Is it easier to get a lease than a new car loan?

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My credit was great once , but suffered a bit due to a long-term layoff spent most of 2009 and early 2010 . I returned to work for quite some time now, but for being a slow payer and running a couple of credit cards during that time my credit card dismissal was a success , now my credit score is around 600. I wanted to buy a different car, as I'm driving my car is 10 years old and now have a few mechanical problems. In fact, I bought new 10 years ago.
I was looking for a small used car cheaper , something like a Toyota Corolla or Ford Focus as an example, just to last me for a few years until things more stable. I have several loan offers , but both had terribly high interest rates of around 13-14% , with a maximum loan amount of 14,000.
I was curious , it's easier to rent a car for a car loan if your credit is very unstable? I know you sent leases perfect, but a lease might work for me, as all you have to drive a short distance to and from work and probably only put about 12,000 miles a year on a car if .
Answer1Jessica GriffisAnswered at 2012-08-10 11:26:41
Do not listen to those people. It is more difficult to get approval of a lease financing.

600 credit score and you think 13-14% is bad? You have no idea. If funded at all, take what you can get.

You could not finance a cup of coffee let alone a car. It is best to seek a co -signer .

If you can get 13-14% , take it and buy a car. To refinance later and lower your rate . 600 is not good at all.

From your friendly Nissan dealer :-)
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