Should we show my in-laws our bills?

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John B
Asked at 2012-09-17 05:23:03
My husband and I have been struggling financially for the past year . We have never asked the family / friends for a loan. Until recently , we were able to get by month to month , but our debt is growing and we need a bailout before it sinks . We decided to ask their parents for a loan to help us and we would like to have it fully repaid within four years . They have agreed to give us the money , as long as we show all our accounts . I have a real problem with this. Part of the debt we have is mine from before we got married and I did not feel like I have to treat us like children . We encountered a bad time . We are usually very good with money and savings, but with the economy being as it is , my husband is a small business owner , and quiting my job to stay home with the babies , things got tough . What do you think ? If we have to show all our accounts ?
Answer1zoranAnswered at 2012-09-28 10:54:02
The first people to screw over a loan is the family . They are just making sure that your loan will become payable . Regardless of whether the debt is before marriage , once married , is his now . If you are staying at home with the kids , maybe you should try to find a work from home position . Owning a small business is difficult, especially if there is no financial support firmly behind her .
Answer2mooAnswered at 2012-10-14 10:15:48
If you are coming with her parents to ask for money as five years , we expect to be treated as children of 5 years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I really do not blame the parents to ask to see the accounts . They probably have concerns about where your money goes and you do not want to blow it .
Answer3Terry Answered at 2012-11-04 03:40:38
let see someone is willing to help you but for that to happen they want to see what they are paying off for you both.
I think you should show them help is help ... I think your fear ful that they will call you out on your past.
Girl it's your past once you learn to get over it others will to.
so what you have to explain a few things but they are paying your debt off. i think it's a good deal!
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