How bad will one negative affect my ability to get a car loan? It is a result of co-signing? related questions

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How bad will one negative affect my ability to get a car loan? It is a result of co-signing?0Darshana2012-09-17 02:16:03
I co - signed with my daughter for some furniture , has defaulted and disappeared . Debt (according to my credit report ) is canceled. What I can do is eliminate the negative ?
Will being laid off until July affect my ability to get a car loan in August?1stephon2012-10-21 15:06:02
My husband and I are going to have to borrow money for a car in August 2010 and was wondering how to get fired from from September 2009 until May 2010 will affect this. Let's have another car loan and home mortgage , but good credit and credit cards paid off . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus They are sitting not be the same as job security and work against us ?
Buying camera on Finance - affect ability to get a loan in future?3miranda`2012-09-24 04:23:02
I am a student in my last year in college and want to buy a digital SLR camera . Obviously you can not afford to purchase directly from unless I saved for months to know it's probably the best thing to do , but I'm a little in need of it now . You can get them in finance at Currys and you pay 24 monthly payments of any amount at 19.9 % APR . Anyway , someone told me that if I do that I will not be able to get a loan for anything like a car or an apartment when I graduate and start working . Is this nonsense ?
Will credit card debt affect my ability to get a student loan?0beena2012-11-04 01:27:08
I currently have about $2,000 in credit card debt (one card). I never miss a payment and am paying a little more than the minimum each month. Will this negatively impact me for a federal student loan? I'm planning on going to grad school next year.
Does applying for personal loan affect ability to get mortgage modification?5wezile2012-09-19 13:53:03
My agent is looking for in a mortgage modification for which he says I'm eligible. I am also considering applying for a personal loan , either from my bank or lender of peer-to -peer . My question is, that the application for this loan modification adversely affects my mortgage, and I have to wait to complete it first? The loan is to consolidate higher interest balances credit card rates have risen recently to " maintain profitability " of the account.
My sister wants to refinance your home mortgage and want to lease a new vehicle. She said she could not qualify for refinancing if you have financed a new vehicle. She asked if she could put the contract on my behalf to finance. It will cover the monthly payments . I have thought about buying a house this year . Will it affect my credit and chances of getting a good loan ? She said it will not affect the potential of my loan if the bank can demonstrate that it is making payments on the car and not me.
Does bankruptcy affect ability to consolidate student loans?0Farzan2012-09-23 07:25:04
I'm in the process of filing for bankruptcy . I have no choice . Because I'm in school , can not keep up with the payments on my credit card and pay my mortgage . Bankruptcy seems the best option since my apartment is not worth much more than what I owe , and my credit card payments are crazy . My question is that when I want to consolidate my student loans , bankruptcy will affect my ability to do so ? ? I've been reading around, but can not find a definitive answer . Please help ! I'm so stressed because if I can consolidate my loans will have to pay tons of ... both my undergraduate and graduate school .. almost $ 175,000 total! thank you very much
My parents want to pay cash for a condo in my name. Will this affect my ability to buy a new home soon?1Jenny Lynn2012-10-04 06:15:03
My retirement age parents want to pay cash for a condo unit . They would like to put in my name , saying that it will be easier for goods to be transferred if they both pass . I'm glad to do this for them . However, my wife and I want to move to a new home this summer . Does this unit condominium affect my ability to get pre -approved for a mortgage - or could in no way keep me from buying the house my wife and I want ?
If I join the SMP program for Army Rotc, how does that affect my ability to receive Student Loan Repayment?1nayibe2012-11-05 21:28:02
I am currently looking to join the Army ROTC program first enlist in the Army Reserve and then make the simultaneous membership program . I wondered if that route would affect my ability to use the Loan Repayment Program if the commission as active duty . According to the ROTC recruiter at my school , I would be getting the MGIB and MGIB kicker to help pay for the last two years of my education . From what I've read , in order to get the PRL should reject the MGIB , however , the only information I could find on this referred to the first-time recruits . Does it work the same way for commissioned officers on active duty ? In addition , he would be disqualified because he is not considered a first duty ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Ideally, I 'd like to do SMP to help pay my last two years of school , but I have a lot of school loans because I am technically an adult over credits , but switching over (it's a longer and deeper history that that) . I have about $ 30,000 in federal loans right now so it would be better for me to just do the LRP if I can not do both LRP and SMP . MedlinePlus I know this is a bit of confusion , but I hope someone can help me with this question . Also, if you could explain how you know your answer is true that would be much appreciated because I would like to avoid "hearing - say" if possible. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
How much will co-signing a loan affect my credit score?25 grade2012-10-24 17:10:02
This is for our daughter , we have no problem co - signing as she is very responsible and cares as much about your credit as we do ours . We have an excellent score ... 799 ... but it is the student loan consolidation amounting to about $ 35,000. Our income is around $ 70,000 and I'm afraid that with that kind of debt that will not be able to buy anything . She already has a loan approval for 10% , our co - signing only improve your interest rate . Any suggestions ? Thank you !
Is co-signing for a student loan going to affect my credit????0Azn Princesst 2012-09-26 23:19:03
OK , I 'm a college student struggling myself ... it took about a year to get even in college , because I did not have the funds. Now a family member calls me and asks me if I can co-sign for my cousin who is going to school to be a doctor . The loan amount ? A few thousand . She says it will be in default , as long as my cousin is in school , however , also need loans for school, future car , future home , or whatever ! Someone please help me out w / this ... will co - sign for her , although she is still in school , mess me up if I get a loan for school as well ? Thanks for your help :) .................. By the way , does anyone know of loans that do not require a guarantor? :)
Does co-signing for a student loan affect my credit score?1wesley2012-10-09 20:44:03
My son needs about $ 8K to get through this next academic year . We have completed three online applications for student loans , but without a guarantee that is rejected in milliseconds . How does it affect our credit score if you co - sign a student loan?

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