I'm 24 and I have nothing to show for it...?

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Asked at 2012-08-10 12:03:03
When I was a kid I played baseball and basketball, but gave up on it because I'm exceptionally bad at sports. I have never tried to play football because I was afraid to get hit (because I am / was weaker than the average years old). I've never tried to swim because I was self conscious about wearing a wetsuit (I thought it did not look good in a wet suit because I was a little chubby and fear of being labeled "gay.") Also never tried to fight for the same reason, such as swimming.

I was the smart kid in elementary school, but in the 8th grade, I grew tired and my grades dropped. I was an average student in high school and while I was a little friendly and popular, it was a close in the anything'd never with a girl until like a year ago when a girl kissed me in a challenge.

I had this friend in need that I had to bail out all the time. I maxed out two credit cards to help him and then became unemployed for over a year. I maxed out two credit cards to help you out and half my paychecks, I always ended up going toward paying half his income and his roommate and bills instead of going back into these cards. I was unable to concentrate on schoolwork due to stress and never finished college. I breathed a personal loan to help pay your car loan. I feel like I lost the best years of my life (age 18-22) taking care of others when it should have been taking care of myself.

Now I have 23 going on 24 and I feel like life has passed me by. I have dreams, but I feel like "real life" has removed the ability to carry them out. Like I've always wanted to be an actor, but acting lessons + learning special abilities that can help actors (song, dance, martial arts, etc.) cost money, and most of the money I earn goes to the food and paying the debt, and that makes me very depressed at the thought of what might have been
Answer1kathieAnswered at 2012-08-11 18:12:39
u re only 24 and his remorse or never participated in sports? wow , dude , u need serious professional help ! at the age of 24 or teh must end his college career. supposedly love cos u have long bachelor . and after u finish uni or find a good job and can pay for acting classes and dancing that I personally think is totally stupid - u can dance and act so u do not need lessons for her or u can not so no classes will help u. but sit wallowing in self-pity , while galloping years ? totally stupid
Answer2JannieAnswered at 2012-08-13 05:56:37
I read your story and it looks pretty hard , but that's what everyone thinks of themselves at that age when the average worker more. I can see my self using the same steps and really have no purpose , because every job that comes to mind and I do not care if it does, it takes years of school that I really hate , yes, I consider my own laziness . Hopefully dudes like us can find a way to get on the bright side of life.
Answer3soph2Answered at 2012-08-17 10:04:02
focus is on YOU!

if your friend needs money ask
"Will return the money? "

"That is financially capable of paying it back ? "

and if you have had experience with your friend, not returning the money - DONT give him any

I suggest that after paying your credit cards then cancel so that anyone can use and put you in debt again.then after work or home school makes a few videos of the auditions for commercials and television programs then send the tapes to hearing companys.sometimes to hire actors, even if they are very porfessional.this can make some money and live your dream , but I think they should keep their current job and do part-time as an actor not Porfessional this would not be a stable job and to do part time to be safe and live your dream at the same time! !

- Hope this helps =)
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