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Please show your work, maybe drw a picture to show how you got your answer, using diagram, or charts, para.?0louna2012-08-24 01:53:20
O mathematical equations, or many other ways sospose . 1. ) Tanya started her own business teen putting on birthday parties for children. His neighbors agreed to lend their gaming tables square to accommodate children for refreshments . However, when some neighbors were on vacation , Tanya could not use their tables , and really hated carrying tables and forth . Therefore, using as possible was important number tables for it. Because all the kids wanted to sit together , had to put the tables together in rectangles . Only a child can sit on either side of a table. Their first game had eighteen children . How many tables are Tanya need to borrow ? MedlinePlus 5 tables
Buy Here Pay Here, will it show that I own a car?0myde2012-09-16 19:44:07
I have a car at a buy here pay here lot, was very , very basic contract saying you will pay $ 250 every month for a year and a half . I was in and out in 10 minutes TOPS . I pay them directly . No external lenders , car place said it does not affect my credit at all . Anyway I paid for a year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My father's car wrecked his car , and now you need a ride , and I found a car that is cheaper payments, and has fewer miles on it . My father wants to take over the payments and keep my car . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'll have to get a bank loan for this car , and wondered , is it in any credit report or a statement saying that I have a car ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Second, can or will buy here pay here car put my dads name ?
I'm 24 and I have nothing to show for it...?3~Latina~ 2012-08-17 10:04:02
When I was a kid I played baseball and basketball, but gave up on it because I'm exceptionally bad at sports. I have never tried to play football because I was afraid to get hit (because I am / was weaker than the average years old). I've never tried to swim because I was self conscious about wearing a wetsuit (I thought it did not look good in a wet suit because I was a little chubby and fear of being labeled "gay.") Also never tried to fight for the same reason, such as swimming. I was the smart kid in elementary school, but in the 8th grade, I grew tired and my grades dropped. I was an average student in high school and while I was a little friendly and popular, it was a close in the anything'd never with a girl until like a year ago when a girl kissed me in a challenge. I had this friend in need that I had to bail out all the time. I maxed out two credit cards to help him and then became unemployed for over a year. I maxed out two credit cards to help you out and half my paychecks, I always ended up going toward paying half his income and his roommate and bills instead of going back into these cards. I was unable to concentrate on schoolwork due to stress and never finished college. I breathed a personal loan to help pay your car loan. I feel like I lost the best years of my life (age 18-22) taking care of others when it should have been taking care of myself. Now I have 23 going on 24 and I feel like life has passed me by. I have dreams, but I feel like "real life" has removed the ability to carry them out. Like I've always wanted to be an actor, but acting lessons + learning special abilities that can help actors (song, dance, martial arts, etc.) cost money, and most of the money I earn goes to the food and paying the debt, and that makes me very depressed at the thought of what might have been
What is the best anime show?1michael gendel2012-10-07 11:29:03
reall ok im bored ! ... and I need something to see MedlinePlus really fast ! I 've seen ...... MedlinePlus A piece MedlinePlus Bleach MedlinePlus Naruto MedlinePlus Naruto Shippuden MedlinePlus 07 - ghost MedlinePlus Pandora hearts MedlinePlus Death note MedlinePlus Hell Girl Season 1,2 and 3 MedlinePlus Full Metal Alchemist MedlinePlus Special one MedlinePlus Vampire Knight MedlinePlus Vampire Knight guilty MedlinePlus Zombie loan MedlinePlus Fairy tail MedlinePlus D - gray man MedlinePlus Code Geass MedlinePlus Murder Princess MedlinePlus Eyeshield 21 MedlinePlus Skip Beat MedlinePlus MedlinePlus fruit basket Princess Princess (only saw a couple of ep and I did not like ! )
When will it show up in my account?0gage2012-10-13 19:06:41
If approved today a small loan online is diredtly --- deposited in my account when it appears ?
Anyone can do anything if they are determined and have will! Want me to show you?1Sarahbeth2012-10-21 09:06:02
My father started a small business in 1993 with $ 500.00 ..... no government assistance , no loans other than a line of credit for times of need . This year , the company made about $ 8 million . He employs 31 people ( most have been with him for 10 years) , with generous salaries , health insurance paid in full and offers profit sharing through a 401K program . He gives generous Christmas bonuses more envy and rescued many of their employees out of the hard times they have faced without asking for reimbursement . He works 12 hours to 16 days , six days a week and faces an incredible personal risk if something goes wrong in one of their jobs . He has never disappointed the government has no offshore accounts , no deductions can pull in air ( as most people mistakenly believe ) , thousands of charitable giving , lives in a modest house , drive a truck, American made , and is one of the most humble men you can find! He is a hard working man from a poor background who had a desire to do better for his family , no college . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last year , after expenses ( payroll , building materials , equiptment , compensation insurance , liability insurance , health insurance , maintance equiptment , gas , utilities, insurance , insurance , insurance , etc ... ... ) , your gross income was just over $ 1 million . He paid the government a little less than $ 370,000 without complaint .... Mesh him about $ 650,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is the profile of the many who have small to medium enterprises . If you honestly have to pay more than it already does to our government ?
I need a car loan, but no paystubs to show?3disk_ck2012-09-03 02:51:05
I have to change my current car for a new one that is more efficient family. To do this I need a new loan , but I get my income to the nursery . I earn $ 1500.00 per month, but I do not receive pay stubs, obviously. I can get a loan ? ? What do I have to prove ? MedlinePlus ( I was working at a regular job when I got my current car loan ) MedlinePlus thanks
Should we show my in-laws our bills?2John B2012-11-04 03:42:02
My husband and I have been struggling financially for the past year . We have never asked the family / friends for a loan. Until recently , we were able to get by month to month , but our debt is growing and we need a bailout before it sinks . We decided to ask their parents for a loan to help us and we would like to have it fully repaid within four years . They have agreed to give us the money , as long as we show all our accounts . I have a real problem with this. Part of the debt we have is mine from before we got married and I did not feel like I have to treat us like children . We encountered a bad time . We are usually very good with money and savings, but with the economy being as it is , my husband is a small business owner , and quiting my job to stay home with the babies , things got tough . What do you think ? If we have to show all our accounts ?
Can someone show me how to answer this math question?0Who cares?2012-10-03 12:17:44
When he bought the property that had 20 % down and interest secured pay't a 30yr loan @ 7 % . If the interest on your 1st month was $ 787.50 , how much you paid for the property?
When will my credit report show improvements?2100% Boricua2012-11-03 13:19:02
I have 18 years and my birthday is in November ... I have a credit card to charge me $ 400.00 and I paid in a couple of weeks , I also I have a car loan that I held for 24 months , however , I will pay in 6 months , July this year ( very small loan ) , I have never been late on payments , I am always ready and pay well above what I'm supposed to . However, I am trying to get a student loan without a cosigner , which is based on credit. He says he does not have enough credit history to get a still . I'm doing everything right to get good credit , but how long it will take to display on my credit report ?
I want to do auto loans.show me where to start.?0chicken2012-10-11 12:15:01
I will post sign with a phone number . Bad credit car loans necessary. I would like to arrange car loans. I know a large number of high school students who need auto financing .
If you pay a bill not in your name does it show up on your credit report?2Roy S2012-11-04 23:13:02
The father of my wife is paying your student loans that are Soley on its behalf , has entered the online bank account and payment was afraid because he thinks that if you pay online before a check sent to the payment line will show on your credit report. I do not think this is true can anyone confirm what is true and what is not ? thank you very much

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