Violation of Privacy statement?

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Ok, so I have a personal dispute with an employee of a local car dealership. To make a long story short you think you owe money to a place that used to rent it, and not I, the court said so, what bothers. Confrounts me every time I see him in public (small town) and I even changed my number to stop the calls. The car dealership owned by his grandfather. A few weeks ago I applied online for a car loan / quote from the dealership. I know it was not the best idea, but it is a rural area and they arent really any other. It is clearly stated in the declaration online retailer's website privacy of any personal information that I gave (phone numbers, email address, Addy, ect) is used only for the purpose of obtaining a loan from me / quote . It also states that no employee of the licensee is authorized to use my personal data for your own personal use. Therefore, it fills me with a few weeks ago and a couple of days I get an email of this type. Then telephone calls. He even told me that he got my information from that application. This is clearly a violation of the privacy policy of dealers and a violation of my privacy period. I am very upset about this. I called the police to report the harassment but was told they just start saving emails or whatever so they know if it continues. I also called the owner of the dealership, but as he is the grandfather of the boy I doubt it will do anything. Has anyone had experine with a company to break your privacy rights? I do not think the dealer should get away with it. What should I do? What will I make? (And no, I'm not looking for a way to sneak money from anyone or anythig like that). I made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau online today but it will take a few days to spend. Any advice or ideas will be much appreaciated. Thank you
Answer1gauravAnswered at 2012-09-20 17:44:02
The publishing policy is not a contract and gave you nothing in return for that policy. So you have no breach of contract . There is also no liability . In short , he told someone a secret and told others. That's no reason for a lawsuit.
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