a payment card through my work that has a routing number and number Acct. They say money can be put on the card by anyone !
What is the ACCOUNT TYPE to be selected in online banking in ICICI bank for the other bank credit card pay?0kennisha2012-10-03 16:49:45
What is the type of account to be selected to enroll in online banking in ICICI bank to pay another bank card credit ? What will be selected as a savings account / current account / cash credit / loan account .
Who is the best bank for obtaining car loan? ICICI, SBI or else?3Bree-Bree2012-09-24 23:57:02
Who is the best bank for car loan ? ICICI , SBI or more ?
Home Loan repayment for ICICI bank?0offy2012-09-24 23:27:03
Hi all, MedlinePlus I have taken home loan from ICICI bank and I want to pay any additional amount up front is slightly higher EMI coz for me . If so, any idea what is the procedure? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What% of the additional amount will be treated as priciple and interest ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Say im planning to pay 20L 5L laon ealry in one shot . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please guide me in this case . MedlinePlus

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